Want Bounty For Free?

9개월 전

Yes, you heard right...
It is very simple to earn a bounty for Steem posts you posted.
The steps to do:

  • First you have to write a 1000 symbols post about SNAX from your steem account.
  • Don't forget to add #snaxBountyProgram tag at the end of your post.
    That's all. SNAX will find your article.
  • You can see your article on SNAX website. Also you can see the bounty of SNAX that your post will earn.

***The reward for your post will be distributed approximately the day after you post.

Let's have a look at SNAX.
• SNAX blockchain give rewards to creators for their public social media contents by providing them free.
• SNAX can integrate any established public platform.
• SNAX also accelerates crypto adoption.
• You can see SNAX as endorsing bloggers & influencers.

You can find more information about SNAX from https://snax.one/promo/steem-bounty

Also you can follow SNAX from discord, twitter, steemit, etc.

The answers for your questions about SNAX or SNAX bounty program ---- https://discord.gg/qygxJAZ

So why are you waiting for? Be quick...

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