Muse officially rebranded to SounDAC

2년 전


Greetings to all followers of our project!

This announcement concerns all token holders.


What was until very recently called the Muse blockchain has undergone a complete re-brand to SounDAC.

Here is the official website:

Here is the new wallet:

The entire system is still the same. This is merely a rebrand. It is the exact same blockchain, same chainID, same witnesses, same block numbers, same history. This is not a fork. This is not a token swap, and NO, there is no airdrop! :)
Your username is still the exact same and so is password. All that happened is that the URL of the web wallet has changed and so has the logo displayed on your screen. You still have the exact same number of tokens you had before only what was called MUSE is now displayed as XSD. Any artist that had MBD (MUSE Backed Dollars) now sees a balance of RYLT.

Tokens on Openledger

Tokens held on Openledger are presently called OPEN.MUSEOL
The BitShares DEX does not allow renaming of User Issued Assets and so Openledger has created a new asset called OPEN.XSD
Anyone that has OPEN.MUSEOL will get a 1:1 Swap to OPEN.XSD tomorrow

From Openledger directly:

On August 9, 2018, we will swap MUSEOL tokens to XSD tokens with a 1:1 exchange rate.
To ensure that your MUSEOL tokens participate in the swap process, please cancel all MUSEOL orders before the above-mentioned date.
Holders of MUSEOL tokens who won’t cancel their orders will also be able to exchange their MUSEOL assets into XSD after August 9, 2018 at the same rate. We will create an order to enable that.

Read the full post here:

Users can also simply withdraw OPEN.MUSEOL today to their SounDAC username and they will see the XSD appear in their wallet.

Now that we have rebranded, marketing can begin. More BIG news to come!


  • Name was Muse Blockchain is now SounDAC
  • Ticker was MUSE -> is now XSD
  • Ticker for MBD -> is now RYLT
  • Web wallet was -> is now
  • Not a new chain! Merely a rebrand. Same chainID
  • Login with same username and same password
  • The tokens you had tied to your username are still there. Just a different URL for the wallet.
  • Those that have OPEN.MUSEOL on Openledger will get a 1:1 swap with OPEN.XSD
  • OPEN.MUSEOL tokens locked up in sell orders won’t be able to be swaped automatically. You must cancel your orders (now) or do the manual swap at your convenience.
  • Anyone that wishes to withdraw their OPEN.MUSEOL from Openledger can do so today and the tokens will appear as XSD in their SounDAC wallet
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  ·  2년 전

Silly British band!

How do i do the manual swap @cob? I missed the date.


Those that have OPEN.MUSEOL on Openledger will get a 1:1 swap with OPEN.XSD ,also goto openledger


mine didn't get swapped @zongguan. still have MUSEOL in wallet, not XSD.


thanks @zongguan, much appreciated! it worked.

I was actually thinking about something like this today,although I didn't know it exists already. I was washing dishes and I thought, would it be cool to have something almost like twitch, but that uses the steem blockchain.

If open ledger did not post tweet about it,i would miss this.I followed muse on twitter,not a single tweet about swap?WTF! is going on?They don't want their holders to swap???

  ·  2년 전

There is no deadline or fire for any of this. Your tokens automatically swap unless you have some locked up in sell orders. In which case, you'll manually swap whenever you please.


I got burned few times with "coin swap scams",but still..not a single tweet from muse twitter?

It's nice to see that the project is developing, full ahead!

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XSD Witness Price Feed No announcements?

So, what is the process to withdraw XSD from and deposit it into an Openledger account?

Point if there is any more recent discussion where this should be asked.