AlphaOmegaEnergy has Solved EM Drive Electromagnetic Drive Rockets 7 Ways Beating Nasa, China.



The AOE EM Drive.

The Future of Free Space Travel.


One thing is for certain, if this little Startup can finally get an investor or even a Blockchain raise sponsor, we could be travelling to mars in as little as 10 days according to calculations. Basic EM drives can produce up to 0.05 Newtons of Thrust, and AOE has plans for even stronger drives.

AlphaOmegaEnergy, a tiny third world nations Startup run by the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in history with 3,168 New Breakthrough Energy & Energy related techs, has solved the EM Drive 'Free Space' Rocket issue. (Electromagnetic Drive)

Over 2 years ago AOE solved this issue in fact, blogged about it all over the internet, and the response was well, effectively nil. In the formation of AOE however, their #1 Stalkers on Social Media were Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, JPL, Boeing Skunkworks, Vector Rocket, among others in the "Black Box" community.

AOE sent the articles to media who had published articles about the efforts of NASA & China to make an EM drive, but those medias wither never responded or merely said "Pay to play". They were not interested in reporting on the issue, they were paid to due so by those orgs.

One thing people don't understand about today's media, is that all of it nearly is paid for by the subject company, person, or organization. Nearly no media is free when it comes to talking about companies unless it will increase clicks and viewership showing a scandal, a hot consumer trend topic, or something else people are buzzing over.

Anything to do with product or invention or startup advertising is paid for, 99% of it. The media refuses to support startups innovators and inventors especially those not already completely established already without them.

Official Recent Article from AOE.

+1 3,168 New AOE Drive Power System design for our EM Drive (Electromagnetic Drive) Free Space Rocket. Which obliterates those from China, Nasa & every other space agency to date. We solved this one years ago already. Reading up on the so called “progress” of China & the US we have found that there is actually no new progress at all.

So what is scicom's stance on it? (Science command & communications - via the Central Intelligence Group) Well to be expected, the establishment immediately fight against all such claims snarling that it breaks Newtons man made up third so called "law" of Physics and well... you just couldn’t do that because its illegal to do anything outside of Newton's man made up so called "laws" and they won't let it happen. Nothing new from the establishment.

The media is still pushing dishonest stories about the claims of China & NASA when actually China has nothing but total failure & is known for a culture of endless false claims, posturing, fraud & embezzlement projects, & this local spat on the medias is merely a regurgitation of 11 year old stories, as the EM drive was announced back in 2008, with the original concept from as far back as 1999 when scicom & the media picked it up finally, with it's roots going back further even than that.


The medias are now pretending they have some new announcement, but they don't. When you get to the end of their articles, you see that there is nothing, it's just a copy paste of 11 years ago. Clickbait filler on the media's empty parts of the schedule.

So, I have a REAL Headline for you.

AOE (AlphaOmegaEnergy) has solved EM Drive. (AOE Claims to have solved EM Drive if you will though the "claim" is because we have done so & can manufacture it immediately given funding.)

Not only have we solved it, but we solved it 7 different ways so far.

AOE lives by a certain code of beliefs, one of which being "There is always more than one solution to every problem."

Now, just to prepare you for the backlash online we may receive from posting this, Some people, the usual abusive NPD Troll types online, will attack people like us for stating such without showing off models and designs for free to the world so that our ability to commercialize, win contracts, and not be stolen from by China & others or for us to get any credit will not be thoroughly destroyed.

Though the Trolls and attackers disregard even basic grade school level sense that companies need to and have every right to and are advised to protect their IP and don't make false claims like these in general, these lying deplorable trolls, nearly exclusively without real nor verified profiles or some terror group icon as their symbol like an Antifa logo or something, insist that everyone has nothing until they get everything they disrespectfully demand, without ever paying for it, whatever that may be to satisfy their online psychosis.

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 12.26.32 PM.png

Since China is claiming it without having a working constructed solution & all tests of their constructed demo have failed just like the claims of millions of “original” items by sellers on Jack Ma’s platform alibaba, and since Nasa has even claimed it despite also completely failing in their models to produce any thrust previously, AOE also claims it, but we have an actually guaranteed viable model.

When NASA & China make these kinds of claims endlessly only to be proven that they are completely hot air, frivolous, without merit, then go on to fail at huge taxpayer expense, the psychotic online Trolls never seen to attack them even after years, decades of this kind of nonsense. Of course scicom stays silent also. But if an independent stands up with a solution, wow, you better go grabbing for that body armor & a helmet the way the attacks are sure to rain down from above.

In fact we don’t just have one guaranteed viable model, we have 7. 7 all New EM thrusters which work & given proper investment of tiny fractions of what the establishment gets, we could produce one manufactured off our designs to show & test to full enlightenment.

And who cares if it breaks the hundreds of years old Newton’s 3rd man made up law. Newton’s 3rd law didn’t account for one very very important crucial thing back when they knew so little about physics that it was literally the first time someone coined a concept for objects falling. They didn't account for:

Breakthrough Small Private Engineers & AlphaOmegaEnergy.

So, instead of cowering to Scicom returning with their oh so typically huge anti-success campaigns chanting that they refuse to let you break their “Newton’s man made up third law (theories)" Just invest to AlphaOmegaEnergy instead and enjoy the Future and the advancement and the Freedom from centralist oppression that we all deserve.

VC, Investors, Sponsors, Facilitators, Blockchain Whales, Space Program Funders, Collaborators, Bounty Hunters, Facilitating Promoters, Free Media, Give us a call to discuss how you can help us to commercialize or get support. We can do so for less money, more return to investors, and can even list early and liquid on the Blockchain markets so you can get in and out safely, securely, and in that Gold standard of AOE total Financial accountability desire.

AOE is willing to have the right investors manage all the funds, in construction draw scale programs, with a staff plant to manage the bookkeeping and finances and have every protection possible for investors.

Vector Rocket CEO has already spoken with us about our Satellite technology, but is also seeking investment & doesn't invest to early stage Startups but would love to have AOE on their platform in the future when we finally gain minimum levels of support from investors & facilitators.

You are welcome to support us.

The AOE Series of EM Drives and Free Space Propulsion.

The Human Future of Free Space Travel.

Alpha Omega Energy

"We Changed The World!!"

Picture Credits:

  • NASA EM Drive, NASA website
  • China Space Program website

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