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So, even if I provide a citation for a post, I'm still going to get cheetah paying me a visit, thus getting on someone's radar. Correct?

Initially, it's not being used to call you a cheater (or cheetah...I'm sure this is a slight play-on-words)...but it's your way of "tagging" someone's post for inspection. Correct?

I'm asking because I've cited other news stories before and provided the links to them. And maybe an hour later I get a little visit from cheetah.

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Cheetah is just a bot, it doesn't know the context of your post. So long as enough of it is copied from somewhere else cheetah will stop in and comment on it.

Correct, you are not being called a cheater or flagged by cheetah. In order to avoid cheetah you would ideally be writing completely original content, but just because cheetah does comment on your post it doesn't mean that you have done anything wrong.