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Hello steemians,

i've read so many inspiring steemit life changing stories, today i upvote and quote a comment from Fukumineko:

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your story is touching and inspiring me because you explain how life can quickly turn bad having an accident then being in trouble with debt and fortunatly finding a way to become financially free and be able to reconnect with your passion and feel human again.

I cant even save a penny nor spoil myself a decent double shot espresso at a local coffee shop. Fukumineko

The current society economic model is totally unbalanced as the Rich continue to be richer at the expense of the poorest.

82% of the money generated in 2017 went to the richest 1%

Half of the worlds wealth now in hands if 1% of population

80% of hymanity lives on less than 10$ a day

22 000 children die each day because of poverty

We all know this world is outragously unfair depending on where you are born.

              The question is what could we do about it?

Help the poor giving money to charity fund is great but is it a long term viable solution?

I think it is a great short term solution to help the poor to provide the minimum they absolutly need now but in a long term perspective we need to help the poor countries to get out of debt and construct a solid economy to provide job , education and hospitals...

Create a fair new economic model

What is the point anayway to accumulate indifinitively more and more money?

1.5% tax on billionaires could educate all the world's children

There is no reason to let people accumulate money over a billion $ as it only provide power and doesn't change their quality of life.

I think we could put a worldwide hard cap on personal weatlh. If somebody get over 1 billions $ all the profits are reinvested to create a strong economy worlwide, build schools and hospitals in poor countries...

If the richest countries combined would participate with 1% of their income it would end extreme poverty worlwide next 20 years

10% of world military spending could knock off poverty

Why do we still need to go at war? Do you really want to kill friendly steemians? Do we really want a nuclear war?

This is totally ridiculous how we could let it happens, it just blow my mind how we don't arrive to unit worlwide to fight such disgrace.

Our system need to change, we need to help the less fortunate to access a decent life, get out of debt.

As fukumineko story shows us the income effect of steemit has change her life, gave her back confidence and passion to live happy, got out of debt and feel human again.

Crypto demonstrate a new viable economic model, how we can actively change lifes simply sharing rewards, i hope it will inspire humanity to finally find a better equilibrium.

Richer could finally find enought heart to help the less fortunate person to have a decent life.

It is not a matter of political convictions but human dignity.

Richer we are bigger is our responsability to help for a better world.

I am sure the only way to peacefully change our future goes with communication to create waves of global awakening.

Share your toughts!

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Thanks @damarth for bringing up this sort of discussion. Well from where I come the rich just keep getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer. Nigeria is a land blessed with so many wonderful gifts but our corrupt leaders are not willing to move the Nation foward with it. I livr in a country where the approved minimum wage is #18,000 and to rent an apartment will cost you #15,000 above a month.

I remember growing up things was very difficult for us because the government refused to pay my father and other workers salary for over a year, things was so bad that we couldn't feed, some days my sister will win free drinks from promo organized by beverage companies and we'll sell them to buy roadside food to survive. But as bad as this period was for us there were people that were experiencing hardship far worse and when I think of this I feel my heart burn.

The gap between the poor and the rich in my society is just so alarming. People can't feed, cloth themselves, go to school and there are many homeless around us.

We as individuals should always seek to help those that are less priviledged in any little way we can. Change starts from individuals, one day some of us here will be in position of power and if we don't have the right attitude now we won't be different from our failed leaders.

I have been habouring ideas of using steemit to affect the life of those lesser priviledged I see everyday especially the little kids that are starving, these kids beg to survive and I see them everyday. Hopefully I'll be able to start up a project on steemit which if successful will enable me to provide at least 1 meal a day for them.

"82% of the money generated in 2017 went to the richest 1%" - Unfortunately in the crypto world, the same thing happens as on Steemit - the number SP affects the distribution of the reward pool. But trying to change this at least to some extent in the crypto space will bear fruit - I'm sure. Already, new models of thinking among the world's richest people are visible. In this article, I reflect on the emergence of a new spiritual paradigm, the new religion of the crypto generation - I hope you like the way my thoughts go. I believe that without spiritual evolution, people can not build anything more perfect and just.


No need to be rich but if that is God's will let it be. I just want to support my baby and my family and that's fine for me. I'm happy and contented that I helped others also by sharing, caring, respect and be a good human to them. Also as a steemian I learned that I can help others not by the use of money but how to earn and let them know and inspired how happy once you help new steemians and not yet part of this community.

Why do we still need to go at war? Do you really want to kill friendly steemians? Do we really want a nuclear war?

"When rich people fight wars with one another, poor people are the ones to die." - Jean-Paul Sartre

This war only rich people will have a profit and poor people will suffer from it. Like if government vs another government, they will fight and make a nuclear or any kind of war which occur in the deaths of innocent people, especially children.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

The last part of speech from US President Abraham Lincoln - 16th President from Gettysburg Address. A brief explanation of what is the Government should be, but from this line, it's showed significant and well-grounded thoughts that we need to understand and how Government should be equal.

According to the above quote and as per my understanding, I'm sure all of us will agree that since the government was composed of the people and the funds are from the people so the benefits from that funds should be for the people. Make a fair distribution of funds for every project, transparency records for that project's financial statements and be a human.

22 000 children die each day because of poverty

If all the funds can distribute fairly no one child will die each day because of poverty. Government leaders must have the human heart, especially what their people crying and asking for.

Philippines is one of the most corrupt countries. We don't have a war with another country but so sad that utmost enemies are within our community. I am imagining, what if the leaders of our government serves the people with humanity 100%, I think everything will fine and no one will die from poverty, crimes, and problems regarding on money matters.

1.5% tax on billionaires could educate all the world's children

This is a big help, as per my father's saying when we're studying
"Education is the only gift I can provide, that no one can still from you".
If all the children or as many as can will give an opportunity to have an education, they can start and make their life be out of the poverty and hardship of it. And one thing for sure they will share also the same blessings that they have and do good things with others. Not only money we can share but also we can inspire other people, let them become a HUMAN, and make good thing to others :D

Hello @damarth
I read through @fukumineko comment... The truth is there are a lot of similar cases out there just like hers.
But there's always a thing or two to learn from these kind of stories.... When life hits you to the ground.."Stand up.. Dust your cloths and keep walking!"
She did that... And along the way she found steemit!

Every devoted Steemian has a good story to tell... Just like her, i could choose to quit my job today and focus on Steemit! Because working for Steemit for the past 26 days has paid me better than any job I've ever had.

I have always felt that taking from the rich and giving it to the poor is not the way out.
For me the only way to help the downtrodden is to create better jobs, more opportunities, more tools, more jobs and more jobs to improve their incomes and fairer treatment in economic policy.

In the event that all this isn't achievable... Am sure Steemit is always ready to welcome anyone with arms wide open :))


I never been appreciated at my work. I am always the underdog, the wallflower and the youngest. I never got the opportunity to be heard. My skills were not noticed only here on steemit.


Your posts make me touched and sad, because in the course of my life ,, god provide convenience for me through @shuta

You hit the nail on the head. The fundamental issue with our financial system is access. The rich have both the access and the resources to maximize the benefits our financial system provides. The poor? Not so much. This is inherently what education is supposed to fix - and it is still the best route out of poverty - but that's a less viable route for someone who's already graduated or in a job.

I think one of the real benefits of crypto is that it's a new market which allows access to all. Many of us are still on the same standing ground in terms of access - although this is starting to change. In any event, we need more folks to see this opportunity and try to seize the opportunity. If anything, at a highly simplistic level, they will hopefully walk away with some confidence and inspiration from the crypto success stories - which is the first step we all need to start turning things around.


All that you have said here is true and we need to take a stand for ourselves and those who cannot do so

As long as the system remains as it is, nothing will change...
We are supposed to have democracy in the majority of the "civilized" countries, but what we have is a form of dictatorship: big corporations - mostly in the banking and pharmaceutical industries - are controlling the politicians and therefore the governments... They have the control over the media, "informing" the masses only on what they want...
All the facts you shared are shocking, but even more shocking is the fact that, even though it's so simple to solve the biggest problems on earth, nobody - of those who are responsible - does anything!

How can something be changed when those responsible to bring the change are those who have created it and are maintaining it...?

The biggest hope of humanity is some people and organisations that really care about humanity, they help and they fight for change...
The global expansion of the internet is giving a big power to us. It gives the opportunity to everyone to have access to information that are not controlled and/or censored by the manipullative big media...
An opportunity for everyone to have access to education which they couldn't have otherwise...
To speak up and communicate with like minded people and realise that there are many of us who think differently and who really care about humanity...

I believe the decentralised blockhain environment advances this opportunity to a whole different level... Steemit is a great example of that.
Not only it helps people like fukumineko to advance their lifestyle but it also gives the chance to people like you (and others in here) to help both practically by rewarding and also by sharing the messages of compassion, empathy and support, for creating a different and better world!
Congrats on what you are doing!

"I think it is a great short term solution to help the poor to provide the minimum they absolutely need now but in a long term perspective we need to help the poor countries to get out of debt and construct a solid economy to provide job , education and hospitals..."
I agree with you on this Sir @damarth. We need to keep helping those in need as much as we can, even if it's a temporary relief. It goes a long way @damarth. Growing up was tough, I grew up in an abusive home
and I try to help others who are going through what I went through.
I founded Faith, Hope and Love Foundation for the less priviledged late last year and spreading happiness to them gives me great joy.
I also organise free after school classes and skills acquisition training for the children in my community.
We recently had our NEW YEARS PARTY AT THE FOUNDATION and they all had fun(with lots of food and party packs of course)
I also support them by paying their tuition fees and also supporting some of their parents to start up businesses for themselves thanks to steemit.
Your support would be highly appreciated @damarth. Thank You Sir.

I'm with you in this.

We're all here to make money for our families and yourself, and to make our lives easier.

I know that money doesn't make you happy, but there were times when I wasn't happy, and it was mostly becuase I lacked money.

This is actually a great way to get out of bad financial situation, and I don't why some of these people try to ruin that.

Why do we still need to go at war? Do you really want to kill friendly steemians? Do we really want a nuclear war?

It pains my heart when I hear about war, hatred, hunger, famine, poverty, murder, killings, etc.

I always ask myself: how did humanity get to this?
How are we gonna change this?

I'm a very emotional person. Sometimes I watch the news and see all the bad things happening and I just get so sad - wishing I had the power to change everything.

The rich keep getting richer, keep getting greedy, keep looking for ways to make others suffer so they can get more rich.

The war monger instigates war to sell arms and ammunitions and get richer and more richer without thinking of the innocent people suffering and dying, those becoming motherless and fatherless, those turned refugees, those suffering from diseases. This world is so unfair.

And fuck!! Our government - The greatest undoing. They keep making life harder and harder everyday. Censorship, corruptions, killings, anarchy, and all the worst thing you can think off. They only care about their pocket. Fucking morons.

I'm so pained right now, but I'll try to calm down

Our system need to change, we need to help the less fortunate to access a decent life, get out of debt.

I quite agree with you, it needs to change. We the people need to rise up and say enough is enough. We need to take the bull by the horns, we need to think different, we need to focus on making the world better, we need to change the old system, we need to set things straight, we need to innovate. The bad things shouldn't continue unabated.
I believe we will achieve this. Yes! The new generation has started plans to achieve this and it's happening right now. Crypto is one of it. A decentralised platform like steemit is one of it.

Crypto demonstrate a new viable economic model, how we can actively change lifes simply sharing rewards, i hope it will inspire humanity to finally find a better equilibrium.

Yes indeed, it demonstrates a new viable economic model.

Take steemit for example, many lives are changed here, people are drawn closer, share their stories, interact, make peace, lend helping hands and then share reward.

Can you see poverty being wiped away? Yes! I can see it.

Thanks @damarth for sharing this well put out post and thoughts with us. It came at the right time and I'm grateful.

Happy Steeming


Our country no.2 currupt country in Asia as they say. It is so sad our greatest enemies are not the foreigners but our own fellowmen. *sigh but its not too late to make changes.


Sad but true sis @fukumineko that our country is the second corrupt country in Asia and its all because of politicians who have their self interest to hold a power to manipulate everything and this is the reason why people in the country have a high percentage of poor or less fortunate people.

