Italian delicious seafood: my dinner, spaghetti con i ricci + gamberoni alla griglia

4년 전

1 - Spaghetti with "sea urchin" sauce: very little substance inside but....simply delicious!

Spaghetti con i ricci.JPG

2 - Gamberoni alla griglia: grilled prawns

Gamberoni alla Griglia.JPG

I wish you could taste some of it!

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I gotta go there

looks so delicious
but why the drink is not there.
sorry i'm just kidding. 😁


Yes I have been drinking some prosecco but it’s not in the frame! ☺️

Hey Daniel, just found your blog.
Welcome to steemit.
I wish you much success and fun here.

These meals look so delicious! :)

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I never tested it. Because I am from Bangladesh. But I will test it