Watch A Beautiful Simulation Of The Birth Of A Galaxy

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Studying how the universe was born and how it evolved into what it is today, is one of the most exciting things we humans are doing. Thanks to the centuries of studies and observations, we know quite a bit about how it all happened.

But there are still great mysteries to be solved and perplexing questions to be answered. Even after knowing so much, we have barely scratched the surface, so to speak.

We have almost 14 billion years of history to figure out and map, which is not an easy feat by any measure. Based on the current state of the universe, scientists have been trying to work backwards to understand the young universe and how everything came to be.

The formation of galaxies, in particular, is an area of high interest. Scientists often try to create simulations that can give us the answers we are looking for. Recently, a team of scientists have come up with some really beautiful simulations of the evolution of the universe as well as galaxy formations.

How A Galaxy Forms

Video from Royal Astronomical Society's YouTube Channel

Scientists in Germany and the US collaborated to create the TNG50 simulation that shows how the universe developed in the 13.8 billion years since its origin. Not only that, individual galaxies can be zoomed in on to see how they formed as well!

They have shared a clip of one of those simulations and it is a beautiful thing to watch. It gives you a sort of time-lapse view of how a concentration of mass can lead to the formation of entire galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars.

Creating this simulation took the power of a supercomputer. The Hazel Hen supercomputer in Germany took more than a year to complete this simulation. That must have been quite some task if it took a supercomputer that much time!

The interesting thing about this simulation is that it provided several new insights that the scientists weren't expecting. This could help us answer some questions about the cosmic forces and processes.

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