Social Network Term and 3 Problem of Steemit

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Blockchain actually has a structure that can be integrated into all existing systems. One day, this is probably going to happen. Each system will be moved to a decentralized blockchain system. I hope the money would be the first of them. But when this happens, many professions, institutions and systems will not be needed. We do not need land registry cadastre and notary for sale of a house recorded on a blockchain. A blockchain-based website offering this service will suffice. When Blockchain technology is integrated with all systems, many existing systems will be free. I mean the world could be a better place. I believe it will be because we need to be.

So, I believe blockchain system and cryptocurrencies. We can change many thing with them. With Steemit we can change term of social networks. Facebook and other old school social networks can find a solution for crowfounding via social networks.They try to do it, but they failed. But we can do it with blockchain now. So, this is third step of evaluation of social networks. What was first and second?

First Step : Social Media. People can share their stuffs.
Second Step : Semantic Social Media. People still can share their stuff but they can do also sell their stuff. Social networks were start to use smart algorithms for that. Then we saw how can be use for evil like Cambridge Analytica. Because when an algorithm decide to which user should saw what, then there wasn't there any kind of free will.
Third Step : Decentralized Social Media. Like Steemit, Akasha etc. People still can share their stuff and sell but also they reworded for it. And there was no any smart algorithm in there -yet-.


I think best part of Decentralized Social Medias is ability of crowdfunding skill. This still can change users life style. Especially in third world countries. Because a woman can share contents and rewarded with this kind a platform in hers home. In middle east or west asia countries womans hasn't rights mostly. They can't work, they can't has education, they can't has a bank account even. But with crowdfunding on a social network and a cryptocurrency we can solve this kind problems and give more freedom for all around of world. That's why I bealive cryptocurrencies and the idea of Decentralized Social Media. Steemit one of them. But it have some problems in my opinion. So, what are these?

  • Steemit using Delegation of Proof of Stake. That's why most of third part of platforms have SP delegation. But users or founders of these platforms can abuse reward pool with Delegation of Proof of Stake. So, Steemit need a guildnes about "How can we use much effective and fair our SP delegation?" and a kind of abuse shield.
  • A saw a few flag war on Steemit and it's really bad for reward pool. Also there wasn't any authority for unfair flags. Because some user can flag to another for just his sick humor style. And he can do it forever. That was bullying and there was no a guyfor stop or fix it.
  • Bots. Bots are killing platform. Trending page have just trash. Some whales delegating these bots with their SP and votepower. That's not totally bad act because people isn't here just writing. Financial status important all of us. So, Steemit need to kill bots and maybe change curation percent. In that way, whales and users can be focused upvoting good content.

I guess these are three big problems for Steem ecosystem. I hope Steem Inc will find a solution for them as soon as possible. Then Steemit can be more fair.

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