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I made a 'classic' rendition of Princess Elise from Sonic 06. I know doing anything in regards to Sonic 06 is considered a sin, but I figured I'd try. For this rendition, I made her younger than she is in 06. About 7 years old. Instead of Solaris, Elise and her family have special fire powers. For example, she can make a makeshift fire shield. She is very happy go lucky, and kinda naive.

Now here is my attempt to fix/simplify the story. Keep in mind, this is still kinda a rough draft!

While sightseeing in Solianna, Sonic and Tails watch the Flame Festival. However, when Elise ignites the ritual torch, Dr. Robotnik attacks. Sonic and Tails jump into the scene, defeat some badniks, and escape with the princess. When they thought they'd gotten away, Robotnik sneeks up and snatches the princess. Sonic and Tails follow pursuit.

After speeding through Wave Ocean Zone, they run out of land to run on as Robotnik gets away over sea. They transition to Dusty Desert Zone by hitching onto an orca they previously freed.

After going through Dusty Desert Zone, they find the princess and Robotnik. Dr. Robotnik then hops into a giant mech resembling a Cerberus. One head with two floating heads. After defeating the mech, Sonic and Tails escape with Elise. In an extra act of Dusty Desert, they utilitize Elise's fire shield ability to maneuver through the quick sand.

Once the get back to Solianna City, Robotnik sneeks up on them and kidnaps Elise again! At this point Sonic is starting to get pretty annoyed with this constant game of fetch.

Sonic and Tails chase Robotnik through White Acropolis Zone all the way to Flame Core Zone. When they get to the center of the big volcano, they fight Robotnik who is in this mech which is sort of merged with the volcano. Once defeated, they all escape the volcano before it erupts. Robotnik still has Elise, though.

They find that Robotnik has escaped on the Robotnik Express in Radical Train Zone. When they catch up with the train and destroy it, it comes to a complete stop. Before Sonic and Tails can enter, the train transforms into this spider-like robot. Once defeated, Robotnik tries to escape, but Elise breaks free from his grasp and jumps off of his hover craft, landing on Sonic.

Sonic and co. escape into the Tropical Jungle Zone to try to lose Robotnik. When they get through the jungle, they return Elise to Solianna Castle.

Later, Robotnik attacks Solianna in a giant battle ship with an army of badniks terrorizing the civilians. Robotnik states he'll keep terrorizing the civilians unless Elise willingly surrenders to him, which she agrees. Sonic face palms, then he and Tails head out again.

After going through Kingdom Valley Zone, they find Robotnik's underground base, Aquatic Base Zone. After that, Sonic and Tails find Robotnik, who uses another mech which is fused with the base itself.

Bad ending:

Once defeated, the base explodes, and Sonic and Tails escape. But it ends with Robotnik with a captured Elise and the Chaos Emeralds.

Good ending:

Once defeated, the base explodes, and Sonic and co. escape with Elise. But Robotnik appears one more time, absorbs the fire energy out from Elise and she drops unconscious. Dr. Robotnik uses Elise's energy to power his most powerful mech yet, which resembles the final phase of Solaris. Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to turn super. After Super Sonic defeats Robotnik one last time, he returns the flames to Elise and she pulls through.

The story ends with the Flame Festival resuming, with Sonic and Tails joining aside Elise. The end.

I know I pretty much skinned down the story bare. But would you rather have a super simple, straight forward story? Or a super complicated, time travel oriented mess of a story? For Sonic nontheless. Just saying....

Sonic the Hedgehog characters © Sega

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She looks like a much better match to sonic than her original 06 version...

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I hope you don't mean that in a romantic sense!XD

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No, but even then, it would be romantically okay if she was like "I'll marry you when I grow up!"


Mmm, not really. Sonic is still a hedgehog and Elise is still human. That'd still be in sketchy territory, ya know?

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This is a hedgehog:

This is Sonic:

It is not our world, but one where Sonic is being called a hedgehog. If that isn't sketchy, then him and Elise together isn't sketchy either.