Steemit Artists Music Compilation - Volume 4 (Post Payout 1 - Spotlight Artist - Stock Footage Clip Music Video)

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Sound Legion is so excited to present the Steemit Artists Music Compilation 

Volume 4 Post 2

*Album Source Download

What is the Steemit Artists Music Compilation?

SAMC is a collection of original multi genre songs from top artists  involved in the Steemit music community.  The Compilation tracks are selected upon submission by @soundlegion  and packaged up in a full digital album collection with original Steemian created artwork.  The Volumes are hosted on and presented in post form here on steemit for fans and artists to download free in post links.     All SBD from each  official volume post goes to the Artists on the volume and 25 Steem each week for 4 weeks is given away to a spotlight artist from @soundlegion.    1 Official Volume post will be made every week for 4 weeks.  

Volume 4 Stock Footage Clip Music Video

*30 Sec. clips of each track with visuals using stock footage.   

🎻Volume 4 - Week 2 Spotlight Artist  🎸 

25  🤑  Steem Prize from @soundlegion

07 - Steemit Music Artists - @trevorpetrie The War of Ideas - The Bitter End

"@trevorpetrie brings to the steemit artists music compilation an incredibly moving track called The Bitter End.  The production of the track is fantastic, nice acoustic, love the drums and bass melody in there.  The vocal set it right over the edge in my chest, full of feeling for me, I am really moved by this song.  The build up in the chorus about rips your heart out with them emotive vocals.   I am gonna share Trevor's openmic entry where he performed this track for us below.   Be sure to check out his full production track #7 on the Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 4.  Download this track and follow @trevorpetrie here on steemit and support this fantastic artist who is giving us truly something special." 

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 4

*All Volume 4 Artists where asked to create a post with the title My Track in the Steemit Artists Music Compilation (Name of track).   I will be including links to these posts under the artists names.   If you did not create your post or do not see it under your name please include it in the comments below and I will add it.  DSound is also showing support to the Steemit Artists Music Compilation so if you upload your track to dsound as your Artist Compilation Post you will likely see some love from @dsound.     

Huge thanks to @dsound @pfunk @ausbitbank @msp-curation @isaria MSP Radio @topkpop @luzcypher and all the artists for supporting this projects with upvotes, radio play, postings and sharing!  This community rocks. 

DSound is a web application that allows  you to upload, listen and discover music. The data is stored on top of a  IPFS Network. It uses the Steem blockchain as a decentralised data  which allows authors to earn rewards in Steem Dollars. 

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 4

Track List

01 - Steemit Music Artists - @danieldyemusic - Daniel Dye - Hard Cider

02 - Steemit Music Artists - @leelektrik Lee Lektrik Southern Comfort

03 - Steemit Music Artists - @kjablonski Kate Jablonski - Tonight

04 - Steemit Music Artists - @branhmusic Brandon Hill - A note to self

05 - Steemit Music Artists - @kryptoe Deon Ashton - I'll Be Yours

06 - Steemit Music Artists - @jaybird Jay Sussman - What You Stole

07 - Steemit Music Artists - @trevorpetrie The War of Ideas - The Bitter End

08 - Steemit Music Artists - @stanhopeofficial Charles Thomas Stanhope - Out to Sea

09 - Steemit Music Artists - @webresultat Secret Springs - Three Three Three

10 - Steemit Music Artists - @hardikv -wordsofalif ALIF - Log Kya Kahenge

11 - Steemit Music Artists - @davidfar Davood Faramarzi Free Earth

12 - Steemit Music Artists - @edenmichelle Eden Michelle - Deep Into The Dark

13 - Steemit Music Artists - @atomcollector @grandspace  Juxta & Grand Space - Rise Up

14 - Steemit Music Artists - @rockchickjen Sacrifice - My Wings

15 - Steemit Music Artists - @derosnec DEROSNEC - Criminal

16 - Steemit Music Artists - @tarotbyfergus Fergus Plinko - The Devil Woke

17 - Steemit Music Artists - @wilins Wilins Mendez - Gira la tierra

18 - Steemit Music Artists - @ilazramusic Ilazra - Mi Juego

19 - Steemit Music Artists - @nsosin  - All my friends are stars -  The Weed Debate

20 - Steemit Music Artists - @alao Arelowo Alao - The Way it Goes

21 - Steemit Music Artists - @drocobama Droco - Propaganda

22 - Steemit Music Artists - @adamzi A.D.A.M - Memory

23 - Steemit Music Artists - @ethanoladdiktz - Dead Bones Crook - Dying Light

24 - Steemit Music Artists - @qrittix Bonnie & Clyde Legion (Qrittix) - Dont Fear the Wicked

25 - Steemit Music Artists - @harrisonmir Elpi5 - When I Say feat. jon Caturia

26 - Steemit Music Artists - @sebastianhughes Sebastian Hughes - Never Let You Go

27 - Steemit Music Artists - @rial17 - Rial - Memories

28 - Steemit Music Artists - @digitalopus Rodnell Matos - Circunstancias

Download Volume 4 Free

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Post 1 Payout!  

All SBD goes to the Artists on the Current Volume Compilation. 

39.75 SBD / 28 Track Volume 4 Tracks = 1.41 SBD Each.   Sound Legion round up 1.5 Steem will be sent to each Track Artist on the Compilation for post 1.   25 Steem will also be awarded to the Spotlight artists for week 2.  Payouts will go through shortly after this post.   

Check out clip videos from previous volumes and discover more talented music artists on Steemit.  

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 3

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 2

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 1

@soundlegion is also an official judge for Steemit OpenMic! Thee hottest music gig on steemit engaging thousands of Steemians weekly with incredible musical talent.  Join us for Week 75 and get involved.

Volume 4 Cover Art Winner @hardikv

*Album Source Download - In case site download is not working

Thank you guys for all the great music.  

@soundlegion~Shavon Bonnie Legion 

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100% of the payouts for official volume posts goes back into the music community! Supporting numerous talented artists on the steemit platform and applications like DSound and Dtube and overall blockchain music promoting with other sites like Musicoin. Cracking well into a new age for musicians.

I cant wait to put a track in for the next one.


@tarotbyfergus you are just incredible my friend I LOVE your fusion collaboration track. brilliant work love for you all day every day

Beautifully made video! You do amazing work @soundlegion! Thanks for having us on this!

@soundlegion, You really dunno how much you inspire me to keep working. Thanks alot for this platform.


much love to you @adamzi your track is awesome cant even tell you enough, had all these songs playing in my head for some time now and your high notes have stuck inside my soul, fantastic piece what an honor it is to get to promote it. love to you

these are always incredible. I love the stock footage clip videos, it really engages you in the music. fucking great work

This came out awesome! The visuals really add to the music. Great way to skim the compilation too for those busy folks lol. Great job @soundlegion!

Wicked video, you rock @soundlegion and thanks for the awesome feedback on our track, so glad you enjoyed it. Really appreciate everything your doing here, so awesome, cheers!


hombre, te abrazo! te tengo escucho siempre. Muy hermoso tu trabajo.
from this place in the world: I embrace you. @trevorpetrie

I think o need to up more my game, would like to feature in this. I love it. My main men @danieldyemusic and @atomcollector are in it's sure a legit list.


Thanks for the shoutout!! It is indeed legit. :-)

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You earned it man


Don't mention brother

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really best music.@soundlegion

So many great artists I found in here. Thank you!

As always you give us the best music by picking up manually.

This is wonderful initiative, thanks for sharing with us! More grace to all the team of soundlegion to continue the good work.

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