Cast of Sonic

2년 전

Sonic mood.
I'm making my own Kirby cartoon short series. I've also started to think about making one about Sonic, but that's a huge MAYBE for way down the line. It'd be very small and simple with the main cast consisting of pictured.

(Sometimes cringe like this gives me good ideas and shows me what NOT to do, so I'll give these people credit there) I feel that there should be some justice in Sonic fanseries. After all, J knows best~ ....most of the time at least!
So I'll keep this idea on the back burner for now. Maybe elaborate on the deets a later time. Right now, all my focus is set on my Kirby cartoon. I don't do too well with too many things to do at once. Especially if it's stuff that requires a lot of time and effort.

Sonic the hedgehog characters © Sega

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