Samsung Galaxy S10e

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Hi Steemit

I just changed my phone from Samsung Galaxy S8 to S10e. It was because my S8 fell on the floor and the screen was cracked. It still worked for another few months and then started to have problem with the touchscreen on the cracked area


There are several color choices, and the price is different for some popular color. So i chose the cheapest color. There was this one and another 2 not popular color, which i don't think really matters for a phone. Well it matters for many , thats why the price difference.


Slightly smaller than the S8 in size. But the screen is about the same size, as there are less edges on the s10e. So it's better, sizewise.

Supposed to have better camera and resolution. But the S8 was already very good in this department.

Another thing i like is the keyboard, it has a bigger space button, where in the S8 is really small which i didn't like

And the fingerprint reader is in the better place for S10e which is on the side. S8 was in the back near to the camera which sometimes can make camera dirty

Will start using for the next silver coin photos. Let's see the difference

Thank you for viewing

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Wow! New phone!!
Have fun playing with the camera! Samsung camera is much better than iPhone!!


thank you kaminchan, yes it has the best camera i think, but the competitions are getting close



thank you goldcoin

Congratulations to have new phone. Samsung Galaxy S10E. I think soon galaxy s20 will hit the market.


thank you kamchore, yes S20 can be preordered now, but price is still very high

Congratulations, but its not an iphone.

JK. to each their own. I did use android for awhile. I know you always use and have quality stuff/content anyways :)


thank you kevbot, i think all smartphones now are good as the technology is already around for many years. I am just used to Samsung and lazy to switch brands, and there is smartswitch app to just transfer everything from the old to new

Hello @djohan. I hope you enjoy your new Samsung, I'll keep an eye out for those new pictures...


thank you leynedayana, unfortunately not a good time to travel, otherwise would have been having more fun with the phone

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