But thanks for the technology because it is one way to help the people thru financial, a platform like #steemit and the evolution of money which is the Crypto is a huge impact to us. It helps lot of people changed their lives I know some friends who become millionaires because of this technology and they are ordinary people who earns minimum wage for long time but havent earn enough but because of this crypto they become millionaires and now live happily and financially free they also leave their jobs and focus on Crypto because they earned more in crypto than their jobs.

Thanks for the technology and as well as this Steemit platform this is the real life changing community. Sharing our skills, knowledge and talents and earnings more than a regular employees salary some of us here earned more than managerial position.

Cheers to all who engaged in this technology!

Regards to @damarth for opening our mind and sharing this blog to share our thoughts about life.


I dont wanna be rich only after retirement having a car accident I realized that we dont know when we will die. Idk what if all the hardwork ive done I wont enjoy my pension cause I died before 60s. Plus I cannot go and travel more at that age.


I read over and over and got what you were passing. Thanks @damarth for this enlightenment

The problem with charity organizations coming to help the poor in poor countries is that they tend to teach the people how to eat fish and not how to fish. The problem become complex as they bring the fish from abroad ignoring the local fisherman who already new how to fish instead how supporting the fisherman to teach more people how to fish. In a short while even the fisherman who can no longer sell his fish as the population now depend on the little manna dropped by charity organizations. So the fishermen also foil their ship and join the queue. A long term solution would be finding program and platform to engage the community to farm and instead of bringing expert from abroad, they should partner with the locals who were already in the field. This is the shortsightedness of charity organizations


Actually the issue is that most of the charity help doesnt even reach the affected parties. I remember when there were displaced persons in my country, Nigeria. It was so disheartening when we heard that some of the relief materials donated were being sold by some of the officials who were supposed to be taking care of these persons.


This happened in my country too. So steemit is better way of helping people.

in terms of money we desperately need, because we always need to eat and petrified parents at home who can not work anymore, because my parents are old.

In terms of money, we need to help each other and see who really needs it, because very many people need money, but they are just wasting and doing nothing.
because that's us we have to see who yanh really need it.
success is always for you @damarth.
Keep sharing and see the weak.


You are very right......another issue is that many folks especially the youth who have never really had that much money to spend dont know how to manage it if it eventually comes. Something has to be done in order to teach persons how management works.....this is also why free education is necessary.

much obliged to you @dmarth for sharing such astounding contemplations..

all things considered, individuals trust that the rich are just out to help themselves and their family. what's more, surmise that one individual getting to be plainly rich means you're taking ceaselessly cash from someone else.

In any case, truly… there's nothing amiss with being rich. Having cash just makes you a greater amount of who you as of now are. For some individuals, that implies truly needing to have any kind of effect in the nature of other individuals' lives. I can consider a significant number of my customers who, after getting to be noticeably rich, have approached me for my thoughts on the ways the well off can help other people. Quickly, they needed to give back.

Dear @Damarth, let me pontificate my observations on the lines below gotten from this awesome post above ...

"If the richest countries combined would participate with 1% of their income it would end extreme poverty worlwide next 20 years.. "

you have said so much already, so much is wrong everywhere, the rich continue in wealth, d poor get pioneer, but we can't continue depending on government, they have nothing for us, that's why crypto is the new way to go, we need to arise and save humanity in deed not on words, so many people suffering, yet the world is in so much resources, this is food for thought @Damarth. Thank you


I have to add that richest countries also have poverty and they are collapsing under debts. The system is so unsustainable that the vast majority of countries are in debt and don't find solutions to help their citizens.

thank you @dmarth for sharing such amazing thoughts..
well, people believe that the rich are only out to help themselves and their family. and think that one person becoming rich means you’re taking away money from another person.

However, the truth is…there’s nothing wrong with being rich. Having money only makes you more of who you already are. For many people, that means genuinely wanting to make a difference in the quality of other people’s lives. I can think of many of my clients who, upon becoming rich, have asked me for my ideas on the ways the wealthy can help others. Immediately, they wanted to give back.

These people have inspired me to believe that you can do a lot more good when you’re rich than when you’re broke or struggling. After all, money struggles don’t serve you, and they certainly don’t serve anyone can donate and give back to the society in many ways.


I agree we should be able to be richer because it is a source of motivation to be productive and creative. Find new technology, create company and employ people. I don't think it is a solution to have the same salary for everybody but i also don't think it is necessary to accumulate billions and billions of $ while so many humans are dying of poverty.

We should finb a fair equilibrium. It is not a simple problem to solve for sure but clearly we are far away to do the necessary efforts.


But its better to be a enterprenuer than work for others.. As in the case of fukumineko you can see her salary was low to fulfill her daily needs.. She was in debt and miserable condition.. This issue is everywhere either in gov job or private sector specially teachers salaries are to low.. I did job as vice principal for one year in public sector school with 600 plus student but teachers salaries were from 6sbd to 15sbd.. Mine was 15sbd per month.. Here i am converting my currency in sbd..
So i decided to do either continue my study or my own business.. I found steemit two months ago and finding it much much better than anything else.. As it is giving me financial freedom and work from home opportunity.. With kids it is difficult to join any institute or go outside home for job.. I am also facing financial issues since last 3 years.. And raising up my kids with limited resources so want to help my husband in raising income..
It is very difficult being a mother to be underpressure for kids treatment or better diet.. Many times i faced a situation when my kid was sick and i borrowed money for her treatment or other hand did not go to doctor due to lack of money.. Its not necessary having billions but at least we should have sufficient to raise our kids with grace.. I alwaus felt bad to borrow its like begging to some one.. And tell them your difficulties and face their eyes with disgrace.. So i am now more confident as i am doing an earning better...
Thanx damarth for giving a platfrm for listening others stories and sharing ours.. Its a big motivation..
I wrote a post about my friends and there are few words for yoy.. I ll be happy if you visit it..


you are right there ! convinced on the point that we should find a fair equilibrium..thanks for making your perspective more clear to me


@damarth don't forget the saying, "All fingers are not equal". Everyone cannot stay on an equilibrium salary level unless the monies circulate well. If we create job opportunities for them, they'll be patronized by the rich also and in the other way round,the less privilege will also patronize the rich. They'll be an inflow of money. I think this may put the rich and the poor on balanced salary income.

This is really true @damarth . I come from a country whereby a lot of people cannot feed properly. I am a photographer and I do a bit of street photography from time to time.. The amount of seeming hopelessness is overwhelming. Some people cannot afford even a simple satchet of water while others live in plenty and throw away money like its a normal thing. I once asked myself how the world would be if we didn't have extremely rich people or extremely poor people and I couldnt answer that because if I am to be realistic, the rich are getting richer while in fact the poor are getting poorer. I am not sure there is a single answer ro the world's problem of poverty and suffering, but I know that we can help. We can be kind , you and I . We can show love and help others. We can feel emphathy or feel sympathy. If we all lived by the golden code that says "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", I am sure the world would be a better place.. I think before we talk about the rich in high places, our little kind gestures can go a long way to putting a smile on another human's face..


Nice thejotographer, thank you for sharing your comment.

Crypto currencies are definitely changing the lives of many people. STEEM is one of the greatest platforms that has a community which can share between each other without actually even losing anything of their own. Retaining your crypto and giving to others at the same time is something that I have never seen again.

And I think there shouldn't be any money spent on weapons and military at all. I mean, we should be one big friendly world, and focus on developing technology and so on, but not spend billions to fight each other. And all that money could actually be used to change the life quality of many countries. Why fight if we can share?

A major problem affecting the development and growth of the economy and universe at large is segregation just like you highlighted earlier. Not just in third world countries but even in developed flourishing countries. The hard stench of inequality is glued to the major aspect of governance and survival.

A fat line is drawn between several levels of the society even between genders. That because I am a female, so many jobs are not allocated to me, even if I have the clarifications. I can’t become a judge as a female without 20 years of experience but a man can, I can’t perform in some sporting activities that my body has no reaction to, but a man can, I can’t get some jobs at the national level if I am not friends with the politicians or if my father’s name isn’t recognized.
Equality of rights entrenched are neglected with the force and quest for money that a poor or average man has no say where a political entity stands.
Money breeds self-reliance and independence but her unending surge has opened most men to the unending tunnels of wanting always rather than needing.

For global inequality to be eradicated to a large extent, the minds of the society and nations have to be reconfigured and renewed in creating a free, fair and easily accessible platform for growth opened to all just like STEEMIT.
I am currently a student in Nigeria who recently joined the steemit community with the hope of getting intellectual and financial empowerment and I really appreciate the fair platform without segregation to your gender, country or identity. Platforms for hard work has to be reviewed and created in the society with no bounds of segregation for a high staple of growth in the universe.


Very good post, salary inequality between women and man are so absurd, why humans like to feel superior and think we are differents for fallacy reasons, we are all from the same race: HUMAN .

I'm so glad that there are cryptos in the world . As a doctor I see a lot of suffering and pain and I try to help as much as I can. But the money is the main problem, that is why I think that cryptos will change all of that and steemit as well. I try to educate people with my posts here and I hope everyone will try to do the same in their field of expertise. That is the only thing we can do, one good deed at the time :)

Sad but true sis @fukumineko that our country is the second corrupt country in Asia and its all because of politicians who have their self interest to hold a power to manipulate everything and this is the reason why people in the country have a high percentage of poor or less fortunate people.

But thanks for the technology because it is one way to help the people thru financial, a platform like #steemit and the evolution of money which is the Crypto is a huge impact to us. It helps lot of people changed their lives I know some friends who become millionaires because of this technology and they are ordinary people who earns minimum wage for long time but havent earn enough but because of this crypto they become millionaires and now live happily and financially free they also leave their jobs and focus on Crypto because they earned more in crypto than their jobs.

Thanks for the technology and as well as this Steemit platform this is the real life changing community. Sharing our skills, knowledge and talents and earnings more than a regular employees salary some of us here earned more than managerial position.

Cheers to all who engaged in this technology!

Regards to @damarth for opening our mind and sharing this blog to share our thoughts about life.

Hey @damarth this post is not a cry for help for me. I am okay doing fine with my ability to eat two square meals a day everyday. I just recently finished my university and I am trying to find my balance in life, in terms of of employment. I come from Nigeria, a country where truly the rich are making sure the poor become poorer. The economic stance of the country is now soo bad that the average man can no longer afford three square meals a day. But this is not where I am headed, on my way to church I normally pass a charity home that takes care of children whose parents abandoned them, more popularly referred to as the orphanage home or the fatherless and motherless childrens home. I have been passing there for a while but lack the incentive to go in mostly because I don't have enough to give them, not to even mention myself. This things hurts me deeply inside of me because I myself am an orphan. My parents were once wealthy and as fate would have it, they died in a motor accident, till today I still think they were setup. This world you see is a very cruel place. I was 6 years old st the time and the only child of my parents. Family members divided my parents properties and left me in the care of a very wicked and bitter uncle. You would think I was the cause of his misfortunes. It seemed like everywhere I go, bad things happen. I ended up running away from my uncle and hustling on the streets. I am not proud to say I picked pockets to feed sometimes when I just couldn't bear it. As fate would have it i was discovered by a non-governmental organization (DREAM ALIVE). They put me through school to be who I am today and am forever grateful to them. I started doing small business of selling water and graduated to delivery business, that was how I helped myself through university, although with the help of some members of DREAM ALIVE who BE believed in me after seeing how I passed in my secondary school year. God has been gracious towards me, even finding my way to Steemit. So you see why it pains me that I am not able to do one or two things for these children. I have never really told anyone online my true life story before because I don't want them to pity me or look down on me. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to be able to impact too just as I was impacted upon.

Digital forms of money are unquestionably changing the lives of numerous individuals. STEEM is one of the best stages that has a group which can share between each other without in reality notwithstanding losing anything of their own. Holding your crypto and providing for others in the meantime is something that I have never observed again.
Also, I think there shouldn't be any cash spent on weapons and military by any means. That is to say, we ought to be one major cordial world, and concentrate on creating innovation et cetera, however not burn through billions to battle each other. And all that cash could really be utilized to change the life nature of numerous nations. Why battle in the event that we can share?


yaah max agree with you! now cryptocurrency change life of people ! and provide him shelter and free him financial! the steemit is only one who help other to gain his aim in life!
i think every gov should take action on it and do not waste money on battle!

