Be responsible with what you post!

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Do you agree or disagree that posting stuff on social media comes with a certain level of responsability?!/v/evecab/QmZ6rx9qmzF2aEiBftVBTpNPNqJG5euqut6CrRy2PsMDQy

I would love to read your thoughts!


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Yes I do and you should think before you post since most content ages badly in this day and age and accepted opinion now could be wildly unpopular in the future!

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definitely! I think people should be especially careful if their posts include animals or other people. Hurting others is not worth a selfie =)

I think what we post says a lot about us and our character..... I also understand that social media / the internet .... tends to be a place / outlet for people to portray whatever image they want of themselves ..... I think she could have handled it better ... I also believe we are living in a time where people feel they can do and say whatever they want .... regardless of how it effects others .... we live in a time where a lot of people are selfish .... and our younger generations feel entitled ( I’m 39) .... it’s sad ... people should think before they post .... I’m not saying sensor people ... but no one should want to post anything hateful or hurtful .


I 100% agree with you! =)

Excellent post. All of us should be more responsible with the content we publish on social networks. we must think about the impact it will have on our listeners or readers, achieving this, we will upload better quality content.


exactly =)

Good on you and your crusade Eve! Her messaging people in private shows that she's just trying to shut people up and hope they will go away.

There's a lot of people who just want attention and dont care if what they post is right or wrong, maybe many of their followers have the same mentality as them and are ignorant if what's right or wrong that's why many radical association use social media to influence their cause. In particularly I'm thinking of the Miami bombing (think it was Miami ) and those wannabes. When it comes to social media It goes beyond responsibility, popularity is the key and some will go to all lengths to achieve that


yeah, sad isn't it? It made me so mad that she didn't's worse than the mistake she made. Shallow people...

If feedbacks are not good it is someone looks like me. If feedbacks are good yes it is me who make that sh.t =p

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Yes. No. Depends. I like the freedom of speech. So, I don't want to be thrown in jail for anything I write, that is without a trial in a court of law where lawyers can show evidence of how what I said, wrote, filmed, did, drew, photographed, etc, etc, somehow aided or helped in making a crime happen. But beyond that, I would hope that the people that did the crimes get punished and tried before judges before I'm dragged into jail or whatever the consequences are.