Ronnie O'sullivan beats Shaun Murphy to claim his fourth Shanghai Masters title.

2년 전

In a match between two former world champions, the Shanghai Masters title had to be carried by only one of them. With 20 out of 21 frames played, Shaun Murphy scored 9 frames and the 5 time world champion Ronnie O'sullivan completed with 11 frames which made it a 11-9 in favor of O'sullivan.
Check out this decider.

The road to championship
O'sullivan didn't have the best tournament but somehow he managed to crawl upto the finals where he played outstandingly well.
His quarter final against Kyle Wilson didn't look like he was going to make it after a 5-1 down, he managed to chase the game like he always does to qualify for the Semi-finals.
The Semi-finals between O'sullivan and Neil Robertson ended with 10-6 where O'sullivan put up a very good performance.
Shaun Murphy had also convincingly got his victory over Mark Allen with a 10-3 score which pushed him to the finals.

It has been a great Sunday when the two former world champions were playing. A 5-5 score caused tension followed by a 7-6 lead for Shaun Murphy which triggered the 5 time world champion to carefully win 4 consecutive frames.
The match ended in a 11-9 Victory for Ronnie O'sullivan nevertheless it was a great show between these two great players

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