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It is no doubt now that S.A is the giant of Africa.
It is normal that I bring out facts to support this. But, to be honest, I have grown a bit lazy these days or I'd have brought out the statistics.

If anyone is in for a fight, I would like to give them a nice advice prior: They should go first to S.A and do a brief survey to see the beautiful architectures and all. And if they have some time, they can wait and see the friendly welcome and opportunities that South Africa offers.

But the people of S.A I am indifferent about them. Cos it is becoming apparent that they don't like those who overstay their welcome in S.A., only tourists are entertained.

In the end, if they still want some fight, they can come and let's have the fight.

Anyway if you want to place a nice and cheap reservation during your stay, you can go here: https://timbu.com
You won't regret it

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