5 Years Of Curiosity: NASA's Rover Turns Five On Mars, And It Is Still Making New Discoveries!

4년 전
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Great photo, mars definitely looks like earth in most of the pics.

Great post it's going on my Twitter feed


Thank you!

It looks like the rover "Curiosity" is getting a little dusty in its old age! For anyone interested, you can visit Curiosity's photo gallery here.


Yes the rover is showing its age, but it has been built to last at least 2 decades if not more. And thanks for the gallery!

HBD Curiosity! I reckon this is the biggest leap since the first human in open space! Do you think we could possibly make a colony over there soon? If yes, how soon?:) I like your content, followed and upvoted, have a great Sunday!



Ohhh thanks for sharing with us @norbu!! And happy friendship day!!


same to you!