--- Sonic Groove Live Week 8 - Cope original - Coffee & Philosophy Theme ---


Hey guys here is my entry for this week, it is a legit Cope original entitled "Coffee & Philosophy Theme". This is more of a jingle than a song, but it still fits the catagory of entry :P

I cooked this up so @clayboyn could use it as maybe the show intro and outro, maybe run it as the add campaign with information on show date and time after the flick of the last chord (hence why long ring out).

I had other verses cooked up about psychology and baboonz but i was like"meh, it dont need to be that long... its a jingle". There was also a version of the song that had the "coffee and philosophy" pitch up, but that seemed a little 'loud' compared to everything else... besides i wanted to pay more homage to the deep bassy sounds of @clayboyn 's voice :)

Dont forget to check out the Coffee and Philosophy Show on PAL discord

Much love and copious hugs

C’N’P Theme song

Guitar is Tuned at ½ step down

C. O. Fee fee
Clayboyn and me
You Me and clayboyn
A E7
Coffee & Philosophy…
A7 E E7

look at all them 7's @isaria


E7 – o22130
A – 002220
B – 114441
A7 – 002023
E - 022100


  • Intro is holding the E7 chord with pinky bouncing off low E string at 3rd fret
  • Coming back from A chord to the E7 is a walk down on the low E string, frets 3,2,1,0 (done twice in final cut)
  • Final E7 is upward strum only hitting bottom 3-4 strings
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This is great will it be used for the show intro?

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TANKS !!!!

Will have to ask clay if/how he wants to use it and where, i just work here mang :P

Hello @mfxae86, sorry for the inconvenience but I have been following your work and wanted to congratulate you. I have decided to do a concert with my band highlighting the ability of music to unite a whole world. Regardless of the language or country. And I wanted to see if you wanted to collaborate, just by sending a small video inviting people to attend, we would give your name and invite our followers to see your work ... I hope you are interested, and respond to this message ...

there should probably be more songs about philosophy. Nice work :)

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