Will Colonising The Solar System Divide Human Beings?

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Recently, I have been watching a really good science fiction TV show called, The Expanse. I don't know how popular it is but I personally have thoroughly enjoyed it and I can't wait for the next season.

The show is set in the 23rd century where we humans have colonised the entire solar system. There are human civilisations on Earth, Mars, Ceres, other asteroids in the asteroid belt, Titan, large space stations and so on.

Thanks to the awesome graphics of the show, it feels like we are really watching the future through our screens. I imagine that is exactly how it will look once we have achieved this feat.

Though the show is about showcasing humanity as an interplanetary civilisation, it also brilliantly portrays how politics would work when there are dozens of billions of us, spread throughout the solar system.

More Divisions?

If there is one thing that we humans are good at, it's creating conflict and dividing ourselves more and more. We talk about unity and being one species, but we just can't seem to act as one.

If the show is anything to go by, we might even create more chaos and divisions in the future. In the show, Mars is shown as a separate military civilisation which remains in constant conflict with the Earth.

The asteroid belt is shared by Earth and Mars but they want independence from their control! Sounds familiar? I think history could repeat itself. Only this time, it will be in space and on a much larger scale.

If this happens in reality, and each planet or asteroid becomes its own civilisation/entity, what would that mean for the future of humanity? At that point, would we even be considered as a single species? These are really bizarre questions and the show does an exceptional job at raising them.

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There is one benefit to the above scenario, it would mean that the people of Earth all came together, and that wars on Earth between Nations are a thing of the past. Of course there may be small resistance type internal struggles on Earth, but in order to have the Whole planet behind the Military/Political system that is in control of Earth and the running of the war between it and any non Earth system, major world wars would have to be a part of the past.

You can't have The Western continents support the Mars population, and not expect The Eastern Continents to not bomb them back into the stone age.


Yeah, it would unite all people of Earth but in a way, it would make wars even bigger as they would be planetary levels. Right now, using nuclear weapons on one country might hurt other countries as well due to the effects of such an explosion. When things become inter-planetary, nukes could be used without havign to worry about that danger.