I totally share with her points. We live in a world where the poor keep getting poorer and the rich keep getting richer. I just got off the phone with my mother where she was complaining terrible of how sick she is and all I did was pacify her why because I have found a way in steemit. A way to earn an additional income. It is not easy being a civil servant in my country where you don't get paid until months end and nobody is willing to assist you yet you see them driving luxurious cars and living in luxurious houses. Steemit is yet to change my life but I believe someday I'll share my story just like fukumineko and no I won't be like the rest,I'll surely lend a helping hand because I have tasted poverty and I know how bitter it is. Nothing gives more joy than making someone find hope because of the helping hand you lent.good post. Thanks @damarth

I strongly agree with your opinion friends, with there steemit, can reduce the burden of life and can pay debts and can become the backbone of the family,

with a steemit, someone who or his or her child's family dropped out of school can connect the school, something you want to be granted, so many souls in the world who can get something in money at atemit can meet the burden of their lives, and thanks to steemit, who has helped all steemit users in the world, and thanks to @damarth who has created an opportunity for his followers to comment on his post about the good things to grip with steemit greetings from us in Indonesia


I absolutely love this thread! It's so amazing to find someone who still thinks this way. Trust me it's harder to find than you think.


Yes let's keep on steemin' we can change the world.

Steemit helps me to get out of poverty and living life happily, it gives me a ray of hope from depression because I was depressed when I skipped my job where I got nothing (100$ for 30 days 8 to 7 pm work). I turned myself to the steemit where I felt I can achieve somehting to live happy. At least there was a ray of hope.

Before steemit, I wasn't satisfied with my life because it didn't give me anything valuable except family. I paid my Uni fee by teaching at private school because my parents weren't afford my high tution fee.

Getting some handsome amount is okay to fulfill your needs but the real happiness is in your comfort by heart. You should feel happiness entirely not only by face. Charity groups should empower the poor community by teaching them some skills which may work for them whole life. It's okay that you give a LOAF to them but teach them how to make LOAF for yourself.

Steemit teaches us how to earn crypto currency because it has access by all and we all after it here. Global charity organizations should be like STEEMIT.

It's like I said in one of my latest posts, I managed to make a complementary income out of steemit, I even got the camera I wanted to buy for years but never had the chance to. For some people in developing countries 1 steem might even buy them a day's if not a week's lunch.

Wealth and greed leads to corruption and I doubt whether we will manage to control amd set a limit to accumulated money as you proposed. But here, in this platform we can make a difference. We can resist. We can feel like our words and work have a meaning.
Fukumineko is just one example... Let's hope to see many more like her in the future!!

This share is the most sensitive and beautiful share I see. Yes, there is a capitalist system in the world we live in. And I'm sure most people have a story. The bad reminiscence I'm having with this subject is like this. I study computer engineering and do not get help from my family. and unfortunately I did not buy a computer for the first 2.5 years when I studied computer engineering. I have completed my studies with the labs of my school or my friends' computers. It was a tough process for me. And I bought a computer with the money I saved. Unfortunately features are moderate and not enough for me. That was a big problem for me. Steemit realized I was going to do n3 on this problem. The exact result for me was great. My hopes have increased a lot more. Shuan myself trying to get a computer at a sufficient level. And I've also got the hottest getting a sports motorcycle for 12 years. it was just a dream. But now I'm stronger. because there is steemite. I will buy my computer once and then my motorcycle.

It turned into a cold, darkish wintry weather’s night time during my freshman 12 months of college. i was at the neighborhood pub consuming regularly with my friends. My body changed into starting to sense it too. My brain turned into numb and fuzzy. My vision became getting a chunk blurry. My palms had been tingling and my belly become churning. I felt like I should throw up at any 2d. not looking to embarrass myself in front of my friends I stated i was heading again to the dorm and walked out of the bar.

I stumbled my manner throughout the street and took a aspect road via town to the intersection. The worst part of my journey lay in advance, although. Our campus was inside the mountains of West Virginia and the dorm I lived in was constructed on the pinnacle of a long, steep hill. I seemed up warily at it and began to walk up the sidewalk. unexpectedly, i used to be face down within the snow. The sidewalk became blanketed in ice. I had stuck myself with my arms, spraining both wrists however retaining my head from cracking into the concrete. I were given up again took extra steps and turned into down again. This time my knee took the worst of it and commenced bleeding through my blue denims. I may want to see a few students near the top of the hill guffawing at me as they watched me fall again and again. The steepest part of the hill became nevertheless in advance too and that i didn’t realize how i was going to arise it without seriously hurting myself. Then, unexpectedly, my steps regarded to get steadier. The ice was nonetheless underfoot and i used to be nonetheless extraordinarily drunk, however i used to be not falling. Slowly, step by step I made it to the pinnacle of the hill safely. I determined to give up drinking quickly after that and feature never ignored it when you consider that.

it is handiest now, but, that I see that I ought to have had a few unseen assist to make it up that icy sidewalk on that bloodless, iciness’s night time. even though I didn’t ask for it, God and His angels kept me safe that night simply as they have kept me safe generally on account that then.

I recognise this life can often seem like a long, icy hill that we have to climb and stumble our manner up. but, it is good to understand that we don’t stroll it alone. God loves us and is with us each step of the way whether we realise it or no longer. Why no longer attain out and take His hand? Why not walk with Him with love on your heart and joy in the doorstep? Why no longer bend down and assist up some others who have fallen alongside the way? in case you do you would possibly locate the hill isn’t pretty so steep. if you do you might even find yourself dancing in preference to slipping.

I can't even save a penny nor spoil myself a decent double shot espresso at a local coffee shop. Fukumineko

The society is not going to help any one, its you who can make things different, if everyone is sitting here and waiting someone who will change all this so all will die in this hope, if one is rich why he will care for a poor, every poor is getting insulted even by doing goods and every rich is gaining respect even by doing bads,
the thing is we have forgotten the word "HUMANITY".
First, we need to be human act like humans care for other, like for other what we like for ourselves than this sentence as we saw means for the gatekeeper will never be repeated.

the story of a very inspired me, I also believe that steemit this can boost poverty in parts of the world, steemit very helpful in all aspects of the economy, thank you to the creator steemit, I shaking 2 thumb for steemit, poverty can be retas with the formation of steemit this, I own already feel the effects of the presence of steemit, hopefully steemit always large parts of the world and can hack poverty the world, thank you @damarth top posts you share it, I will try more give than accept and help each other fellow

the heads of state need to provide the minimum level that the poor need.
All the nations need to help each other to end the poverty all over the world. But no country is carrying out this consciousness policy. all of them are the strongest I am. it is necessary to get rid of this idea.@damarth

once i was a dropout student who was thinking of suicide just because my parents were thinking that i wasted their money and became a dropout student, My friends ignored me by saying he is a dull and lazy person.
then i joined internet outsourcing blogging youtubing just tyo earn the money i lost and in that classes someone introduced steem community./
when i joined i never ever accepting that i will earn there but imagine what happened when my first post of intro got 2 SBD i belived that i can do it if i work hard,
you can see its my almost 3rd week here my RP gone to 44 and $10 earnings for now.
and the same friends are asking me to help them in creating the steem account and how to earn through it and i am teachong to them now


Yes @mazharnoor.. Yes this is the place we dnt need to invest anything.. This is the most important benefit here.. Actually we invest our time herr but its much better to waste any other useles place or social media like facebook where we spend but earn nothing.. Here withoutt investment we earn even in start you can earn 1sbd minimum daily.. And one thing money is not everything you learn here manythings in free share whatever we want talk to other ppl make new friends etc.. Steemit giving us a platform wherr we can use our abilities and skills and nourish them.. Different nations and cultured interact and learn alot from one another.. I am als feeling it risk free and so fully spending my time here... I am learning about it from differrnt sources and wish i ll b like @damarth


sm gharrib ye kna. sumra deri skhti d teri kali khaaa


dakhka khu chal d kna chal zda ka d dwa dwa upvotes aghstlo



friend, honestly we share same thought. Why acquire the whole world when you would leave same way you came "naked". We were blessed to be a blessing to others, only those who understand this, lives a fulfilling life. Just like we are been blessed through this great platform Steemit, the onion is on us to extend a hand of blessings to those around us and beyond. Success isn't an orphan, failure is. To be successful, we have to reproduce more success in others.
Wonderful post my friend, I have upvoted and followed you, I think we share this great mindset.
Please do check out this similar post of mine and see what I said too, your comment would be most appreciated.


Yes we don't feel happier being richer.
In contrary help people not to be in pain, protect animals, can create hapiness.

Above the world not everyone has the same fate and life because it is already a provision, Some are given the comfort of life since they were born with a wealthy family and some are not able do a lot when the difficulties in the sense of economic shortage they have to face since they were present in this world. There are rich people because there are poor people and all there is always crocheted in this world.

Wealth is a test in this world and so is poverty a test in this life so that we are always aware if everything we have will never last because the world will disappear over time ahead of time later. That's when we become people who have a better economy than them, then it is our duty to help each other to help them in terms of sharing for those who still slumped in life on this earth. Various will not make you fall poor because the more you are generous and share to help those who are very need it will always give reciprocity to you later because the good person will get good too. Do not need much and do not need ahrus segini and segitu, with the intention of a sincere heart is better than many but because of something you expect praise from them. If on this earth always share their difficulties and economic downturn will be overcome and we live prosper together. @damarth I salute you.

I started steemit not up to a month thinking its like other platforms which crash at the end of 2weeks but after carefull study of the rules, FAQ and following the bots and testimonies from steemians i began posting as i now see it as a platform that would be use for individual and community development

I have decided that since this is my first time of getting financial gain for upvoting and resteeming post or just surfing the internet,it would be use for charitable work at every quater of the year.

As I think the inequality will continue, but also, the creative commons will be able to get over that ill by empowering themselevs into developing freedom models that will be used to drive development at their own terms. In my country, there is nothing to point at as what we can gain from the government, so we take the well being of our lives into our hands by proving everything we need for a better life.

Rising inequality and a widening trust gap between people and their political leaders are also big challenges for the global elites.

So the world itself understand this fact but i believe with steemians as network all over the world, the world would be a better place as SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS THE BEST WORK OF LIFE.

Wao! I must admit that im impressed someone could actually talk about this, ive always believe in earning much and giving out much more, actually made plans before starting steemit that half of my proceds monthly on this platform i will give to charity, im a poet, i write on stuffs that could awaken our consciousness and make s reason that humanity os about connection and the connection is love, growing up, i have always dream of a world where you dont have to be suspicious, a world where love is the order of the day, although the payouts on my posts are not really encouraging, my dreams keep me going, i still believe in my belief


This the principle of steemit ecosystem, we share rewards together, if i get richer all steemians do :)

you've stated the sad reality of our relatively short lives on this earth. I live in a country where some people live on less than $0.20 a day while some others can afford to buy jets (plural) and jet around the world not minding the poor masses suffering to even get a single meal on their table daily. It is fine to be rich but I think ignoring the rest of your fellow suffering human being is a bit too evil.
I'm not so sure communication would help us in this case. We have been communicating and running campaigns to help the poor or the sick.some people end up helping, the rest hear and understand but decide not to help. I think this idea should be better instilled in people from early days. That's the period when ideas are better taken in as humans. I just think the future has a better chance of working. Our current world is just a sad place. Changing our world is a gradual process But I believe it can and will get better

@Fukumineko read your story which is motivational and also lesson full story.. i just want to say that never hopeless because hopeless is cowardness... fight with life it's to tuff but life is an opportunity to go to highest level of glory unless you can not fight ... i agreed with you i read your comnt below you write we live in the world 2nd corrupt country in Asia .. you know we also live in the corrupt country here in my nation newly born child borrow of estimate 1 lac rupes.. now you tell me how parents fill full the basic need of child.. many engineer and other educated people work in shop .. their is no job no opportunity ..many of students lose their hopes and got suicide...their is no price of life and humanity in the these corruption ...they rich go high day by day and poor go down day by day.... the need is that we fight with situation and got away to out from these problem and find batter path to serve life..and if we observed there is alote of opportunity to earn some money like steemit .. at end i really support the effort of @damarth he show some sympathy for these type of people to come arise and i think social media is best palate form to rise voice for right....


