What is life? If you let go of everything now, what is the experience of going to the temple for a year?

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in soul

Alibaba's executives, one of the founders of Taobao, put down tens of millions of values, gave up the secular world, let go of the people and things they like, choose short-term monks, and pilgrimage on foot.

One person, 81 days, more than 2,000 kilometers, without a penny, forgive food, hunger, sleep, pain, from Wutaishan to Emeishan crossing the road, from impetuous to quiet, from chaos to firmness...

He is a ghostly foot seven.

On December 30th, 2015, the ghost feet were sent to Weibo: “The snow falls on Wutai Mountain, and the Buddha sits and adds a new one. There is a cause of death, and there is no way to go.” It was officially announced at Wutaishan Lingjing Temple. Short-term monk, the law number is "empty."

As a former senior executive of Ali, a well-known writer, and a self-media person, he has a multi-identity. After the news of his monk's birth, everyone is mixed. Some people say that it is a show, some people say that it is forced to force, some people say that this is brave, some people say that this is to be yourself...

In the face of controversy, he himself is very calm: "I can't control other people's ideas, I want to be myself."

From “Wutai Mountain” to “Emei Mountain”, walking 2,000 kilometers. After meditation in Wutai Mountain for 7 days, he decided to set off. He took the food and walked to Mount Emei on foot. The whole journey was about 2,000 kilometers. When he left, he made a simple farewell ceremony, and Master told him: Go! Do not look back! He thought: There is still a lot to eat without it... Don’t go back, then let's go...

At first he thought it would be quite simple to find a place to eat. Just pull the following to go. But when he climbed to the top of the mountain, he found that there was no one at all. At minus ten degrees, whoever had nothing to do was running outside. Looking for a no one, looking for a family or no one... At that time, he thought to say: The Buddha can only give it to you, I can't help it... After that, I will continue to move forward, and then there is a car that really stops. Down, gave him a lot of food. He said: "So when you don't know what to do, you can give it to the Buddha."
Picture meaning:
Wutai to come to Mount Emei
All the way without money
Who is supporting the Dharma?
Stay overnight and settle down

If you don’t believe it, don’t worry
I can teach you new skills
Read the e-commerce network
Just asking for accommodation, no money

Another time was when I turned over the Qinling Mountains. One day he lived in a family. The man said to him: "You go from Mount Wutai to Mount Emei, you have to turn over the Qinling Mountains. It’s not easy. There are no people in the 800-mile Qinling Mountains. of!"

That night, he didn't sleep all night, thinking about eight hundred miles, and still cold, maybe there are beasts, what to do...

One day later, he figured out that the real practitioners did not have to deal with these things. For example, if you have fear, go to practice and see how this fear is generated.

Walking for 81 days, never forgetting the beginning

I walked through the mountains and rivers, crossed the Qinling Mountains, met the snow, and saw the flowers. On March 26th, 2016, it was just the 81st day of walking, he arrived at Mount Emei.

"Have you ever thought about what to do if you can't get to Emei Mountain in two months?" "I don't know. I don't know how long I can hold on. Maybe I will fall ill on the road after a few days, then I will go. Get sick, then raise it and then start walking there. If you can't finish it in two months, go for a while." 'What if you can't get there? ‘ “If you can’t get there, you can’t go. Don’t forget: It’s not the purpose of Emei Mountain. Walking itself is the purpose. People often forget their initial intentions in order to achieve their goals”, ‘? Then what is your initial heart, ‘cultivation’.


He admits that when he was young, what he did was very important. Does this matter have any benefit to "I", how much can I earn? So I often suffer from loss. I have been and have lost. Now, at the age of forty, he is constantly making subtractions for himself. There are fewer “purposes” and “results”, and more emphasis on “process” and “experience”. Because, your house, car, banknotes, work... these visible "results" are uncertain and ultimately not their own. What really belongs to you is your experience.


Life is like walking, every step is a way, but also arrived.

All the things we have experienced are counted. All the roads that have passed are the only way to go. The important thing is not to arrive, but to walk.

May everyone not forget their initial heart while walking.

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