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Guest Post: @socialmediaseo

I often deal with clients that have tried online advertising for their business and they have turned around and told me it doesn't work. My first question then is, what company did they use, did they know their target audience before advertising and monitor the campaign throughout.

The usual answers to the questions above are no. And it is quite often the case they have simply "boosted" a post and expected it to magically work. I mean if you were to gain a profit on every £ you spent on advertising, you could soon become a millionaire. What is important is to make sure the money you are spending is getting your ad seen by potential clients, not hidden in some column of other adverts in front of people who would never consider doing business with you or buying your type of product. If you are not an expert in advertising, find someone who is, you may have to pay them a fee but it is much better than throwing away all your money on a useless campaign.

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