Sorry Again. Have You Seen This One?


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You know you've had a good week when you can't keep your eyes open at the end of it.

Though that does cut into your blogging time.

So, once again, I find myself making an apology post in lieu of a real one. So sorry. Should've done better. Please forgive me. I am the very picture of contrition. Yadda yadda yadda.

But, as part of my ongoing contract with the internet-going public, whenever I am unable to produce a real post on mondays, I must make up for it by alerting readers to something funny I found online.

This week, it's True Facts.

The first of these that I ever saw was "True Facts About the Cuttlefish".

It is a (somewhat) true documentary about "How cuttlefish do." Needless to say, but all my cuttlefish questions were answered by the above video. And it served as a kind of gateway drug for other videos, such as "True Facts About The Octopus".

Which in turn led to "True Facts: Ant Mutualism".

And "True Facts About The Frog".

Some of the videos are more palatable than others, but all are funny, especially if you're on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion after a long week.

So there you have it, folks. Sorry that you didn't get a full post this week, but now, I have to fall into bed.

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Wow that's great to hear that you like wild life, it's a hobby of mine as well! Animal Planet or NGC Wild!
Take a rest and I hope you can start everything with fresh mind tomorrow!


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I'm really enjoying to see this videos. Especially True Facts About The Frog's video. It has smart looks. Thanks @talanhorne.

The Octopus's movement under the sea amazing. Amazing video I see very recently.

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That's more valuable videos to researchers of Geographical information. Seemed fog video so funny. But real facts of them.

Funny and inspiring posts to reveal the facts. Take care of your health my friend. Hopefully having a beautiful and pleasant day.

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It's okay. We all have a life outside steemit and sometimes it gets in the way. Signs of a healthy life...glad your day was great

@talanhorne, Never get upset. You introducing most valuable and enjoyable naturalize videos. Someone never looked those fishes behavior. But finally I'm lucky to seeing them.

Interesting post bro have nice day.

@talanhorne - Sir I think you had a restless week... Therefore, rest today & you can active like before tomorrow onward... Have a nice day Sir... I like these videos... Specially ants...


great pieces of writing... really enjoy it. 😁

Hello @talanhorne,

Extraordinary good post & Youtube videos of nature & it's creations. Incredible article & thank you.


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Take a nap, it'll help you. Nice & funny article with videos.

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Some of the videos are more palatable than others, but all are funny, especially if you're on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion after a long week.

These videos makes happy & it helps to reduce tired of the week. Good article & sleep well.

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Good night & they are interesting videos. Thank you

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