Am I the only one blown away by these types of images?

2년 전

Firstly that they are so beautiful and secondly that we have the technology to go and get them...

Mind boggling stuff... Thanks NASA

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I got a telescope for my last BDay (in June) and I was absolutely amazed by the sight of Jupiter and Saturn even though the telescope was not that powerful! If I have to choose I will say Saturn is my personal number one. When you see its ring with your own eyes for a very first time you get goosebumps ... And of course Jupiter ... the most fascinating thing with Jupiter (when seen from my telescope at least) is that you see four of its moons around it like tiny little shiny dots - Io , Europa, Calisto and Ganymede. I can't wait for the summer - both of the planets will be 'near' the earth again ...

This is marvelous..

I am blown away too @gavvet
Our solar system itself is try amazing, what more in other galaxies far far away?


How much do you know about the moons of Jupiter and in the rest of the solar system? There is an anti-boredom project and a couple of researched posts to write to take your mind off the current situation.


I don't have much knowledge except they are so far away and are inhospitable for human life. @gavvet

NO. They're amazing. Space is amazing.

Indeed... mind boggling...
I am so fascinated by this kind of stuff.

Looks more like a lost Picasso original. But ja, it is the beginning of our forthcoming eternity. Too cool gavvet!

Did you see the announcement some months ago, that the red eye is growing smaller and within 200 years will no longer exist?

It is surprising it has lasted this long, since all it is, is a storm system.

Just saw this, might interest you:

Saturn rings (new, about 100m years only)

there is a 3-D look about it, even on my computer. magnificent image

My son is 5 years old and taught me about the raging storm on Jupiter (which is the red spot) , I was dumbfounded :D Smart little guy
Tonight full moon/blood moon and eclipse apparently in South Africa we won't see much though.

Are you on discord by any chance?