Sonic Groove Live - Week 6 - Autumn wind - original melody - Peter Barski

2년 전


This is our entry to the contest - Sonic Groove Live - Week 6, @sonicgroovelive.

The autumn wind is changeable, it quickly subsides, and suddenly falls upon you with renewed vigor.

He picks up speed in an open field and bursts into the city. It carries with it rain, which quickly begins and quickly ends.

This wind smells like foliage of trees. Leaves swirl in the sky in the delightful dance of Autumn.

My son wanted to show such a picture with the help of music, in his original melody.

This is a young tune, for her a few days.

There is still work to do.

But, for the contest, we chose it.

Autor and performer by Peter @Barsky

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Dear Peter,
This is the most impressive performance I have seen in a very long time, like VERY long time. You are right up there with @pechichemena, who is the greatest guitar player I know. I hope you continue to play and play and play and play and share and share and share. I see HUGE, big big things in your future. SO bright. I am now your biggest fan, I will throw pillows at anyone who argues that fact.
Much love and THANK YOU for entering the contest! I know I am annoying at nagging people, but I just really really wanted you to enter so more people will find you!

BIG cheers!
♥ -Serena


Thank you so much @Paintingangels for your kind words! We are already thinking about the next competition, but we have a problem)), we have two guitar players in our family, until, we have decided which of them will participate in the next competition. Can duets participate?)) Should we focus on next Thursday?

I apologize for the sound quality, the microphone of the camera picks up all the sounds around, and our guitars, classic, cannot be connected to the pickup.


I have been summoned here by @paintingangels . Very good job dear @barski , nice use of harmonics and other percussive elements of the guitar . This reminds me a bit of the work of Tommy Emmanuel , anything by him is gold ;) .

I hope to hear more from you , keep practicing and practicing , that's the whole secret ! And of course duets can participate , looking forward to listening that next week ;) !

And btw , i'm not the greatest guitar player or anything .. I have just bribed Serena with enough cat pictures and chocolate... now you know how to bribe her too :P

Keep it up!



Thank you very much @pechichemena ! When my son was three years old, he picked up a toy guitar, a scratched guitar, and placed a glass of water next to him. Tommy Emanuel, if you look closely, his guitar is badly scratched from frequent playing, and, before speaking, he puts a glass of water next to him. After that, my son imagined that he plays the guitar. My son asked me that, when he grows up, I would buy him a scratched, real guitar, like Tommy Emanuel. I told him that when the time came, I would buy him any guitar, but he would have to scratch it himself.))


Of course! Your whole family can enter in the same video if you want! : ) It's the one account that wins any prizes, doesnt matter how many people are in the video. We've had entries already with even 3 people in them. The sound quality is perfectly perfect. : ) So please start thinking of next week! You can actually go ahead and record the video and just have it sitting till Thursday to upload. Then if something comes up along that way that would make you not be able to record it, it won't matter because it's already done : ) We suggest that to everyone because we want everyone to have a chance to enter even if available time is an issue. I have listened to Peter's song probably a dozen times in the past 2 days.


Fine! Now, it has become easier for me to make a decision)) Have a great weekend!


Yay!! You all as well!

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