Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 4 Stock Footage Clip Music Video by @soundlegion

3년 전

Thursday morning when I woke up of my bed, I checked my phone to open Steemit. My attention directly to the two official posts from @soundlegion: --- --- ---

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The thing that makes me exited is one of my songs titled "Memories" in the Steemit Artists Music Compilation can already be watched with a video clip, @soundlegion has packed every tracks with visuals using stock footage, in 30sec. of each tracks.
Well, you can check out 28 official music video clips here:

You can find my track "Memories" on the 27th

I should give credits to Bonnie @soundlegion she combines my song with video footage very well. We can see the music video clips perfectly match the lyrics content of the song. Although the duration of music video clips is short, but I think it already represent the contents of the whole songs.

This is a great pride for me to collaborate with musicians around the world who join in the Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 4. Huge thanks to Shavon Bonnie @soundlegion

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Thank you bro @ramolmusic 👍

nicee, keep it up bro, hope you success !! good job :)


Thanks for your support and your kindness my bro @kemal13 😎👍


You welcome, Bro. When again ? Hahaha


Coming soon bang. Hahaa

Good job @rial17 , congratulations rial 👍👍👍😂😎👍👍👍


Terimakasih bg @donirosayandi 😎👍