I agree. I am afraid about my students where will they go after graduation? We cant even look for a decent company where they can train. There is no opportunity here to be honest. We cant change the system then lets change and find a better way. Glad there is steemit.

Everything you said on this post is true but I have to point out that the problem of humanity is humans themselves, let me explain that : greed is our number one problem even with those that start from been poor to rich, they just seems to forget so early immediately they have and all they want it to have more and been popular, fame and powerful. The average human hungry for power, he want to be feared and respect so he think when he his the only one that have then he will be feared and have all the respect. That's why nations keep up building different kinds of weapon just to show how powerful they are. Even on steemit here there are lots of whales are they call them but how many take a look at a newbie work? Very few people like you @damarth, there are new people with great content that are not noticed but you will see someone write something like "bitcoin if so fucked " and he will get upvote of 200+sbd. Just because he's a whale or a friend to one. What am I saying if the world people can just think of others as been equal and just aim to better yourself not to over power others then and then we can change the world

Wow! First of all, I'm so proud of my dearest friend @fukumineko, the one who introduced and convinced me to join Steemit. She is one of the many good examples of how Steemit can change lives! I myself have experinced these amazing adjustments after joining Steemit and one of my advocacies being a teacher is to share this good news to the academe world!

Global inequality is a sad fact about the world we live in. Being a public school teacher for two years made me see how deep the problem in our society lies. I have seen students go to school on an empty stomach with nothing more but willingness and determination to finish school. During my conversation with one of my students, she said that the reason why she kept going despite not having enough support is that she wants to get out from the poverty she's in.

It breaks my heart seeing these students not getting the right support they need from their parents due to lack of finances. Sometimes, I would get from my own pocket to help these students accomplish the myriad of requirements needed to pass their subjects.

The sad part is that, here in the Philippines, classes would start at 7AM and would end at 5PM. Approximately 10 hours at school! Even if my Senior High School students want to get part time jobs to somehow help with their financial needs, their remaining time and energy wouldn't allow them.

I just joined Steemit last January 5, this year, and since then things have been amazing. I used to have three jobs, one of which is freelance writing. But ever since I joined Steemit, I already quit my job in Upwork and jsut dedicate "that" time for blogging on this platform.

There are so many opportunities to earn, but many people don't know it, many of my students don't know it. To them, having a job would mean doing hard labor, and that's a misconception that I want to change. I want to introduce Steemit to them, and incorporate it to our lessons. Instead of submitting a 10-page article, I want them to submit it on Steemit so they will be more inspired to do better since more people will see it, and they have a chance to earn from it if they do a great job!

This is my way to alleviate their human dignity. This is my way to create waves of global awakening in my own simple way. This is my advocacy!

I have high hopes for my students, and I have high hopes with Steemit to make this really happen!


Amazing ! Keep it up be a model of change.

Steemit is hope for me. I struggled with depression for a year because of kidney failure and my life was rock bottom because of disability and unemployment, being a single mom and a lot of things going on like rejection/neglect from people I thought who'd be with me to support me in these dark times... I just recently discovered Steemit and I have gained many friends and I just got my first payout... It is real as it gets and very rewarding, empowering and liberating. It's like being in a dark tunnel for so long and now I have come to the light and seeing everything positive around me. A lot of things still bother me but Steemit gave me hope that I can do things to improve my life. It's more rewarding than a job and more enjoyable than a hobby. Steemit encourages me to be a better me, despite the limitations of my conditions. I never looked at art and everything else, this way. Putting value to talent and attention is a genius idea. If ones effort is rewarded directly in the real world like in Steemit, what a good world it would be.

Even with words alone, you can help those who are in need. This is our latest charity project "street children Pampanga". My groups are composed of teenagers who dont have any jobs but with their talents and collective work we have been helping different charities for a year now. Im excited on what cn we achieve now that we stumbled upon steemit. Imagine what more can we do. Im grateful for @damarth for creating these posts as a way to educate people. We will do our part by creating the first event sponsored by Steemit this feb 13 at a Museum. We hope we could all make a change together for the better.

All thanks to @damarth for giving us this wonderful opportunity. Addressing inequalities between countries which accounts for the dorminat part of global economic inequality requires economic diversification improving aggregate productivity and enabling the shift of workers to less fragile and better remunerated activities with safe and healthy working conditions. To achieve this, international treaties and agreements must be framed or reworked including those relating to trading rules investment agreements, intellectual property regimes and financial flow.
The cash spent by some countries on weapon and tools for war can save a lot of countries from poverty and suffering
I will never fail to appreciate Steemit because it's really a great source of upliftment from poverty.
Thanks for reading.

You see,all that u ve said is a million dolar true statement!!! Being part of the steemit community is the surest way to financial freedom!!!
Its a community of mutual support(this is so magnanimously palatable)this distinguish steemit from any other communities!!!!
Personally,i will say that since i found steemit,i ve found a community of love selflessness and cooperation!!!!!
Anybody part of steemit and not happy cannot be happy anywhere!!!!
Actually,if i am to use a whole day to write about the benefits of steemits,i bet you it won't be enough!!!!!
It has been fun actually being part of the steemit community....kudos to you guys!!
In celebration moods with fellow steemians!!!
More pix

Great post to highlight this, I read this most recent Oxfam statistic (82% of wealth for the 1%) and felt the same. These 1% have no idea how easy it is to fall into financial difficulty, I have spoken to so many people on here who, like me, were helped out of a bit of a tough time by Steemit, and plenty who have changed their lives.

The problem with the 1% is that they are also the ones who are most capable of changing the status quo, but instead list for even more wealth and inequality. In the same way the bankers carried on taking their huge bonuses while the rest of the world was reeling from the recession they caused. To me that’s not only why we need Crypto, but why it was necessitated in the first place. I’ve no doubt that this will really be the biggest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen, and to me getting rid of banking control on the world is the first step in that.

Gosh damarth, i wonder how i saw this late but i did see all your are doing as i do a ton of curation too. And my voice and entire definition is for this. I wonder if you will have time to go through a few posts to see exactly this. I will just keep them at a few. My last #untalented-adjustments contest had more than 1000 entries and 6k plus comments and you will see the entire ton of the people resounding exactly what you are doing here. It is awesome what the route you are taking. Really awesome. Currently working on the 3 steem interfaces to make the voice amplified and one token on smt. For now though, i do a lot of curation with most of the essence of a vote being more of inspiration than content and with this and groups and chats with hardly 5 minutes of rest time, i am managing to reach some 5000 steemians. The interfaces will lighten the tasks a bit by making everything fully community driven.
Let me leave you will two or three summary posts.


You are a blessing! 👏🏼


A blessing indeed because he has done much just to see some us smile again. Thank you for all you have done.


Thank your for your links, i like what you do, need more time to read your posts, i follow you now to learn more about your projects.


Thank you very much


@surpassinggoogle is one of the effective leaders and model that I met here on steemit thank you for the nonstop support to minnow like me and to my team #steemitachievers

You have really done a good thing by raising this @damarth.

The truth is, giving arms to the poor is short term if we really want change their lives! The fact that they won't be able afford comfort with it is really not feasible! They need something to rely on!

Having cryptocurrency is a way to go! As its value is alot better especially when converted to currencies of these poor countries. For instance, 1steem is about $6 in the US now but equivalent to about #2000 market price in Nigeria. So, having 1steem here in Nigeria can buy you and your friend a really good meal. Really good one.

So you see that a platform as this that can help these poor countries work for these currencies is really what is needed to secure long term finance as they may not be able to get capital to start up something that will fetch more money.

The major thing now is.... how do we know these people when they finally join the community?.. or don't you think frustration will set in when they draft really good articles and get cents? And then see little writeups getting nice payouts? It could leave them seeing the short term income as the 'life'.

It may sound funny, but i will say this! If you are a whale here and you really want to help people out of poverty... let me not mention names! You know the country tags to visit and reward those giving a good shot at creativity.

Crypto is the 'long term', steemit offers crypto for creativity! Help creativity and provide the 'long term'

hi @damarth,sorry to correct you but the title should be "Global Inquality" not "Global inegality",I really apologize if I am wrong.But I am totally agree with you "Richer are becoming more richer and poorer are becoming more poorer.I also wonder who is responsible for the bad situation of poor,Is it our government or politics or our society or we are responsible?yes we don't want nuclear war or not a single war because no one will get profit from that,never.There are many places in the world where there is no home to live,no food to eat and no clothes to wear.People are dying due to starvation.I really feel upset when I read some bad things,but How could I correct the situation,If I am not able to help them with money,Because I am poor too but I am educated and I can find ways to earn money and I find steemit a better place.Yes in my opinion everyone should be "educated" so that they can find a platform like steemit to earn and can make a good earning. I am here for collecting money so that I can continue my further studies and I believe that I can make money.But I also want to help other people too.Thank you @damarth for such a nice post.You are very kind person.upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you! i've fixed the mistake.

Anybody please don't hesitate to point out mistakes to improve the content.


thank you @damarth that you have replied to my comment,I am very are the best.

Glad to read this. Its soothing to know there are more and more people out there who feels this way!

The resource disparity is a problem indeed, and I'm terribly glad myself for steemit, without steemit I know where I was, and it was not a good place.

Why do we still need to go at war? Do you really want to kill friendly steemians?

Of course not! I hope our so called leaders finally see reason!


I guess if nobody is willing to follow their crazyness then war will no longer exist.

Well like you said distributing wealth to the hands of the poor will not solve the problem. This will only make them "rich" and not wealthy. Wealthiness is a state of mind. I suggest financial education just as R. Kiyosaki has always emphasized that this should be introduced into our curriculum.
The concept of crypto tokens is an amazing one. But like we see on steemit it can to an extent be monopolized where whales do not distribute the rewards fairly enough but to only crypto related posts from other whales. Steemit was meant to me a social media and a crypto-media but right now minnows and dolphins are not sure anymore. It is a giant stride to remove power from the government through the blockchain technology but we also need to remove power from the wealthy as well, as with every new blockchain on the block they encroach first.

I recommend a blockchain ecosystem that will reward equity and fairness and support for the poor and under privileged.

Nice thinking here @damarth

thats good and you right
aslo i think the give money to poor is not a better method to finish poverty from world and is not a better help for them the money which you give them i think it create more poverty not finish it
because first thing you canot give them with a routen as per month to many famlies
second thing which money you give some of those families they spend it and wait for next month and some dont work or not want to change thier life and not struggle for earen.......i dont say that every one doing this i say many of them doing this
there for the properwork is that you should create the oppurtunities for them to provide them work or job or give them some skills to divide them in some catagories as they choose their likeable skill,, then they will work and earen money and will not get from you it will be a regular chain that should be finish poverty
you can use your funding on right way to some do good for them to finish poverty not give them money to increase this ill more
and you should make some schools in which you provide the free education thire childrens till they stand and have a good job
maybe many of here not agree with me but i only share my thought

I agree. Something has to change. Rich getting richer & the poor getting poorer. Until people realize that having a healthy, educated population is the way to be number one, we're going to continue to go down in the world standing

No matter how big the problem or challenge, it's a blessing in disguise. Even failures reaps benefits that will serve you in the future. And this is not just another 'motivational talk', this is reality, this is life, this is one of those laws of nature.

Change has come slowly. Driving future improvements will be extremely difficult. Nonetheless, try we must. The benefits are worth it.

So keep on fighting and working to live to the fullest. 😍

I came across a video this week basically stating that the middle class is soon to be non-existent. In other words, the rich will continue to get richer and the poor will continue to get poorer aka minority groups.

There are so many people in this world in need of help. All i want do in life is give back to the less fortunate and be able to bring happiness to people who dont know how to be themselves. All of us are here to create art no matter what to be in life you can do anything you want. Just make sure your mind is healthy and set a gold in life. Be bold ans stand out from the crowd and dont be afraid to be you. That is the right attitude to have.

