Apologies Everyone - Delays On DApp Launch - Steem.Dev Update

9개월 전

Hey All, sorry for the delays and radio silence with this Dapp, but a mix of a promotion at work, as well as family life has caused delays in the DApp I'm launching. I will be providing more detailed information regarding it soon, including details regarding the beta of it. I won't make any more promises on timeline, but I am optimistic that I'm nearing the launch; it has taken much more code than I initially thought as a result of the spec for this specific development domain still being quite new. I'm a one-man team here and juggling that along with Boolean, in addition to my existing job, has been a lot of work. I'll be updating you soon, but some things that it involves:

  1. New Types Of Voting Behavior/Different Ways Of Looking At Voting, in addition to the current way people view voting and behave as voters and consumers of content
  2. A New Interface For Steem Content (a fresher, more 2020 way of consuming content and acting as a Steemit Community Member)
  3. Create more opportunity for visibility of your content/allow people to make unique content

I'll also be launching https://www.steem.dev, which will highlight Steem DApps and bring more awareness to the steem community of people's projects. As we approach the launch of SMTs with clearer eyes as a community, more and more developers are revving up and getting their feet planted for the SMT push that I personally believe will boost the community.

As Always, Wishes Of Wealth And Health For All! :)

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Welcome back sir @biddle after long time later. And thanks for talking about your project update.

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