South Park Season 22 is Coming!

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Hows it going fellow South Park fans? We hope things are well and if they're not, we have the cure to Autumn blues right here!
That's right, the latest season of South Park is only weeks away from hitting our TV screens! Mark your calenders because the 26th September is only 18 days away! If you're as big a fan of South Park as me then maybe you'll care to join us in our countdown to the big day! Every now and then we will be posting about different South Park episodes that we loved to get us all in the mood for more South Park. We hope you enjoy.


That's right, for today's blog we're going to talk about our favourite Canada Related Episode! There's many episodes that could've taken this spot but you just can't beat Mastering Poontang...
Oh sorry guy, we meant Taming Strange. Yeah that's better.

Okay. You can't help but love this episode where Kyle's little brother Ike mysteriously appears to accelerate through to puberty? Seeing a five year old acting hormonal over a children's programme is just the kind of quality humour you'd find with a great South Park episode.
Maybe he's acting this way because he's Canadian you ask? Well with Canadian puberty, everyone knows that as you go through it, you start to notice that someone who was once your guy, is now your buddy and that your buddy is now becoming your friend. Simple biology really.
For the Canadian boys out there, don't feel ashamed if your dick gets hard when you fart. Its' all natural. Just relax. Take a load off.

The episode really helps all of us non-Canadians to understand the anatomy of the Canadian body. It sheds some light on the people we know so little about, like how they make babies for example. If you must know, its when a man farts on a woman's vagina that fills her with enough gas to queef in the man's face completing the ritual that results in a birth of a Canadian baby... I saw it in a Canadian documentary. Pretty sure its true.

Back to the point, Ike is going through some serious changes and this results in him attempting to tame some strange of his own. We're assuming you know what strange taming is. If not, ask your parents.

Beloved children's character Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba (its actually a real show!) falls prey to the lusty Ike taming her strange and causing her innocence to be corrupted resulting in her becoming more R-rated and naughty. Reference to a certain kid's show celebrity perhaps?

Luckily Kyle manages to get to the bottom of Ike's unusual behaviour when he discovers Ike has been receiving medication to help with bowel movement. Only thing is that the medication turns out to be hormones. Not good I know. It must especially suck for whoever is taking the laxatives thinking their hormone tablets.


After the 'simple' mix up is resolved, we see a playful little Ike return to the TV screen and Kyle is overjoyed to have his little brother back even if he is still a little lascivious.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find me some Puerto Rican strange.



We hope this episode brought back some cheerful thoughts. In fact, our words about the episode can't do it enough justice. You should go and watch that episode right now just for the fun of it.

Lets hope there are some more great Canadian related moments like this one coming up in Season 22. We can only wait and see!

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funny cartoon thanks for sharing

I cant wait this is my all time favorite show.

Who else yas watched every season more than once ?

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This cartoon is really funny

love south park! great news!

I actually can’t wait

I'm looking forward to the new season

Seth McFarlane!

nayy! there coming back