Important Notice for Smartsteem Investors & Users

2년 전

Hello Steemians,

as you might know already the upcoming Hardfork has hit a little bump in the road today, and as a consequence the blockchain was halted until the bug was found and fixed.

Now, rest assured that STEEM the blockchain is fine, and that there is absolutely no dire consequence from this particular event, since the witnesses & Steemit Inc. got to work on this right away.

However, the simple fact that the blockchain halted today also means that Smartsteem's services took an unexpected break. This means that not only customers were not able to access promotion, but our investors were not able to put their investments to work.

The purpose of this short notice is to simply let the community know that even though all payouts and balances are safe, today due to the halt, the revenue normally generated by our ecosystem halted as well. This means, that all investors should expect an unusually low ROI for the day as a direct consequence.

Right after the STEEM blockchain resumes operations, all of our services would be available again without a hitch.

In advance we thank you for your understanding


Team Smartsteem

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Thanks for the info@smartsteem. Very professional.

Sad to see Steem's blockchain stopping. We need better quality software development.

We understand

As and when i came to know about you, your system stopped working

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Yayy We are back!!!
Thanks a lot for this amazing service!!!!!

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And Plzzzz Upvote My Posts!!


Steemit does this occasionally, it was scary the first time, now I don't worry

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Thank you for your interest in this Sitemite site, and to give you this information, which is due to the trust of this site.

Thanks for letting us know. You guys deliver good service as always. I'm just curious the general delegation payouts went down a lot the last weeks and your voting bot used less? I would love to see some statistics about the overall payout trends and usage pf your service. Can you deliver on that?

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Its more about the STEEM price going down which lowers the upvote value for everyone. Less upvote value -> less profit generated.

Notices are great. Now we can avoid a scare.

Das sind aber gute Neuigkeiten hatte mich schon gewundert, was da auf einmal Los ist :)

excelente hermano, gracias

Thanks for the info.

I just sent a post to upvote

information is very useful, I was very scared, thank you for sharing.

Thanks, at least you informed us.

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It's good to see you communicated well to your customers and stakeholders..which is lacking in case of Steem Blockchain

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Hoping for the best and am glad Steem got back up after falling down, like Rocky, the boxer.

Hardfolk happens for every coin , can u explain me what is Hardfolk and why does this happens ??????

Quite understandable, I just thought the HF20 got a bit early.
Still excited for the next week blockchain update.

Thanks for updating me

Important Notice for SmartSteem Investors & Users.

The blockchain halted yesterday for a long time and I wasn't making the profits I should have, hence this post.


Hey @acidyo,

I was meaning to reach out to you. I've been working on an API to help initiatives manage their whitelists better. I wanted to offer some help with @ocdb. I don't know entirely how you are managing it, but I get questions regarding that whitelist at times (they think I got something to do with it).

So, if you are interested, you know where to find me.


I don't think we're in need of an API but thanks for the offer.

Also good decision on changing your avatar!

Good to know, thanks for the info :)

Thanks so much!

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It's a useful information by this we can increase the votes and steem coins as well.. great and nice concept

It's all good :) What with how long the servers were down, there's expected to be some bubbles. Thanks for the heads up, though!

Thank you so much for such information ..

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Just a small bump in the road! No big deal :)

its all good, thank for information!

Hold for a few days

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شكرا على التوضيح

Thanks for the info

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This is a great way to learn, but I'm still glad I've not put actual cash in it yet. But I do believe Blockchain technology is the future. I'm very excited to be involved in it's beginning and off to infinity and beyond the fork!

Congratulations @smartsteem!
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Resteemed... thank you for the info

I have followed you on Steemit, please be kind enough to follow me as well.

Nice to know that the issue has been resolved!

Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the update. Keep up the awesome job!

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any updates on when payouts will resume? I noticed I haven't rec'd one in some days.

great and informative blog.liked this

very good

Hello, thanks for the update. I do have a small question: Will we continue getting daily Steem and SBD payouts for delegating SP to smartsteem after HF20 upgrade is over and steemit stabilizes?