SNAX SNAX SNAX - What is it all about?

8개월 전

what is snax?
well heard about snax even before its arrival to steemit and its community from an online campaign on Twitter where i get to notice about their activities, logged onto the website and check my rewards, too low, i moved on lol

My definition of snax will definitely be that "Snax is a Social rewarding blockchain project or platform that synergizes with other social platforms in rewarding content creators or social media users with the Snax token,

Might not be absolutely right with my definition but Snax is typa what i should define it to be.

So back to the story, i tweeted about it sometime (tweet not found)
but had it in mind until it finally landed on steemit, prior to my early exposure to. it then, seems not kind of intriguing even though it's much more interesting lol, ok ok ok

I am joking here, snax is fantastic, awesome and great, imaging getting rewards for your post for your “Social activities” quite a number of people spend their time on the internet with basic rewards and here snax comes to reward users

What better features and blockchain platforms we'd be looking for? 😉

snax is awesome and i joined the secret cult today,lol, making this post for awareness and also getting snax bounty in which you yourself can get, log on to the snax official website and Snax along

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