Facebook Collected Your Android Call History and SMS Data For Years

2년 전

So, stuff like this is another reason why I guess everyone is on the #deleteFacebook kick. I'm not surprised. I mean, overall it's probably not that big of a deal. Everyone seems to be collecting info nowadays and it's a little surprising people haven't accepted the fact that there's no such thing as online privacy anymore. Just deal with it! It might not be a bad thing. There are a few scenarios where it could be good.

I think stories like this right now are just getting a lot more crazy attention and coming out because things follow patterns....just like we see FUD news after FUD news for crypto lately. When market's are rallying, it's nothing but rainbows and unicorns.

Should we be worried? Nah.....I really think Facebook isn't going anywhere, but let's hope that things like this mean they will drive more people to Steemit! We still have a lot of work here and are a long way from reaching Facebook's level, but it's possible.

Read more and the full story HERE

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bro.how delete facebook. i know understand..help me

I think the same, right now steemit is a good solution to be a little be free from facebook!!

It is really a thing that requires our acceptance and readiness to deal with it as it is.... There a
is no more privacy on the internet...

We just have to be careful of the information we keep it share on the internet

@exxodus good....very good you post


Information is money. And it worth a good price...
Personally I think that many programs, browsers, apps collect our datas.