I spent years of my life working to death to get out of literal homelessness to get into an apartment and a small job and i'm apparently instantly a blessed person. Im so thankful to the people who help me to get better. There are more good rich guys there who are willing to extent there hands to give help. Yes, you are right @damarth they have good heart to help leas fortunate person like me to have a decent life. Now, i will try my best to share what I have to help as well.

The rich do have a moral obligation to help the less fortunate, but really we all do!! The homeless can be some of the most giving, compassionate people and they have very little to share.

Be generous to the less fortunate. It’s our humanity... and it matters. 😍🙏🏻🤗

I absolutely love this thread! It's so amazing to find someone who still thinks this way. Trust me it's harder to find than you think.

Charity like you said is a mere short-term solution that doesn't solve much in the long run. So should we change the system? To what, though? A lot of great men have considered this. They've all come up with solutions that either didn't work or were plain perverted by evil people!

Sadly the problem progreses. But thank God we still have people that are yet to lose faith. I believe one day poverty will be completely eradicated in our world!

As far as concerned with global inequality, I would love to say every charity forums should be like steemit and such empowered platforms who taught you and giving you the best chance to earn some pennies for your tummies and securing your life. That's why I preferred such platforms because they helped us by all means.

I also suffered numerous problems in my earlier life till now that's the biggest reason that I'm here to empower myself. Steem gives me money to buy a cup of coffee and spend some money with your friends and family. Other charity organization should so the same. It's good to hep someone but its extremely good when you feel a soft corner for them.

Above story also inspired my, the steemit platform is really life changing platform for all of us.

It is about knowing people and their side of the story..
It is about finding a path to follow..
It is about keeping yourself motivated to write better..
It is about broadening your thinking..


And boom finally, it's about perseverance and personalities, would you be able to go through the risk and barriers to have them?

You raise an important issue of the society.There is no standard measure of inequality, but most indicators suggest it slowed or fell during the financial crisis and is now growing again. Tax and benefit systems have become less effective at redistributing income. combination of both wealth and income being very concentrated, it means there is no equality of opportunity in many societies and that undermines our growth.I think steemit help in reduce and make people self dependent in the developing countries. We can earn steem without investment so it already change the life of many peoples and it keeps changing.

Even on steemit we can see the inequality, some of us are not using upvotes fairly. We should keep it simple and reward each other only on the basis of content. I am not good writer though and I am always afraid to write but I write my first blog on steemit. There are so many people on steemit who spent alot of time to write their contents. We should support them.
Yes, we can become financially free by using steemit and many people can get rid from poverty. But Instead of reading post and giving upvotes on the quality of post, many people using upvote for upvote strategy. Some steemians even don't read the post.
Mostly people are using minnowbooster and many other bots (automated votes to get more votes).
And many people are selling there votes. I am not sure if it is right or not. I think we should use our votes fairly. Can you please share your thoughts on this? like you write "Should we upvote our comments?" @damarth


I think they underestimate the power of community.

You gain more by being productive and creative for the entire community than trying to exploit steemit ecosystem.

Use your energy and brain power to help the world, share passion, create a positive loop and get rewarded by the community for your effort.


Thank you so much for your response. I will try my best to create something useful for the steemit community! @damarth

I strongly shaking me head after reading your above article in YES. I'm quite agree with you nd standing by you.

When you think for a while to help someone then you may realized that one time help can be okay for them? Does it okay with the world? Does we really want to help to make strong whole world? Obviously not, we should take step to make the world stronger than more stronger.

You know what nowadays richer get richer day by day and poor becomes more poor. This is totally injustice with all of the poor community. They are also human beings, they have same needs and same desires then why we make the big difference by making this issue bigger and even not bothering such miner issues.

Believe me small issues creates big problems in the future that's why we are failed to power up the whole community worldwide.

We are alive at a time when the rich get richer and the poor like that - that's all. For some reason like that it is definitely the fate of God. The rich go down from generation to generation to give proper education to their children so that their children can follow in their footsteps to live well.
But unfortunately most poor people do not have the funds to provide good education to their children in order to raise the degree of his life in the future. It could be one of the factors that cause poverty continues to be experienced by generations of poor people. Currently, steemit can be one of the solutions for the poor to live their lives even if they are not educated. As long as they want to write the possibility of steemit can help meet their needs.
Just like the youth - the youth in my neighborhood who use steemit as a field to increase their income. Some even use the money from steemit for the cost of a wedding together with the woman he loves.

In essence, the presence of steemit has managed to increase my personal income and the people around me. I hope that through the frequent events of the qurator steemit and the people who are low income people and living a life of shortcomings quickly realize and immediately make steemit as a field to increase their income. And with the help of you @damarth, stemians starters excited and makes their writing more and more better #Hopefully

It's so sad to see some people overtaken by greed and the corrupt system we have in place. There is abundance on earth, and everyday new innovations come that can vastly increase the quality of life. Being on steem and in the crypto space has given me new hope for a peaceful revolution where we can band together to help eachother and change the world.

My journey here has been nothing short of amazing, I have so many steemians to thank and can only do my best to stay involved and help where I can. Beautiful post, let's work together to help our fellow man, we are all in this together, we can take better care of eachother and the world

There is a saying or a rule is Money goes to money.

To help the poor countries and States this is not an option.
They will say that they do not need it! The rulers of these countries can thus lose their Power. Or money to turn in their benefit, to strengthen his Power!

And no charities in this case will not work.

Even crypto won't be able to break this rule. Even here, the rule is money goes to money.

Cryptocurrency can reduce the appetites of bankers. But this is not a fact.

I must admit it was not until recently when I fully realized how revolutionary tool Steemit can be in terms of fighting poverty. I read stories of poor people from Africa and South America (particularly Venezuela) who have significantly improved the quality of their lives and the lives of their families through blogging on this platform. When I joined Steemit some 2 months ago, I didnt really see these things coming. Happy to be a part of this great, life-changing project! :)

If only Government will accept decentralisation, but they will not want wealth to be easily distributed. If not, they will have easily accepted Cryptos. The rich keeps getting richer, whike the poor gets poorer. The questions you asked really touched me,

Why do we still need to go at war? Do you really want to kill friendly steemians?

The world is in a very sad state currently. The world lacks love. Without love, no one cares about his neighbour. Why would I want to kill my neighbour, when will can enjoy the world together. When you listen to the news currently you feel really bad.

If we all love one another there will be no crimes like the ones found in the world today. I just hope things get better.


I agree. Something has to change. Rich getting richer & the poor getting poorer. Until people realize that having a healthy, educated population is the way to be number one, we're going to continue to go down in the world standing

No matter how big the problem or challenge, it's a blessing in disguise. Even failures reaps benefits that will serve you in the future. And this is not just another 'motivational talk', this is reality, this is life, this is one of those laws of nature.

Change has come slowly. Driving future improvements will be extremely difficult. Nonetheless, try we must. The benefits are worth it.

So keep on fighting and working to live to the fullest. 😍😍

I think the IMF!!! @damarth
Income Injustice and the IMF

It is noteworthy that the IMF and the World Bank, whose names often come to light during periods of economic turmoil, are among the reasons why the reform packages, which are called for to tackle corrupt economies, are opening up the gap between the rich and the poor. Oxfam International, an international charitable organization known for its serious research, says it is clear that the gap between rich and poor in the countries where IMF programs are implemented has opened up and that poverty has increased. According to the organization, restrictions on public expenditures in the IMF's economic packages and applications for the depreciation of the national currency further increase the income distribution between the rich and the poor in these countries, and bring social stability to increasingly severe proportions.

According to a study published in the "al-Alem" magazine, the African countries that cooperate with the IMF today are much poorer than they were 15 years ago. Raporda said that the IMF's stability packages to African countries have all failed and that the income distribution among the masses has increased injustice much more.

For example, since the stabilization policies of the IMF have been introduced in Mali from African countries, the value of the Mali currency has fallen steadily. Life conditions have increased by 117% compared to previous years.

The situation in the Arab countries that fall in the arms of the IMF is not so different. Although Algeria is one of the world's richest oil and gas reserves, it has fallen into a state owed billions of dollars after it cooperated with it.

I have heard of many people enjoying the financial freedom because of Steemit, and most of them were early adopters! Few of the artists are making good money by posting about their art and artistic life which is the biggest motivational factor for small town artist like me. I am a theater artist from India, we do not get paid for whatever work we do from the side of production company. The only money that we earn is from Indian Government that pays in form of internship which is only $100 a month. To help my family's financial situation I started working for a technology magazine where my hard work was never appreciated. Since I am an artist, I do every work with all my heart and same approach I followed at my job. With the help of my hard work I was able to brought some amazing results and hence improved their ROI for marketing expenses. Last week, all of a sudden they fired me for no reason at all. That incident made me realize my worth as a working professional, I am never going back to any job. Until I start getting some paid project for Films and plays, I am going to stick to Steemit to make enough so I do not lose my sanity!

Sharing such touching stories opens the eyes of everyone out there who's having a better life, that he has a role to play for someone who is in need. This world indeed is not fair with the rich getting richer and the poor poorer. Let us join hands to fight this unfairness by providing for the underprivilaged to make a better life for them.

Many have their own financial problems. No need to shout from every corner. Because the more we talk about poverty, the more this poverty sticks to us.I have hands and feet. I'm trying to work on the Internet. Part of the money goes to charity for children.

The world is terribly ironical, I mean, her testimony really touched me, we live in a world where vain things are given more importance than economic growth, poverty rate global warming and a whole lot of other importance in life,
I'm quite happy for the kind gesture, thank you for this brilliant initiative

Alas, the modern economy is deeply defective, the root of evil is that it encourages speculative actions that destroy the very principles of its existence ...

  ·  3년 전

Decentralisation and implanting digital forms of payment in the masses can really change peoples lives. It's already started and it will shake the world.
And the same thing is going with steemit. I see so many people who regained confidence that they can succeed in their lives. Someone can get rid of shackles of poverty, enjoy life to the fullest and pursue their dreams.

that good and i appriciate you @damarth that you doing always great work and today is really good to talk on this issue and know thoughts from all of steemians
well i think we all can play a roll to finish it and i think we continue to support the poorest people till you give them the better way and finish all things and farms which create poverity also we need to go our politics and goverments to talk on it and thier support,,give the the aid and the medicine for which will make them healthy life for do some good in thier lives,, and also we need to go door to door and city to city for include others in your work and make your team strong ,,,
i think Everyone can play a role in ending poverty. please get involved and ask governments and international institutions to transform commitments into action today.

"Why do we still need to go at war? Do you really want to kill friendly steemians? Do we really want a nuclear war?"

If only the rich, the poor and every other influencial people around the world could sit their selves down to answer this question, i believe their perspectives towards killing, creating and funding of war would stop. It baffles me when we kill each for no reasons at all. The rich or the politicians set themselves aside to ignite the world on it citizens at war because they have the power to do so. We should all let love leads us to where we shall keep accomodating each others every where and here on steemit too @damarth

Thanks alot @damarth for creating this platform.
I join steemit late 2017 and ever since I join this great platform things have really turn around for Good in my life. My life before joining steemit was something I can't just write home about life was really difficult for me cause of the economic downturn in my country, sometimes leaving a country where living is hard where the rich keep on oppressing the poor and the poor having difficulty in their human right. Am a graduate of a renoun university in nigeria after graduating with a very good result but still getting a job was more difficult only when you are connected then you can get one, life wasn't easy but yet life still goes on.
Born in a family of seven and am the first born, having so many responsibilities to carry out cause people are there waiting for your outcome, in December 2017 I was introduced to steemit by a friend @omonosa who knew I can create impact in steemit reasons being that I love writing, my friend @omonosa give me a wonderful lecture about steemit and I got registered ever since I join steemit my life has turn around. everything I have achieved during this short period was done by steemit such as paying my siblings school fee, getting a new phone, paying my apartment rent and so more to mention. But it never ended there I have introduced steemit to my friends who are positive minded such as @xanga @iamemmanuelo @amiayanbo @victormadu and few to mention and I believe to do more for steemit. One love @damarth

Oh I loved your post! also I like the inspirational stories. Stories about how to make our lives better.I really like your idea about the ensuring wars. a war doesn't make any sense, although they spent a huge amount of money. in General, the distribution of money is a big problem! For example, right now on the Internet goes the petition.Which calls put their signatures against the fact that millions of funds have been spent for murder of homeless animals. This problem could be solved by catching and sterilization. unfortunately, these signatures will not change anything. The authorities had already decided and distributed!:(

I totally agree with you. The majority of the wealth is being controlled by 20% while the other 80% live below the poverty line and my country Nigeria is a perfect example with wasted resources and we all fend for ourselves because the so called leaders are busy with circulating wealth amidst themselves. If only we could be a little more sensitive.

