TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 242 - aRE you a Shapeshifter?

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TRUTH OR DARE #242 - aRE you a Shapeshifter?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. Shapeshifter? yeah i know i watch too many movies but you know many of us go from A to z and rarely get noticed because that's is what they're all about:) Most of the time it's all about circumstances the combination of desires and needs and what i have noticed is that they reflect what we know. In other words the more knowledge or light the better we understand ourselves and others and more precisely what we want whatever that might be. You might ask what is it that i really want and i can tell ya that so many of us just want to be loved but that's not the answer because first and most importantly you have to love "you". So we go though life trying to be what others want but at the same time gaining the knowledge we need to maybe just survive for some of us. Most people after mastering something usually either use this knowledge to build an even better life and if you look inthe mirror most times you will see this Shapeshifter you have become.

All the responsibilities and jobs and knowledge you take on all have an influence on your inner you and your choices in life. I think we all shapeshift in someway or another some more than others and i think that's a healthy process because after gaining knowledge about food you might change your diet and lose weight who knows what may cause your shift actually some may say in some cases or bad but i would argue the truth may hurt but then you can heal, as opposed to constantly questioning yourself and not being happy. Some people are better at than others that's a fact, i maybe one of them but nobody knows :)))) my first shifts began in a restaurant were i started as a delivery boy then to dishwasher and to short order cook, then i started high-school :))))) That experience taught me a lot about shape shifting dealing money and the public and who i might be, inside and out. Boy i tell you my dad was not happy his son made half his salary and went to grade school at the same time:))))) Over the years i have on rare occasions met a few Shapeshifters and were not all out going all the time and sometimes its hard to convey even something like a simple acknowledgement of affection for fear of being discovered the unknown repercussions. The cause and effect for some people but i think even this is a part of learning exploring stage for most and diminishes away after time. So aRE you a Shapeshifter :) ? Please Enjoy play and leave a reply!

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 242 - you a Shapeshifter?


DARE: Tell us ever noticed a Shapeshifter:) ))

P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico



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Hello my FRIEND ALWAYS! :))))) I have been thinking of you BUDDY! :))))) You have been in my thoughts and prayers! :))))) I was stopping by and wishing you all the VERY best for ETERNITY! :))))) What a PHENOMENAL and OUT OF THIS WORLD SURPRISE! :))))) Thanks for blessing us with an @darsico TRUTH OR DARE! :))))) You made my weekend! :))))) Thank you VERY much for taking the time to do so! :))))) I know that you are EXTREMELY busy and successful! :)))) Another BRILLIANT and OUT OF THIS WORLD POST! :))))) I couldn't agree more stronger than we have to love ourselves! :))))) In a more than humble way. :))))) EXTREMELY AWESOME and INTRIGUING video and post! :))))) You are the VERY best! :))))) I try to Shapeshift everyday to be a Better Person. I am VERY proud to say that I am full of empathy, kindness and understanding. :))))) My Grandmother always told me that we are here for only a short time. Try to be ALWAYS kind and put yourself in others shoes. Thanks so VERY much for adding JENNIFER in the post! :))))) Mystique is my FAVORITE character now and forever! :))))) I do NOT mind that she is blue and a mutant! LOL! :)))) AGAIN you are the VERY best my FRIEND! :))))) I am FOREVER grateful and blessed that I met you on here! :))))) I hope and pray that STEEMIT gets the respect it truly deserves one day! :))))) Helping and connecting so MANY GREAT AND AWESOME PEOPLE! :))))) As ALWAYS, I enjoy your posts IMMENSELY my FRIEND ALWAYS! :))))) You are BRILLIANT and AWESOME BUDDY! :)))) Your Friend ALWAYS @extraterrestrial :)))))


