Celebrating Solar Lanterns donated by @solarcoach and @chrisaiki

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Solar Lamps for Ecodesigns from @solarcoach and @chrisaiki


Today, is an exceptionally great day for us at @thegreens and most especially at @ecodesigns.
A few months ago, @solarcoach donated us 60SBD for the purchase of Solar Lamps for EcoDesigns.
@ecodesigns is a textile recycling and fashion designing hub that is fighting youth unemployment and poverty among young girls by training them for free in textile recycling and fashion designing. The hub currently has 12 female trainees and 03 Training Directors: Learn more about @ecodesigns at: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ecodesigns/introducing-ecodesigns-a-textile-recycling-and-fashion-designing-hub-that-is-empowering-young-women
It brings joy to go green with solar. Fwl Renitta is a trainee of @ecodesigns
@ecodesigns trainees, Portia, Patience, Thelma and Renitta

For SBD 60, we were able to purchase 04 D.Light Solar Lanters, (Two S100 D.Light Solar Lanterns and two A2 D.Light Solar Lanterns) popularly known as “Awango”.
The 60 SBD (1SBD = 1.1USD at the time of the exchange) and this gave us 37690CFAF. The exchange charges and money transfer fees were then deducted and we received about 35,500CFAF.
For 35,500CFAF we bought;

02 D.Light Solar S100 at 13800frs x 2 = 27600CFAF
02 D.Light Solar A2 at 3500frs x 2 = 7000CFAF
Transportation and others at = 900CFAF

Total = 35500CFAF



The D.Light Solar S100 Lanterns can be used to charge Cell Phones and both of them have a 02 Years Warranty as justified by the receipts.

We really want to sincerely thank @solarcoach and @chrisaiki for this wonderful gesture and everyweek, we shall write a post about solar or renewable energy and how it is helping us at @ecodesigns.
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I am very happy to have collected SBD to help your enterprise. I would like to thank all the Steemians who have upvotes @solarcoach posts
I am seeing a great future for Steemit, @thegreens and @solarcoach


We are honored and we too see a great future for steemit.

@ecodesigns will sew thousands of Steemit T-shirts for Steemians ! Great !!


We shall work on your steemit T-Shirt from next week. We can't wait!