AmyMya's Intro Video ♡

3년 전

Hey Dtube and Steemit!

I've joined, and this is my little intro video to tell all the fine people over there what I'm all about, and about my involvement in cannabis culture :)

Are you on If so, please let me know your username!

Join me on, the blockchain built for the social networking of the cannabis community, where you earn crypto for interacting, much like Steemit!

Take care,
@amymya, on smoke and steemit ;)

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Good to see the community growing, even into its own platforms. Ive seen Cannabis curation on Steemit and seems like a strong group.

If Georgia legalizes ill join, otherwise congrats on your federal legalization in Canada.

Good vlog! The music in the background seems somehow familar... :-)

Ames Happy Thanksgiving you rock thank you for being part of my journey

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