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We have a new theme at @sndbox-alpha! Starting today we’ll be curating posts related to Education & Science.

If you’d like to submit a post related to this month’s theme and be eligible for an upvote from @sndbox-alpha, please post a link to it in the comment section below and our curators will take a look at it.

The Criteria

We all know that voting power is not unlimited, hence we are not able to upvote all submissions. Here are some criteria that will help clarify most of our expectations.

  • The post is not more than three days old at the time of submission. This will give us ample time to review the content.
  • The post is descriptive enough. We are looking for at least 300+ words and 3 images. A detailed video can be considered in place of a written post.


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Curation Theme: Education & Science (April 23rd - May 20th)

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Good day,@sndbox-alpha .Here’s my entry on education and science and what Darwin thought me :)
Hope you enjoy reading it . Thank you :)

Photography tips and guides on Taj Mahal

Thank you for all the amazing initiatives.. and thanks the curation team for the handwork

Thank you @sndbox-alpha for organising this initiative. Have a look at my article, thanks!

  ·  3년 전

Here is my article on Gene Therapy , hope you enjoy reading it..☺️
Thank you so much @sndbox-alpha ☺️

Greetings, Sndbox alpha, here is my post on sex education and science . Hope you like it :D

This is my last post about psychology (science)

PS: Should people come back and leave links everyday? Or how is the dynamic going to be?


Hello @sndbox-alpha...please do look at my science post.👇

Thank you!😊

this will be so educational and helpful, here's my contribution. :)

Hi! I hope you take your time to look at my recent post :)

Here is my science post. Thanks for supporting the plankton

What is the Scientific Method./ My take with 25 + years of experimenting. Not accredited. LOL

This post of mine is intended to those people who are struggling to get a good score in IELTS Speaking exam. Hope this helps them.

Great initiative. We have bee pushing for educational content through @steemiteducation for a while. Glad to see education getting some spotlight!!

My link:

Hello, dear friends @sndbox-alpha, My best wishes to you on this day and every day. I am sharing a fun material about the elaboration of crafts for educational purposes, explaining the step by step process, dedicated especially to children and young people. helping to develop their creative abilities, etc. Thanks for your support.


Good initiative I hope my entry count "In this topic I talk about the principles of education and how easy it is to say thank you and please"

                   * Saying ( Please ) And ( Thank You ) Costs Nothing *

                                            Source imagen

I'm not sure if this meets the criteria, but this is related to education. :) I hope this helps everyone especially the teachers and students as well. :)

Okey @snd-box

This a teacher zone to make a best post

Related to Education and charity on steemit.

how steemit blockchain helping underprivileged children to access education in Bangladesh?

Thank you advance for your consideration.

This is a great initiative. I would like to submit my post for this criteria. I hope you'll gonna read this :)

This might fit since this is about education and science.

Thank You :)

A perspective about the education as a fact being ruined in venezuela society:

Thank you

Hi @sndbox-alpha you are welcome to find educational posts under our blog. We support twenty educational posts daily.


True. I use the steemiteducation tag too. Haha.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my passion and the subject I'm particularly concerned and interested about. This is my piece.

I hope you find it interesting. This is what I learned from years ago and still applying it to the present.

Not more than 3 days old?!? Ugh! I just saw this now and my Sea Cucumber post is already 4 days old! 😥😥😥 So sad. :(

Just in case, i will still comment it here.

Why oh why did I see this post too late.

hi @sndbo-alpha, i am a writer for education post. please check, who knows you are interested.

Thank you so much for voting my post! Here's another one about Astronomy! It is an app review too.

Thanks @sndbox-alpha for supporting steemians that write creative and original content which is educative and science related. Here is my entry.

Hello @sndbox-alpha.
This is my recent post on science.

Global warming is a topic of great importance as it affects both plants, animals and humans. So I wrote about it.

I hope you find it worthy of your curation. Thanks!

here's my post, I do educational content, this is not party of my main series but a new short experiment I'm running I hope you like it!

Bereh, payah ta coba cit nyoe

Hi @sandbox-alpha, I think for now technology has become the most influential thing with science and education. Let's look at my very simple post. Thank you

Great concept to focus on a particular topic per month. Sorry I only really heard about you guys since your visit to my blog. I have just hit the follow button so I can keep tabs. Thanks for visiting my post. Cheers!

Thank you, for this initiative. I came across this post from sweetpea. I am glad that there are projects to support education. Keep up the good work and here is my entry

This program is really recommended for everyone who care about education. I always post about the rule of writing in English and here is the example:

Hai @sndbox-alpha . After the events of bursts of traditional oil wells in my area two days ago and burned dozens of people. 22 people were killed and dozens of burns. This article is to teach people to carefully make traditional oil wells because there is a poisonous gas coming out of the earth.

This My post :


  ·  3년 전

Thank you so much for the support!

An Information and Educational post regarding Becoming A Model.
(Not sure if it fits into the theme.....)

Hi @sndbox-alpha, we have just set up a new project to introduce people to and educate them about Chinese poetry in a simple, fun and contemporary manner. We would love if you can support us and help us spread the message if possible. Many thanks!

  ·  3년 전

Thank you for this event, sndbox-alpha! I've been writing some technology and science-related posts. Here's my recent lengthy post:

Thank you again @sndbox-alpha for organising this initiative! Here is my post about sugarcane.

Dear @sndbox-alpa.
Here's The Link of my story how to study while working in abroad. beside that I also insert a video our activity class.

Regard from Taiwan @ettydiallova

Hello people! ⚡️ Here's my article about perspectives on human evolution through science, the existence of multiple realities and the Artwork I made inspired by these concepts. Hope you enjoy it ✨

Hey @sndbox-alpha and everyone else!

I've just finished my post - Traditional education - and our warped view of Creativity within Science.

It's a bit passed the minimum requirement for submission (just over 1,000 words and a few more pictures).

I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to write about topics so relevant to myself and my peers - It was a lot of fun to try and piece together the different ideas I have around tradiotional schooling, science and creativity - Thank you!

Happy Steeming!

I think this might fit in well. I hope you all like it. It deals with some of my thoughts on the state of the education system.

Thanks for doing this type of thing.

Talked about an overview of basic statistics. Also emphasized that Statistics is a branch of Science, not Mathematics. :)

Hi @sndbox-alpha , is it okay to use the sndbox logo for our video topics?