Solution to Challenges we all Face Everyday

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Solution to Challenges we all Face Everyday

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In our daily live we face several challenges and challenges differs from each other or one another cause what you see has challenges others may not see has their challenges or see it has stepping stone to greater height.

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No new challenge but this depends on you cause people see what their challenges has new one others or someone else has passed through such challenges you are just facing. Challenges come at a point of transition of a state. The higher you are the bigger the challenges.

In every challenges you face in life their always solutions to those but some challenges you need mentor to take you through but to see the mentor become another problem.

The question is where are mentors to my challenges?
This what is running through my head at some point I get that they are out there but nowadays that even mentors are facing their own challenges, mentors are very scare to see. That why we all have to face our challenges head on in other to breakthrough.

How do I breakthrough my challenges?
This is a vital question we all be facing everyday meanwhile some challenges are short run in which we solve immediately as we see them but those that are long run in which we can solve immediately need strategy to solve such challenges.

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How do I strategize to solve challenges?
First, I identify this challenge and acknowledge that is a challenge to solve, find alternative (Means) in which this challenge can be solved, the alternative maybe more than one or two try to pen them down. Analysis among the alternative which one is economise, best, and suitable to solve the challenge then put the best alternative into action. At the end you enjoy the break through your challenges.

✍️ Written by B.S.J
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