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We presented ourselves here on steemit in September 2016 for the first time. Since then not much has happened here, but we want to change this now: -)

What was OPMONis about?

  • OPMONis is an easy-to-use software that shuts down the systems after a long lasting power outage before the Universal Power Supply (UPS) has completely discharged.
  • OPMONis is independent of UPS manufacturers and can monitor the UPS via cable (USB or serial) or via network (SNMPv1).
  • OPMONis controls a large number of different systems (Windows, Linux, ESXi, HyperV, XenServer) and even supports free ESXi.


OPMONis v1.4.0

OPMONis has currently reached version v1.4.0. In addition to various bugfixes, the last releases significantly enhanced the functionality and the number of supported protocols and systems:

  • Support XenServer
  • Support Hyper-V
  • Support for SSH private key authentication, Configurable SSH TCP port
  • Support for network connected UPS (data polling by SNMPv1)
  • New commandline interface
  • Several UI improvements

What's planned

  • We will report more regularly here on Steemit and on other social media platforms about OPMONis.
  • In addition, we want to expand OPMONis with the new functionality of email notifications.

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When the power is gone, OPMONis is there

Simply test OPMONis 30 days for free. No registration required!
==> OPMONis Trial

OPMONi's installation

Further information on OPMONis can be found on the Homepage and the Forum.

Steem Dollars accepted

If you want to buy a license, you can pay it with Steem Dollars, too!!!

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