Five Of The Trippiest House Tracks From 2019

2개월 전

I carefully picked five of the trippiest tunes from the deep house charts of 2019.

The tracks develop from the start with the tribal 'hexagonal earth theorists' and on to the surreal floyd-esque trance of 'Hypnosa de la Rosa', in the middle we find the latin vibes of 'Bloesem', like the eye of a cosmic storm.
We then go to the mescaline soaked desert of 'Isten' and finally to the epic afro trip that is 'Mawenzi'.

Please sit back and enjoy...

Gab Rhome — Hexagon Earth Theorists (Original Mix)

Roy Rosenfeld - Hypnosa De La Rosa (Original Mix)

Lost Desert & Simon Vuarambon - Bloesem (Bona Fide Remix)

Adisyn & Prime Edge – Isten (Desert Mix)

Elfenberg - Mawenzi

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