SNAX time

8개월 전

First 10 commenters to this thread will get 200 SNAX each. The only requirement is that your STEEM account must be linked to your SNAX wallet.

If you have no idea about SNAX, have a look at their website. Also check out the steem-bounty program.

Edit: Making it 20 people

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I signed up for snax as @apshamilton but it linked to some random Steem account rather than mine.

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I linked my STEEM account to my SNAX wallet, dear @emrebeyler. :)
And I'm trying to figure out how to vote for you as a SNAX witness...

Way to vote found! ^_^


It took one hour for 10 user to comment.

I am too. Singed up complete yesterday.
Cheers !!!
My name maxi01 not supported so , My snax id name : @maxi11

Let's get in on this madness. Gotta know what people are talking about

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Already sent a lot, I think :D

I've been seeing many posts related to this. Are you a team member of the project?


No, I am not. However, I am one of the block producers.

As far as I know, I have done what is needed for this link between the two accounts. I tweeted and wrote the post they asked for. I am not the smartest person here about crypto, and I might be one of the dumbest, so maybe you can test to see if I did this right. Thank you so much for the offer, @emrebeyler. Fingers crossed!


WooHoo! Thank you so much :)

Signed up already! Can't wait for more excitements with another linked platform with steem.

Nice! I'm happy to get some of those SNAX too ;-)

Let's try it out... Wait, link a wallet?


Sent you 200. Once you verify your STEEM connection, you'll get them :)


Realized it was a chrome extension, that's fine. Thanks!

I love snacks!

İ signed .işlem tamam.

Too late?

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Noi probs.. safe received and thanks!

Oops i guess i am late 😢
Edit: I didn't see edit note 😂 Advance thanx and congratulation on being a BP of snax.


Sent 200.


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This is the second post I have seen about SNAX, it appears I have been out of touch for a while and need to get up to speed. Off to!

Singed up as @vimukthi Let's see how this goes.

I already signed up. let's try alternative platform

Seems I'm the first one :)
I saw that you are a snax blockproducer, congratulations :).


Thanks, 200 SNAX sent! :-)