Dear @damarth. Thank you for trying to make people talk and to fire up their spirit to start moving and changing the way they live. Because when you often read how individuals from the community constantly improve their lives it helps you to start believing in yourself too. Hepls you to gain faith in what you can do if you clench your teeth and keep moving forward. Anything is possible as long as you believe and work hard.

nice post @damarth. we should make our voice known!!! there shouldnt be war! we have thousands of people in the world who are already dying of hunger .we should help our selves not to fight our selves!! money used for sharpening war should be given to the less fortunate. war thus man no good rather destroys things. lets embrace unity and stay together as one!!!!


The rich have their basic needs fulfilled and hence a lot of surplus they have to invest and multiply. However the poor are still fighting to fulfill their basic needs and since the basic needs are expanding day by day they are busy in satisfying the same. There is old proverb in india which says money will go only where money is.

Speculations suggests that the gap between the rich and the poor will get even wider. There will be no middle class.

GREED. This is a deep-rooted characteristic which can seldom be placed under control. If a man owns a mountain of gold, he will look forward to own another mountain. Therefore, as the rich adds & accumulates then the less well-off will suffer from reductions & subtractions. The world is in bad need for a fair system of wealth distribution.

However, we must understand that being wealthy is a mindset. Wealth distribution is not enough. Renewal of mindset Is key. That for me accounts majorly for the gap.

We all know this world is outragously unfair depending on where you are born.

where we are born is one of the factor that may determine the state of poverty or riches, this implies that most people living in a rural area or less economic countries are not aware of the opportunity around the globe, because the environment they find them self, i will suggest that there should be channel of awareness and entrepreneurship programs in such areas in order to give them eye opener to certain opportunities within and outside the environment. (let take steemit for example, steemit have really done alot to people around the globe, but still must people are not aware of it so they were not able to grab such opportunity)

Help the poor giving money to charity fund is great but is it a long term viable solution?

that's great, but it not seem not reliable. There a quote that says "stop giving me fish but rather teach me how to fish" is high time the rich understand that is not all about giving out funds to the less privilege, but they should look for a most relevant way to impact knowledge and more better means of creating relevant awareness that can lead to breakthrough. This is from my own perspective @damarth

Its a pity we live in a world where people no longer care about the welfare of others but only themselfs. Someone will just acquire more wealth upon wealth and store it for his or her generations yet unborn without contributing to the society. People die of starvation, some lack basic amenities and yet the so called goverments do nothing about it. Let us learn to asist people in any way we can instead of been selfish and stingy. Let the rich help the poor and contribute more to the developement of the society. Once again thank God for steemit. This platform is the best blockchain platform ever has it has changed so many lives. I pray we all acheive a lot here. Help the poor and God will BLESS you.

I totaly agree with your opinion.. But to be honest the role of the government in this hardship can't be over emphasised.. The corruption is gradually eaten the government up... They are no longer servants to the people but monsters.. We can only start by loving ourselves.. Love is the key.. But seems impossible in this generation.. It's quite a pity

I agree with you. But this problem has being going on for a long time, people have risen up against the system, people have died protesting against oppression. But history just keeps repeating itself. The rich stay rich and the poor get poorer. I feel it's all due to human nature.. Humans tend to be materialistic, to want power and then they end up greedy and start stealing and abusing power. For example Nigerian politicians, they might start with good intentions but get corrupted along the way when they get a taste of power. To keep that power, they amass wealth and make sure the poor get poorer cause they will be easier to control. Then the poor also struggle to survive by cheating each other and we have a very vicious cycle. I truly hope for a future where there is no poverty but I fear such future might never come. I'm not being pessimistic, I'm just facing reality.
I agree that the system need to change. Instead of just feeding and taking care of the less fortunate, they should be educated and given opportunities to work and be integrated into society so they can give back also when they make it. You might give a better a large sum of money today, the next day he is still there begging. I would rather give him something to help him learn and better his life.
Steemit has really helped me, I get earnings from the posts I write and I've met like minded individuals on here. It has helped boost my confidence and made my writing skills better.

Really, there should not be any cash spent on weapons and military . We shld be more creative in our own ways. And all that cash could really be utilized to change the life nature of numerous nations. If only we are united, all the issues we are experiencing wont be there. Change starts from US. Thank you @damarth for this. You are a great man. Keep shinning bright

thats great today topic is really more attracitve and the world big matter i read many coments here and good to know thought from every one
in my opinion, public welfare does no longer end poverty, it basically relieves some of the horrible consequences of poverty. The fine course out of poverty is employment (welfare has a cap on benefits, employment does not) so applications such as unemployment insurance, free bulletin boards for employers to publish jobs (and those searching for to post resumes,
instance at < > ), public schools, Pell education gives you & the Work-Study application are all examples of the governments efforts to stop poverty via employment.

@damarth, I am very glad you came up with this subjext matter. I have finally seen one person that feels the pain I feel too. I know what it means to work hard and not get the yielded result. You see the world system makes it so tight that 90% of the wealth goes to 10% of the populations and the reverse to the other.

Should you visit my blog right now you will get to find out that I am writing on a series Cashflow Quadrant this is to enable steemians see what we can achieve via steemit because it has a fair leverage that can help you achieve your dreams.

Until I read Robert Kiyosaki's book titled "Rich Dad Conspiracy of the Rich" my eyes was open to some agenda cook up to keep the masses under.

I have vowed to go for knowledge and that will set me free and everyone around me. You are flowing at the same frequency by making this known to steemians. I AM FOLLOWING YOU RIGHT AWAY.

Salutations my friend.. Your are a great steemian.

I am me @brightfame

well good to talk on poverty issues in world @damarth i think the mostly we see poverty in africa and asia and i think it will be finish if we work with correct attitude to follow some good and with honestly for all of them bcz each character on this planet deserves a risk to attain their full human potential. Today, i am falling short.
The most basic constructing block of infant development. Lacking food and nutrition, presently extra than one-in-three severely negative adolescents will be completely stunted bodily or mentally, and lack of nutrition performs a function in half of infant deaths.
Every person deserves get right of entry to to a minimal degree of health. Yet amongst severely negative children, one-in-ten die earlier than they attain age five. In the large majority of cases, these deaths may want to have been easily prevented. And for every death, there are dozens of instances of debilitating disease.
Imagine how many Einsteins and Darwins have failed to mature due to the fact of poverty. In the lowest-income areas of the world, much less than one-quarter of teens entire high school, for lack of college fees. Less than five percentage get entry to any structure of higher education.
More than one century after the invention of electricity, nearly one in four human beings end their day when the sun goes down. And the majority of global deforestation is a direct outcome of demand for timber used for cooking and heating – more than ninety percent in Africa.

The world's financial and economic scales are highly biased and rigged as they tilt more significantly to the part of the so-called rich individuals of the society, and this makes me seriously sick. Living in one of the most corrupt countries in the world has given me this experience and knowledge, which is why hundreds to thousands of persons who seek financial freedom from my country's corrupt political rulers and system try to migrate to Europe on foot through the Sahara, and die in their majority while trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe in search of this so-called freedom.

I just sincerely wish the world was more fair to the poor ones..thus giving them hope that tomorrow would be better, but alas the rich and powerful keep accumulating more and more wealth to the detriment of others, More wealth than a single individual could possibly expend in 10 lifetimes.

I just wish things where different and also wish this comment could even make the tiniest difference. Well, never say never right? A platform like steemit does indeed offer true financial freedom thus taking the molopolistic power from the so-called political and world rulers and putting it in our hands, and it is now left for us to do the needful with it. I just can't wait to see what the future has in store for us though.

This is why the world needs STEEM/SBD and Blockchain in general....we must re-alocate the wealth in more equitable ways. Fiat money isn't managing to do this....but Blockchain can, will, and does.

The rich are getting rich, the poor are getting poorer, I am a newbie no doubt, saw this on my feed, but am not here for me.
I am here for a friend who has been doing so much community service.
Just today when we chatted, he said he went out as early as 7am for clean up a university class room as the non-teaching staffs have been on strike for up to 1month now, hence the dirty environment, he did this with the help of some friends as he explained.
Same today, he did a meet up to show newbies on the basis of Steemit, and still today he went out for world leprosy day awareness walk.

I don't know what kind super power he has, when we discussed he said he wants to channel some money in contribution to the people affected with leprosy as donation,
I decided to give him some little money in terms of sbd
Yes the rich are getting richer, but then there are some folks who are out there to impact their environ.

Pls, forgive me asking, pls check his blog @magdnrobinson.
God bless you.
Being science inclined, there are some inventions that needs modification.

My own contribution is bringing the young man out.
Thanks in advance.

I love your charity work.
We need more people like this.
And this platform has given people all the help they can.

I told a lady who sells oranges in the street of Lagos Nigeria to write tell me a story, which she did and I promised her that I will edit any story or write up she tell me, post it on Steemit and give her 60% of the rewards to promote her business since she can't read.

Pls don't forget dear
Visit @magdnrobinson.

In my own perspective, to help the poor is to invest in them and not only solve a one time problem.i.e short term solution.
I'm not rich neither am I poor but also struggling. Early this year I started writing on steemit and I got my first cash to pay my debt that gave me sleepless night. Thanks to steemit.

It hurts me when I see rich people or the so called politicians that cannot help a fellow humn being in need. Yet they spend money on unnecessary items or things, I mean squander money anyhow.
***It is good to invest in not only your children but other's. Who knows whether you or your children would be rewarded of it. ***

I truly agree @damarth. Crypto has obviously changed lives and I am a living testimony. Without this crypto, majority would still be roaming in poverty, engaging themselves in menial jobs and even criminal activities just to get food on their tables. Thanks to this platform, one can share his/her ideas and talents and get rightfully rewarded for it. And most importantly, the ones who have become successful should lend a helping hand to the poor ones, introducing someone to Steemit to display his talents is still a form of help, and also mainly, giving out donations to the poor. Thanks for sharing this post to let us sit our views.

Woow...this is really a touching experience and personally for me who steemit gives joy daily, i can only say congratulations @fukumineko for embracing steemit.

Believe me, life is too short to spend most of your time in it unhappy. I am very happy that steemit is making the change that your life deserves.

Steemit is the only platform that can end umemployment, poverty and inequality especially in third world countries and my gratitude is that millions of people are finding steemit and having transformed lives.

Thanks @damarth for giving us this community where we daily learn from each other. You have given us voices that is affecting our world.

Much Love
I am
and i SteemIT for a living.

Thank you very much for this privilege


I am so blessed to met steemit. I am so happy to have a value here. Also having people like @damarth who believes that steemit can break the inequality of financial position of people specailly in thrid world countries. Also glad to meet you here. Following you now.

Well said @damarth, we are in a rat race where the rich only gives to the rich, while the poor grow poorer day by day, let me share a bit of my experience to us, am from Nigeria, a country where without connections or good network you can whine and dine with Rich, I stepped into one Commisioners office in Nigeria to raise fund for my event, she's promised to help me, but quiet disappointed because I had no connection to her I was turned down..

For how long are we going to be in this walk of shame, many people are dying in poverty and the rich aren't giving alm rather they look for how to get the little you have just to enrich themselves. May God help us

Life itself is not fair.... I once asked myself this question.. If we had the opportunity to choose which country and family to be born into, would we choose the one we are in now? No... we would all choose the best because no one wants to face hardship.
If the 1% of rich hold the wealth of the world, the poor are in the best situation to make changes to this when they also become rich because they've faced the furnace and weren't burnt.

The world we find ourselves is so depressing most of the time. There are many out there that feel just the way Fukumineko did. I happen to be one of them. As a student in a third world country things get really bad. It seems as if the teachers are not being paid. They want to sell everything to you to make money. The funny thing is, if you do not read on your own going to school is a waste of time hear. When you enter the exam hall, we are asked to answer questions that weren't taught. What the teachers care about is word for word answers from their materials. They do not care if they are passing any knowledge at all.

