PROSTITUTION, the oldest office in the world

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PROSTITUTION, the oldest office in the world.


Prostitution comes from the term, prostituere, which means "to exhibit for sale". Before Christ, in Babylon, at least once in their lives, women were forced to have sex with a foreigner as a sign of hospitality, in exchange for a symbolic payment, so they went to the sanctuary of Militta.
This rite has its beginnings with the goddess Innana, goddess of beauty, sensuality, protector of prostitutes and extramarital love affairs. Her priestesses, who arrived at the service of the temple virgin, fornicated with those who had left in the temple a financial offering to the goddess.

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In Greece, prostitution was practiced by both women and young men. The Greek term for prostitution is porne, from the verb pernemi (to sell). The prostitutes had to dress in different clothes and forced to pay taxes. In the church they had a reserved place and were buried separately from the rest.
It is believed that it was in Athens that the first brothel was established, in the VI century AC, as a place of business, in which client recruitment was not allowed.

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Throughout the centuries prostitution has constituted a social phenomenon that is supposed to have been born, since the appearance of man in society, for what is said to be "the oldest trade in the world".
Thus, as today brothels are hidden by passing them through massage parlors or red lights, in the Middle Ages (s.XII) they concealed them as if they were taverns, hanging a bouquet at their door. For that reason, they began to call them "harlots", a word that sounded more polite than "prostitute.
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Prostitution leads to consequences such as:
• Venereal diseases in which AIDS, Vaginal Herpes, Gonorrhea, etc. stand out
• Drug and alcohol addictions.
• Social rejection
• Violation of the law
• Unwanted pregnancies
• Disintegrated families.


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Due to the social decomposition and the economic crisis that Venezuela is going through, many adolescents and women have resorted to prostitution as a means to obtain money to feed their families and maintain their homes, this has resulted in criminal organizations taking advantage of this situation to recruit young women and girls to promote prostitution and sexual exploitation. Hopefully the government agencies will really address this situation that is killing the girls and young people of Venezuela.

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