SMT Burnup: Ahead of Schedule

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SMT August 19.jpg


Despite our focus on HF21 (one day away!), we hit our ideal velocity right on the nose. We completed 16 points and our ideal velocity is 15. This was one of the rare weeks where we had few unexpected distractions, which helped with productivity and consistency.

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 9.48.53 AM.png

Completed Issues

We completed three issues (#2746, #2747, and #3461). Issue 2746 implemented SMT Vesting semantics. Issue 2747 allows content creators to specify which SMTs they want to be able to vote on their content and the comment options for each SMT. Issue 3461 was some much needed cleanup work.

We are about a week ahead of schedule. This is great news with Hardfork 21 going live tomorrow. While we do not expect any problems with the hardfork, the benefit of being ahead of schedule is that even if there are any difficulties which consume engineering time, we should not fall behind on SMT development.

Scope Increase

There was no additional scope increase this week.


Completed : 16
In Progress : 5
Scope Increase: 0
Net From Ideal: 14
Status: Good

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The Steemit Blockchain Team

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Seems you can finish the project before the scheduled time frame and we can allocate more time to test the project as well!



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Which features can we expect to use when SMT launch? For example will it be possible to start trading SMTs on the DEX or is this a future for later development.

Good stuff, keep the hard work going Steemit Team!

This is good news. SMTs and Communities are what really is going to make a difference for steem and steemit, not this silly EIP which is mostly just shuffling deck chairs around.

2.5 years after saying SMTs were coming... I hope it comes soon... :/

How do SMTs differ from the tokens on Steem Engine?


SE tokens are second layer technology with more flexibility than SMTs. They have different use cases and are not the same.


I still don't know what that means, but now I know they're used for different things. I'm still new to all this. Ha ha. Thanks for the answer!


Good description!

That is really great work, I appreciate your effort so much. Thank you for what yo7 have done so far.

Great news Steemit on the rise

Awesome work guys! It's nice to see that you are ahead of schedule. We are really excited to see the developments. 😍 Steem ahead guys!

Have been following the work through notifications from GITHUB. Kudos to all the folks working so hard on the realization of SMTs.

That cool and you bring the light of steem into my ❤.

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Thank you team for the hardwork you are putting into this. We win together

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This is a rebirth and should be in the history book of Steem. Kudos guys

Now I can finally smile, Good news is all that matters. Kudos to the team. Keep the fire burning

Lookin’ good! Thanks for the update 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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At the rate they are going I think they would be ready for December, it's not that bad. Keep working friends without a doubt the SMT will be the revolution in cryptocurrencies

Getting close. Love the progress, good work team!

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Will SMTs come?

Good job guys!