Gradido IS the SOLUTION

3년 전

„gradido“ also known as „The Natural Economy of Life“ is an acronym of gratitude, dignity and donation .
Gradido is the popular name for a very ambitious (german) project (comparable only to the Venus Project, Ubuntu or the Zeitgeist-Movement) and - like these ones - has the ambitious goal to make our world a HEALTHY WORLD, which is worth living in (and will remain so in the future!) and in which economy and ecology are no longer opposites, but can exist HARMONICALLY next to each other. That is why it is also named as "Natural Economy of Life" and to what it stands for.
So far as a short introduction.
I am sure, that each one us has one or more of these "panic supporters“ who will post or mail you all possible "bad" developments around the world. The question is then: HOW LONG will you endure this kind of News?
To be honest: how often are you confronted in the social media with the fact that "everything turns to bad" (keyword: automation) or nothing changes anyway (at the world, attitudes, politics etc.) and "your" vision is and remains a DREAM?
More importantly: Do these news make you FEEL HAPPY or are they DRAINING your CONFIDENCE, HOPE, VISIONS and GOALS in the end? So at least the subtle or implicit "messages" of most of these "panic posts" that "trickle" into your subconscious mind, reprogramming you again and again (and therefore your goals, visions etc.)!
HOW LONG do you WANT them to take your joy of life or visions for?
For my part, I have decided (last year) to do something about it and say NO (after watching matrix part one a thousand times :-)!
It IS time to STRENGTHEN them, to "NURTURE" them and not vice versa, until there is nothing left of it!
Are you looking for REAL SOLUTIONS or even more: do you want to contribute actively?
Because they are THERE! The SOLUTIONS and the POSSIBILITY!
Everything you need is already there and you just have to do the FAMOUS FIRST STEP on your NEW WAY OF LIFE (with gradido) and make it SIMPLY HAPPEN!
For this purpose, I will post you the SOLUTIONS on this channel in the coming days. So stick to it, because you will get the tools that support your MISSION (or VISION)!gradido_logo.png

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