I believe Crypto studies should be included in the scheme of works of many students. Learning about outdated technologies gets really boring. I talk to friends reading banking/finance and they know nothing about Cryptos, some haven't even hear of bitcoin. The educational system needs to improve in third world countries.

Cryptocurrency has really changed my life most especially steemit. I remember early last year when I lost all my hard earned money to ponzi, I thought life had finished but thank God for steemit. I joined in June last year, started blogging in July and my life has changed for good. I've regained my lost hope and I'm happy with life now

Life is hard! My dad usually says that we are in a problem solving world and we shall continue to solve problems till we die. There is poverty, diseases and war all over the world. But we have to stick by Micheal Jackson's lyrics which says 'heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me'

We have to be kind to one another and help each other out.
Steemit is a community and I am happy I met with a couple of Steemians today. We are going to be holding a seminar on the 10th of February in Abuja, Nigeria, to empower people by giving them information about steemit so that they can alleviate themselves from poverty.

Please if you want to be a part of this, send me a message. Together we can help to bring ourselves up.


Thanks for sharing this sir

Am just 17 a drop out student.. When my parent couldn't afford to my school fees anymore in the process of this suffering I lost my beloved one I do cry of, I engaged myself in washing dishes for people and watching their cloth some times I might get bitten I would cry out for help but no one the surface of earth showed me lot of suffering in this process I got sick and nothing else to do so I started begging to GEt money for drugs there. A man walked up to me saying am I a little bit learned I told him yes then he took me to his shop and treated me well for that day and he introduced me to steemit where I do get little help for school and am still trying cause it's not enough but I appreciate the vote people do give.... Here am on steemit trying my best but I pray to get there

I agree with you.
It's 9:00pm and I just left the street with some medical students after a street walk and awareness talk about leprosy.
I did a post on it yesterday and would do another today.
This is to celebrate the world leprosy day tomorrow.

I spoke with the chief coordinator what our challenges are, he, a final year medical student said " we are not sponsored by any organization, so we told the patient affected with leprosy that we will return in a week time. "
After the movement I decided to give out some sbd.

Posts coming up soon.

  ·  3년 전

I remembered when I used to be always cash trapped. it seemed to me that nobody wanted to know me or hear my story. Thanks to @jaff8 instead of giving me fish to eat, he taught me how to fish.
I think that is the only way to bring about the economic balance we seek for. Enough of charity works because that's only a temporary solution. The only way is to teach that less privileged person around you how to fish rather than giving him or her fish to eat, knowing fully well that they will get hungry again. Let us look at it from this perspective; when you want to wash your hands, you use your left to wash the right, and the right to wash the left. What happens, both hands are clean. Now imagine if both hands had refused to help each other, both of them won't have been clean enough to make good use of them. Teaching someone how to be independent to me is like the best insurance one can have, because if everyone around you is doing well, there won't be need for scamming here and there.
The worse part of all this is like the government are in support of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Take a look at how some of the policies they made affected the crypto market that was gradually uplifting the less privileged and now they want to crumble it. I just wish it is possible to wake up and see that things have changed, but it all begins with you and I. Little drops of water little grains of sand they say makes a mighty ocean and a pleasant land. Nothing is too big, nothing is too small. Let's all try to be the change we talk about.

Many thanks for your posts. It reminds me of one of the things I learnt from a book edited by Tom G Palmer. There, I learnt that prosperity isn't zero sum. Lemme explain

Zero sum means that for every gain, someone must suffer a loss. Meaning for one to get more wealth, someone has to get poorer. However, that isn't true.

Happiness and prosperity are positive sum. We can become more happy and prosperous without having to deprive others.

Once we understand that, we'll find it easier to share of our prosperity.

hey @damarth i love your thoughts to choose this topic and to give chance to every one here to share them thoughts to finish the poveryt from world here are some possible solutions to end poveryt from wrold
first thing and plan is the education which is the more and basic factor of poverty ,, affords kids with the know-how and lifestyles competencies they want to realize their full potential, and is integral to growing trade in a child’s life. Plan International helps via coaching teachers, constructing new schools and breaking down boundaries that forestall many young people – and female in specific – from attending school.
international helps communities construct fitness clinics, teach health care workers and invest in gear and medicine, so youngsters can grow up wholesome and strong.
international helps communities build faculty latrines, neighborhood water factors and helps to set up organizations to make certain the continued management and renovation of water points.
international works to overcome poverty by helping communities round the world gain the economic safety they want to thrive. Plan International is training humans dwelling in poverty to collect the competencies and information they need to secure a livelihood, and help their families.
international helps children learn their rights and take lively roles inside their community. Child participation helps teenagers have interaction in citizenship, specific their views and make choices that will structure their future and impact the people round them.

I really agree with you on this @darmath. It is just appalling to see the way the poor are getting poorer and the rich, richer.
But in my country where the poverty rate is extremely high and people in power seem to be more concerned with looting rather than tackling the issue of improving the life of the masses.
I completely agree with you on this. But implementation of this ideology would have to be done by the few in the society who have been enlightene by educating them masses in every and any way possible. Including enlighteninig the young ones with the right mentality of giving, teaching them to share rather than to keep acquiring and amassing it.
I believe we all have our role to play and if we do it well we can slowly but surely reduce the poverty rate

So long as the machine stays as it's miles, nothing will trade...
we're alleged to have democracy in the general public of the "civilized" international locations, but what we've is a shape of dictatorship: big corporations - generally within the banking and pharmaceutical industries - are controlling the politicians and therefore the governments... they've the control over the media, "informing" the masses most effective on what they want...
all of the records you shared are surprising, however even extra shocking is the fact that, even though it's so simple to solve the most important issues in the world, nobody - of folks that are accountable - does some thing!

How can some thing be modified whilst those accountable to bring the change are those who have created it and are keeping it...?

the most important hope of humanity is some humans and corporations that clearly care approximately humanity, they assist and they fight for alternate...
the global enlargement of the net is giving a big strength to us. It gives the opportunity to anybody to have get entry to to records that aren't controlled and/or censored by way of the manipullative massive media...
An opportunity for anyone to have get admission to to training which they could not have in any other case...
to speak up and speak with well suited humans and realise that there are lots of us who suppose in another way and who truly care about humanity...

I agree with the decentralised blockhain surroundings advances this opportunity to a whole one-of-a-kind degree... Steemit is a exceptional example of that.
no longer simplest it helps human beings like fukumineko to enhance their life-style however it also offers the threat to humans such as you (and others in right here) to assist each practically by means of profitable and additionally by using sharing the messages of compassion, empathy and support, for creating a distinctive and better global!
Congrats on what you're doing!

Change should start from our ownselves first. And then stand for what is right. Each of us can help our country in our own way. But before you act pray to the the One who has control of all things and that is our Lord God. Because we know we cannot do it in ourselves without His guidance, indeed!

I just wanted to say on behalf of steemit community thank you!! and you are doing such an amazing thing by supporting people and giving them hope! I think if there were more people with this mindset of helping everyone when you are rich, we wouldn't have such a divide in the world, but even doing a little but is still better than doing nothing! Well done and thank you for everything! Alla :)

You really are a genius at seeing sensing and analysing the true factor which is most times seen but ignored by the so called leaders and great men of this generation. As the rich can and will do anything to stay rich only seeing themselves in the world and directly or indirectly oppressing the poor and keeping them that way. In so many countries the wealth of one billionaire is enough to feed the whole country for a year, like u earlier said this shouldn't be as too much poor people surfer of hunger everyday when the people who can actually help are in the country.
Most times the billionaires act like they care and are trying to help by feeding and providing little things for their use. But this is also seen by me as one side, as most of them do this to increase their fame and popularity and make good names for themselves.
I really wish i could do something about the economy of mostly my country and help people but now i am just like a needle in a hay stack lost too in this dilemma but i know i will one day strive to help the situation of my country and the world. And your writeup is most likely a booster to this cause

This is so real to me. You took time to say it the way it is, @damarth . Personally, I found steemit at just the right time. My company was not paying since June 2017 and I joined steemit by July. From steemit I could pay my rent and wipe away the embarrasment, because here in Nigeria nobody care to know whether you eat or not. I'm so happy for the decentralized approach steemit employ to change lives. @greatness96.

Wow...I didn't know @damarth is this deep and has a golden hard. God bless you, my friend.

The gap and differences in the standard of living is so alarming.
You said

80% of hymanity lives on less than 10$ a day

But anyone living $10 will be regarded as comfortable.

I was listening to a program online and the anchor was describing his worst case scenerio of poverty as people living below $5 and only enjoy 10 hours of light everyday... Worst right? But that worst case scenario is more like good case scenario in some parts of the world.

Yet we see leaders spending money that can probably kill poverty in many countries on weapons and huge budget been on entertainment.

The world leaders didn't seem get their priorities right or they just don't give a fuck about people suffering.

We will eternally be grateful for internet and Steemit for easing the suffering and pain of a lot of people. And this is just the beginning.

I totally agree with you damarth. We can simply end poverty for good if we work together and carry out some of the key points you talked about.
Every day the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That is why I keep thanking God for steemit and crypto currency. With them we can change the world

Crypto demonstrate a new viable economic model, how we can actively change lifes simply sharing rewards

I keep preaching about steemit here in my community. I tell them that there is a platform that will reward them for their talents and skills. This is why I and my friends have created a group here where we educate people about steemit and how to find out the best places for them here on this fast growing community. My friend @jaff8 just created a steemit account @bund for the group. With support from big people here on steemit, we would be able to use this account to support quality skills and talents from our community here in Benin, Nigeria.
Now the youths from my community can at least have some freedom financially by getting rewarded for their works.

Thank you @damarth for always giving us the opportunity to voice out our thoughts. I only pray that you grow bigger here. Thanks once again.


I completely agree with you my dear brother @damarth, there really is a real imbalance in the distribution of money and increasingly the gap between the rich and the poor grows and this is due to the current economic system and this system is protected by those who they benefit from it and have a favorable position.
Many people have changed their lives on this platform (STEEMIT) and from there they have been able to participate in other activities, which has allowed them to have a greater integral growth of their personality.

How can we contribute to those people who lack what is necessary to live?

Giving them a certain amount relieves them, but it does not solve the problem. To the extent of our possibilities, we should spread the benefits of this platform among people in need and how they would transform their lives favorably.
Hence, it is said and with reason: Do not give the fish, teach it to fish!

I always follow the post comments @ amarth and he is the one who always gives motivation to all steemit users in the world,

and I agree with @damarth that there is a steemit all the loads of life can be overcome and will be able to get all that can be in want, and while we are still able to help the poor and make people around us to be happy and better, thanks to steemit and hopefully steemit forward and will be known to all corners of the world

I also feel the same about crypto, crypto can change my economy and my friends, and people around me

I always invite people to join in steemit, even another crypto, another platform, so they feel the happiness of joining in steemit. and to change their economies better

Thank you mr....


Yes @agrojaya, we are very Thankful to @damarth for knowing our thought
According to me
The vast majority of ordinary folk in the west would be willing to "change the rules" & have the worlds wealth shared out equally. It's the elite ruling classes in those wealthy nations that won't change them. Partly because they (our govts) are bought by the huge corporations by donations (i.e. bribes) not to change the rules.
economic policy is governed by corporate lawyers who became politicians. they will sway the markets to favor certain industries. militarism is the greatest welfare program for the top 10%. anytime 'they' can steal 1/3 of everyone's wealth for their own projects there's gonna be an imbalance of capital. decentralizing power, finance & policy is the way to break the stranglehold.

The problem is people on food stamp dont want to work to get out of poverty. The rich will continue getting richer if those people keep staying lazy.

There is no reason to let people accumulate money over a billion $ as it only provide power and doesn't change their quality of life.

I totally agree with you on this @damarth
The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, something has to be done, we need to start from somewhere, I'm so glad I joined steemit community, I'm still a minnow but I've been greatly affected positively since I came here. I really hope things can change for the better.

Global inequality isn't something that started today. It's always been there from the early A.D.s even late BCs, and it will still be there till a major turnaround happens.

