Who Is Spamming Comments On Steemit?An open Letter to all spammers on steemit And 3 Vital Tips To combat spam comments before they ruin us! check inside

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Picture this, It’s a saturday evening, and you’re sitting down with your cup of coffee.

You spend 3 hours writing a post then after 30 minutes, you decide to check up on your blog, and you’re excited to see that someone commented on your latest post.

“Fantastic!” you think. “I’m finally starting to get some traffic on my posts,

Then you look closer, and you slam your coffee mug down in disgust.

The comment isn’t from an excited, engaged reader who enjoys your writing and wants to join the discussion on your post but from a reader who is fishing for your vote.

It’s from a spammer . uh

Spam in the comment section of steemit is incredibly annoying though it's a disappointing part of online

Forsure Spam is hurting our Steemit ecosystem if you didn't know. I'm not talking about the delicious kind, I mean spam comments that have nothing to do with the posts they're commenting on. They are multiplying exponentially every single day on steemit . They adapted the mating rituals of bacteria and are slowly taking over Steemit.

What is Spam Comments On Steemit and Who is Behind It ????????????????????

Spam comments are comments which have nothing to do with the post, i hope most of you have seen them before.
A user who posts nothing but generic comments like great sir, nice work and many more, irrespective of topic, situation, or language used, can be inferred as doing so with the clear intention to spam.

Now the main thing is who are these spammers who make spam comments on every post??** these all are the new members on steemit, not all members but only those new members who don't believe in hard work and they just want to grab the attention of some users to get votes through their spam comments.

Here are 10 examples of spam comments I've found today on just two posts from different authors

1 nice post
2 useful post
3 Exellent work sir
4 i upvote you, please do the same
5 follow for follow
6 nice post,can you take a look at my post and leave an upvote.
7 thank you boss good a post is Gold I just follow your post so kindly follow my post and about me also nice post thanks for sharing.
8 nice picture enjoy your self
9Hello sir. It's nice to meet you.
My name is Barbara.
10 excellent appreciation

An open letter to spammers
Dear spammers,

I hope you're doing well, I understand that you also joined this platform to earn some dollars for yourself, Now for your own information, there are no shortcut to success on steemit, only hard work pays off, So that laziest way of getting an upvote when you involve least effort will not work, It's frustrating and really sad. Someone put in so much time and effort to bring letters together to form words and words together to form sentences which makes sense and conveys an idea. The least the person deserves is a contribution-a positive, intelligent contribution, My Friend if you don't have anything to say. Just don't crowd the space with crap making it difficult to read the sensible comment. or if you want to fish people's upvotes,here is the solution;
Before you comment on someone's post, show that you read the post. Your lame comment such as "Great post, I like this " excellent work sir, thank you boss, etc adds nothing to the conversation. Just up-vote it if you have nothing to say.

And by the way,Don't beg for follows or votes. If your comments are good then people may check you out and then they can decide if you deserve votes. They have to be earned.
Definitely do not just copy the same comment everywhere. That is likely to get you flagged and harm your reputation.P

Please do not comment with something unrelated to the topic. I am very tolerant and support people posting about anything they want. But do it on your own topic, do not spam your silly meaningless comments in other people's topics. It will not do you any good.. You feel me?


As you grow on steemit, comment spam becomes a daily hassle. Dealing with it is a lot like playing an endless, wildly irritating game of Whack-a-Mole. The game never ends, you waste a ton of time, and no one ever wins. but we can try these effective ways to prevent it before it ruin our platform.

Here Are Some Of The Ways We Can Use To Prevent Spam Comments On Steemit :

1 : Now if you want to hurt a spammer badly, call the protector @swissclive, she is one of the best fighter against spammers and abusers on steemit, Tell her your problem in a comment or reply and ask her to stop this abuser…. Forsure this girl is so strong and she can really damage any spammer down to the earth. She does not like spammers and she wants always steemit to be clean.

2: Steemit Bots need to be approved by the Steemit team or community, not everyone should be allowed to spam the community as they wish

3 : Feel free to use this gif by @meesterboom in response to any spam. i'm sure this gif wil pray the hardest part


4 Report these so called spammer to our steemcleaners on Steemitchat.

I'm sure this method will be helpful but According to @dorth, steemcleaners cannot do it alone. If each person decides to clean his posts like @cryptoctopus decided to do, then we can restore some sanity into the community. He said he will tackle spam comments in his posts and i also decided to do the same starting from today.
You can check out his post if you want,

https://steemit.com/spam/@cryptoctopus/tackling-spam-comments-on-steem-clean-your-own-room .

But to avoid wasted time and energy....you’ve got to be able to manage them effectively.

Now that you understand the various options, pick one and implement it on your blog.

It’s time to break free of the comment spam.

Thank you for reading.

You can please add your thought on this, in the comment section below


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@jordanlove I'm happy to see that there's no spam on this post.
Great post. Continue your hard work.

Thank You for stropping by my post. I'm new to steemit , your post is appreciated i followed you.

Great tips that is going to become useful down the line.

hi @jordanlove thanks for drop by my post earlier. I read this article with great interest as I often annoyed by ppl who spam my comment section with links of their own post and jsut say "hello" and others like what you have pointed out.
In my experience, robotic spammer know these common "comment" they will create a series of long comment and send randomly
We just do our best by now spam others at the least