Hi ! @extraterrestrial my Friend Always i'm so humbled thank you thank you!! so good to hear from you :)))) yes i have you also on my mind i hope all is going well we got lucky and saw the sun today so i'm sending ya a little bit back to you with some good vibes :))) My ambition to make someone smile always seems fulfilled every time i hear from ya. You are truly a force of nature to be reckoned with :)))) Well how could i say this except i never knew my grand parents my dad traveled a lot for work so i had to learn all the hard lessons and discover the world pretty much on my own. Your grandma's wise words we all might listen and learn:))) Yes my grandpa was a wise too:)))) kinda wish i knew him better but i always knew he thought about me it's funny they prep you:)))). Well i love Mystique too she's beautiful ... i give out that compliment very rarely even thought i meet a lot of pretty girls my dance card is full but , great to look at but they all come from different places speak different lingo's and in my mind i'm already addicted so to speak :)))) I wish you much happiness my Friend Be Well i'm sure the angels are watching over ya cause i sent em to be sure:))))) be well @extraterrestrial :)))) your friend always @darsico :)))))


HAPPY EASTER my FRIEND ALWAYS! :))))) I have been thinking of you A LOT! :))))) Miss you immensely BUDDY! :))))) I have been EXTREMELY busy and I am sure that you have been too. :))))) I hope and pray and I am VERY sure that everything is coming along for you. :))))) Thanks for the good vibes and EVERYTHING, especially your FRIENDSHIP! :))))) You are a HUGE BLESSING in my life. :))))) You are ALWAYS making me smile! :))))) Mission accomplished my FRIEND ALWAYS! :))))) Thank you VERY much for the compliment too! :))))) I try my hardest to be a force to be reckoned with! :))))) I am EXTREMELY saddened and sorry to hear that you never knew your grandparents. If you ever want or need to talk about ANYTHING you have my email my FRIEND ALWAYS! :))))) I would be more than happy to give you my phone number through email too! :))))) We both are addicted to the pretty girls! :))))) Not too bad of a vice in my humble opinion! :))))) LOL! :))))) Pretty good vice in my humble opinion! LOL! :))))) My sincerest apologies that I have UNFORTUNATELY not been able to get on Steemit as much as I wished and wanted too lately. I have been basically working, eating and sleeping. Working well over 50 hours a week. I am saving basically every penny so I can get to BEAUTIFUL CANADA one day! :))))) My life has been beyond hectic and interesting. I hope that you were able to have a WELL DESERVED nice, fun and relaxing Easter. :))))) I REALLY miss you my FRIEND! :))))) Checking on ya! :))))) Thank you VERY MUCH for sending the angels! :))))) Things sure are getting better for me, slowly but surely! :))))) Again, my sincerest apologies that I have not been able to write to you lately. Roughly, easily 11-12 hour days and not getting home til approximately 1AM. I hope and I am sure you understand. The only time I am not exhausted is when I am sleeping. LOL! :))))) I am sending some angels back to you to show my appreciation and gratefulness! :))))) They MOST definitely help and watch over us as you know! :))))) Again, you are a HUGE BLESSING in my life and I am FOREVER grateful! :))))) Miss you VERY much and I am so VERY happy to be able to write to you. :))))) GOD BLESS! :))))) Your Friend Always and Forever @extraterrestrial :)))))


HAPPY EASTER to you tooo :))))) So good to hear from you:))) Wishing you lots of all the good stuff may it ozze and overflow from all corners LOL :)))) yes it's kinda work,work,work almost ready so many details, that's the ocean i dived in to but i can see the shore. I guess "for now" i'm saving the best for last, i will wait for your approval!! :))))) I missed ya too :) my friend forever:))) those are extremely long days i hope your getting like triple time or something i remember doing hours like that when i did marketing and sales you just never have enough hours in the day. Few more things to finalize the new pnball machines they are a lot of fun but as much as i can say ;)))) i think i may have out done myself but this time, and i have only you to thank, :)))))) so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart my Friend Forever Always, for your enthusiasm, your incredible pure good energy, your support and have i told you how fantastic you are :))))))) force of nature for sure.:))) Soon it will be party time something to look forward to. Be well @extraterrestrial your Friend Always and Forever @darsico :)))))

That would be fun. So if anybody knows the secret please tell me.

@darsico, Ha ha, I am not a Shapeshifter but want to encounter with one of them. 😁

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i do suffer from chameleonitis sometimes but Darwin once told me thats not the worst thing that can happen .. :)

Definitely a shapeshifter or maybe just a drifter

Thank you for this valuable post. According to this post nearly everybody in world is shapeshifter.

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