It's something that just happens naturally. A really massive revolution is the only thing that can turn things around and make changes. Maybe Cryptos will.

  ·  3년 전

Lets look at this matter deligently and try to find a solution because the system is really eating up on the poor masses.
The situation of things only get worse by the day and if nothing is done it might get to a point where the poor g into extinction.
Please lets stop this marginilization and help ourselves. image

It really a cruel world, i once came across a lad that was hawking on the street when his mates were in school, i could not help but wondered what this poor boy did wrong.
I really want to plead with our wealthy citizens to please help take our young ones off the street in order to help them secure their future.

I really hope that the rich people in this world will help the world economy by helping the poor and the school because there are still many children who drop out of school and also we need to help the righteous need our help, while we can help never stop helping people who needs our help. every good deed we will definitely get a good reply too.

This world is a really unbalanced world or rather, unfair. Like you said

The rich keep getting richer at the expense of the poorest

Sadly, only a few of the rich want to make the world a better place. Just recently a popular musician flaunted his 400M naira wristwatch. That's over 1m USD. Technically, the item is bad investment. Again, it will undoubtedly go along way in improving many lives. Unfortunately, all what these people care about are themselves. In conclusion I would say;
The world is unfairly unbalanced


We can still make it better.

Remember us for society in our life..
I am glad your opinion, so. We are must be keep our optimistic in our life, because we don't now what will be in the next life fiture...

Thank very much for your sharing about your opinion...
Success is always for you @damarth...

Steemit is decentralizing wealth and redistributing it to the poor.
Steemit rewards creativity and passion.

All my dreams are finally within reach and i am living the life my soul yearns for.
Started my poutlry with my first big payout

My dream of being The biggest egg distributor is finally within reach. My journey to success began with a single decision to join steemit in November 2017 after @jaff8 introduced me to the blockchain, he told me steemit would give me financial freedom and his words were true. Instead of giving me fish, he thought me how to fish.

I had a fairly decent job which i was passionate about but steemit paved way to better opportunities.

All post payouts are dedicated to managing and expanding the poultry farm since the farm requires a minimum of 18sbd weekly for bird feed and poultry maintenance.

Striving everyday to bring more people to the blockchain and offer the same financial freedom which i have obtained.

My Thought-Show Them How To Fish, Offer Financial Freedom To Those Who Wish To Take Control Of Their Lives.

Thanks @damarth for all the amazing opportunities to share out thoughts.

With the technological advancement of many people who can live with prosperity, maybe it's time for us to rise to success. we keep trying to pursue a dream that has long been buried. all we have ideals. hopefully can be achieved one day.


I agree technological advancement has given us a lift. I see many many people even in my community making the best out of their with a small smart phone, internet and an idea - Steemit.

The world leaders should be really ashamed with the revolution cryptocurrency and steemit are causing.

We can Now live with hope and our heads up high because with Steemit we all matter, no matter which part of the world we are from

Heaven bless @ned, the witnesses and people like @damarth, @surpassinggoogle, every good hearted whales and steemians that keep watering the idea

Long live Steemit!!!

Indeed Steemit is revolutionizing the world already, many lives are currently being impacted positively through the the milk of human kindness which are shown here in steemit. The current government controlled economy is loop sided in term of equal distribution of wealth but steemit is here with a more realistic goals than the is contributing to world peace.

Sir Damarth am so glad you talked about this
People like you should join people like Sirknight in the crusade from freedom
Its total freedom.from poverty and oppression
I.have been personally able to achieve a lot since joining steemit and thwre are more things to achieve through the help of only one generous knight @SirKnight
See my post on my achievements
Thanks for all your good works

I agree with you, today rich rich continue the poor is getting squeezed .. there must be a breakthrough to increase social inequality of society

that is the name of nature, nature from the first changed change. so also with technological developments are always there changes.
thank you @damarth

really what you say @damarth, to change the lives of the underprivileged people we have to share .. share it brings beauty

It is about making you think from a different perspective..
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing

your thinking so high sir
i really like your thinking
I'm always trust steemit is very good social media platform..

Steemit ditujukan untukku media sosial dan media kripto tapi sekarang ikan mungil dan lumba-lumba tidak yakin lagi. Ini adalah langkah raksasa untuk menghapus kekuasaan dari pemerintah melalui teknologi blockchain tapi kita juga perlu mengeluarkan kekuasaan dari orang kaya juga, seperti halnya setiap blockchain baru di blok yang mereka ganggu terlebih dahulu.

now many countries that have been banned money digital, what your feedback about this @damarth

It resembles I said in one of my most recent posts, I figured out how to influence a reciprocal wage to out of steemit, I even got the camera I needed to purchase for a considerable length of time yet never had the opportunity to. For a few people in creating nations 1 steem may even get them daily's if not seven days' lunch.

Riches and insatiability prompts debasement and I question whether we will figure out how to control amd set a point of confinement to amassed cash as you proposed. Be that as it may, here, in this stage we can have any kind of effect. We can stand up to. We can feel like our words and work have an importance.

I'm new members in steemit, please damath check my profile once please

Now I'm on a bus trip.But you are sure I will reading your post Mr @damarth

sir Such a wonderful and helpful work... Actually....I'm always respect to your works
have a nice day
I totally agree with you @damarth! @fukumineko is a classic example of the life changing socio-economic, financial and psychological impact that Steemit is having world wide especially in my country Nigeria. The youths are getting empowered, the stories of hopelessness are changing to joyous ones and its been amazing so far. The pervasive Steemit culture seems to be one of loving others and helping people become better versions of themselves. Steemit is gradually changing the world for the better!

This really struck me hard. Way past half of the world's money rests in the hands of the top 1%. I thought this was a thing happening only in my country but it seems corruption is way past's global.

It's already way past corruption only. It seems it's already the way the world is programmed. It'll take a really big revolution to change the way things are already if not an apocalypse. That is if the change is ever really going to come at all.

I have quit asking why the world is so unfair, why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The human nature basically is selfish, it always thinks of itself first. I think that no matter how much awareness we create, things would always remain this way.

I totally agree with you @damarth! @fukumineko is a classic example of the life changing socio-economic, financial and psychological impact that Steemit is having world wide especially in my country Nigeria. The youths are getting empowered, the stories of hopelessness are changing to joyous ones and its been amazing so far. The pervasive Steemit culture seems to be one of loving others and helping people become better versions of themselves. Steemit is gradually changing the world for the better!

In terms of finances we are in dire need, For those of us who already have money, do not ever melupakn people under us who are in dire need,
because we live in dire need of togetherness and mutual help from one to another.
keep on sharing and helping the needy.
thanks for you @ amarth who has encouraged us.

I am a college student. I'm studying electrical electronics engineering. My exam colleague suggested me steemit. At first I did not believe. Then I joined as if it was known. Now I'm using a steem. And I was really pleased. Now I think I will find work immediately after I finish my school. I'm scared. well i have listened to my friends. I joined Steemit. I think you have another name. I feel it. Steemit got this fear from me. Steemit is really a great platform. Thank you steemit. Thanks Steemit users. Thanks for your support @damarth

@ damarth sir i am a poor student plz give me same steem dollars plz plz plz sir


This is spammy, you do not need to do these on this platform to be successful. You have to workhard. Where as you might get flagged by this


Don't you think it would have been better and more decent to have pay attention to writing good post and giving good comment from your opinion on people post and therefore earn yourself good income on Steemit. You have been offered gold by been on this platform free of charge. Pleas don't waste the chance. Go out there refine the gold handed to you and earn yourself a decent token. Cheers Bro

  ·  3년 전

really noble your heart and I'm very happy to read your post really did not I get a noble senior like you, you are among the most popular in my life

thanks for sharing really noble your heart and I'm very happy to read your post really did not I get a noble senior like you, you are among the most popular in my life

Story very insprising, You are very good
Good post, i like it..
Let me resteem your post

life is always spinning, many things we face so we become human immune in all problems, life is like an explorer because in life we ​​get a lot of variety and thousands of new things, strange, and various. we just have to make a choice, that is, what kind of exploration we want.

I'm from Indonesia I think to reduce poverty in the environment we must have a little of our wealth to help people who need it, have a sense of humanity more guarded with people who have a position in this world.
greetings from me to master @damarth

Great word,good work,keep it up,

steem help me to create my own blog which name is!
first i am not sure about steem and now its help me more to create new idea and familiar with people and understand it! people say you can do anything i try my best i fail first time but i never give up but now i the founder of due to steemit!
demarth you are brilliant i agrre with you Richer could finally find enought heart to help the less fortunate person to have a decent life.

I think one of the real benefits of crypto is that it's a new market which allows access to all. Many of us are still on the same standing ground in terms of access - although this is starting to change. In any event, we need more folks to see this opportunity and try to seize the opportunity. If anything, at a highly simplistic level, they will hopefully walk away with some confidence and inspiration from the crypto success stories - which is the first step we all need to start turning things around.👌

Hey Damarth,

Although I respect your attempt at addressing the inequality that is present in the world, I don’t think that the statistics that you are providing as a means of solving this issue fully takes into account the social-economic situation we find ourselves in. I mean at the end of the day, there have always been poor people and there will continue to be, this is not to say that I am against this changing. I believe that a framework through which, for example, education can be provided is the best thing that we can hope for, however, we must acknowledge the fact that the world requires this delicate balance of those few with wealth and the many who don’t, this is the unfortunate truth we live by. Also, this misconception that wealth equates to happiness is dumbfounded, I mean having lived in Vancouver for the past 6 months, I have seen that the poor people I see in India are often happier and more satisfied with life.

I would love to further discuss this topic with you if you’d like. It is something I have great interest in.

thank you @damarth. You have fixed and helped steemian in this platform. this is a gift from me as a beginner.

before me on behalf of @abdullajafar as a newcomer in steemit say thousands of briliant to brother @ amarth who always pay attention to us his specially his newcomers today proudly i pronounce resin sisters who always pay attention to the poor, hopefully with brother @ amallarth can benefit for all people in the world and hopefully god will always protect brother @ amallah amin ya allah.

Think about steemit , The fundamental issue with our financial system is access. The rich have both the access and the resources to maximize the benefits our financial system provides. The poor? Not so much. This is inherently what education is supposed to fix - and it is still the best route out of poverty - but that's a less viable route for someone who's already graduated or in a job. But all deals with the way we handle things

I thank @damaryh so much for this

the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.
"drugs, crime, and other dangers to society"
synonyms: the community, the public, the general public, the people, the population; civilization, the world at large, humankind, mankind, humanity
"drugs, crime, and other dangers to society"

an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.
"the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds"
synonyms: association, club, group, band, circle, fellowship, body, guild, college, lodge, order, fraternity, confraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, sorority, league, federation, union, alliance, affiliation, institution, coterie; raresodality
"a local history society"

Steemit is the greatest community right now. i joined this month and my story has changed totally. Apart from being richer, i have overcome the fear of talking to people and i am well-informed. I started the Yes-Movement to encourage people worldwide to talk to at least one person about Steemit daily. We can all be a part and let us all grow together. Long Live Steemit!!! Long Live @damarth for his support.

This world really is unfair. Life generally is unfair. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.
@damarth I love the fact that you are moved by issues like this. Most people aren't. Thank you @damarth.

I think it is a great short term solution to help the poor to provide the minimum they absolutly need now but in a long term perspective we need to help the poor countries to get out of debt and construct a solid economy to provide job , education and hospitals
this is a great idea but I think it might not also solve the problem @damarth .

If you wan't to help a country in debt you also have to think about what got the country into that situation. For instance Nigeria the most populous black nation is in debt because of the corrupt leaders in power and how they have mismanaged funds by looting from the country into their private purse.

With the current state of Nigeria if a richer nation should help us get out of all our debts in a few years time we will run into debt again. I am using Nigeria as a point of reference because I am a Nigerian. Everyday we put on the TV and hear news of public office holders looting billions of dollars from the country while it's workers remain unpaid, educational sector shutdown and the Nation in economic crisis. Why on earth will just one individual steal billions of dollars meant to better the life of citizens?

If you want to help a suffering nation you have to make sure you oversee everything else all efforts will be a total waste