snax it pays to be active on social media

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Social media has become an integral part of our life. There would hardly be a day when we do not connect and communicate with and family and friends using social media.
We spend endless hours reading commenting and sharing posts on various social media sites.
However do we ever get paid for doing so?
Now all that would change with the advent of is a unique blockchain based project

The Idea behind is to to create recording system on various social media platforms such as Twitter instagram etc.

The goals of of can be broadly classified into the following streams
Get #crypto tokens as a reward for your posts
Send tokens to any friend or any blogger on social media

Current promotion on

Sign up and get free airdrop of 50 SNAX
Current as part of the ongoing airdrop one can signup on the website and create an account.
The account creation is totaly free.
To get 50 snax tokens from the platform there are two options

  1. Link your steem accout to your account
  2. Link your twitter account to your account
    The process is very simple and one can easyly complete it in a short period of time.
    If a user has both a twitter and a steemit account than he can link either or both the accounts to his/ her account.
    Linking of Each social media accout earns a user 50 snax tokens so currently one can earn 50 X 2 = 100 tokens.
    This is a limited time offer and one may make use of this opportunity till it lasts.
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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