Is Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard's future in peril?

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Chelsea have suffered a slump in form over the Christmas period losing to Arsenal, Wolves and Everton in recent weeks, and at half time today they were 3-0 down to a rampant Manchester City team.

Chelsea spent over £200 million in the transfer window, money that was supposed to boost their title aspirations, but it looks as if Lampard is struggling to hold to find his best team, and many of the signings, such as Timo Werner and Kai Havertz are seriously struggling to adapt to the Premier League.

Roman Abramovich is well known for not appreciating failure, and is quick to act if things turn sour for any of his managers. Lampard is a club legend and that may buy him a little time, however he will have to turn things around quickly for him not to be seriously worrying about his position.

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