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On May 6th Steem announced its release of Mira and mentioned the following:

Smart Media Tokens

Once we have released MIRA to the public, our blockchain team will be shifting their attention entirely to completing the development of the Smart Media Tokens protocol which will empower any app developer to launch their very own cryptocurrency with 3-second fee-less transfers and our revolutionary proof-of-brain algorithm which leverages the wisdom-of-the-crowd to autonomously reward engagement. They have already been strategizing about this project and we look forward to sharing more details about their plan of attack.

I am following the github repo closely, but since March 26th nothing has happened there:

Why on earth are they not doing anything? Is the team of 12 engineers not doing anything? Steemit Inc holds dozens of millions of tokens... They should be very interested in making Steem a success... Instead they are creating a stupid HF21 which nobody wants, which will be even counterproductive... and @ned seems to have sold his stock as if there is nothing going on there anymore...

Would be great if Steemit Inc could let us know if they are serious about finishing the SMTs and give us a timeframe. Or, they could let us know the truth.
There was so much miscommunication going on that I feel it is now time to be completely honest about the situation and what the team is actually doing.

Downvote-Buttons are not enough... And come on, putting some Ads on paying them 3000 USD/month is great news??? They had a networth of a USD 18 months ago... So now they are happy to generate a few thousand bucks a year? Are they serious???

It is mind-boggling to see this kind of management... I feel @ned did a much better job... (Even though I hated his guitar playing).

Anybody can share some real insight about what is going on regarding SMTs (Smart Media Tokens)?

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50% curation reward is good solution to impact the price of steem. And steemit earning money through ads so what is your problem? it is good thing that steemit earning through ads. They are here to make money too like us. And they will work on smt after hf 21. But now we have smt too and it's steem-engine. steem-engine is awesome !!! please chill brother and let them work , they also want that steem go to moon.

  ·  작년

I do not need anything in HF21... some things I think are even harmful.

I need SMTs... the sooner the better

If you want some conspiracy, the reason might be, Ned and Co want to launch some new project, let's call it NedIt aka Steem with SMT, for which they want once again secure about 80-90% for themselves.
It's very convinient when you can sell three years along, but one drawback is your share in the project sinks from 90% to 30-40%
So they might be willing a new start.

  ·  작년

That could be a possibility... but I heard him talk about the foundation 2 months ago and he really sounded destroyed.
Do you remember when he played the guitar in november? I do not think that he could act that well... that would be Oscar-worthy!!! 😉

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I also think, assuming 70% of Steem is held by investors, meaning 100 million usd at current prices, is enough money to make one very worried when leaving the house...

Mark Karpeles does not want to keep 1 Billion USD, even though he legally could... he would know that he would not feel safe anymore...

  ·  작년

I would love to hear @ned explain what he has done for the last 6 months... so actually the conspiracy might be true... He must be doing something... I would not believe that he just is drinking a bottle of whiskey each day...
If he does not tell then this is suspicious...

So nice to see you after such a long time missed lots of updates from you

  ·  작년

Thanks blazing, the low Steem price made me favor doing other things in the meantime... but the missing info about the SMT progress made me reactivate... 😉

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