Why Do @spaminator // @steemcleaners Let @berniesanders' Spam & Harassment Slide?

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I'm so glad we're safe from the Jaws theme song now.

@spaminator // @steemcleaners also stepped in within days to kill the @proboards accounts, and now in just 1 day have killed off @exterminator and @animalcontrol. They are very efficient and can find spam in the blink of an eye!

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.06.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.07.05 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.07.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.07.45 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.08.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.08.20 AM.png


For 2 months straight this @berniesanders account, which spams NSFW, faeces...almost 20,000 posts now, is still alive and well.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.05.58 AM.png
Notice how it has bid bot abuse on its posts as well. I bet you can guess what bid bot was used on both posts ;) One is a photo with no source. One is a link. But that's okay too, cause it's just ol' Bernie right? Abusing the #Steem blockchain is wrong, unless it's @berniesanders. Any other Steemian would have @steemflagrewards on their ass, @steemcleners, and @spaminator as well. You all know this yet you accept it as normal.

This now very well known account @lyndsayblowes, has been reported multiple times (go figure people don't want to have their children and work exposed to unmarked NSFW), and you know what happens?

@berniesanders hangs out in @steemcleaners' discord channel and threatens people who report his spam. This is allowed. He also hangs out in the @freezepeach server doing the same thing to anyone who goes in there to report his harassment.

Ok, Well That's Just One Account Though Lynds...

No actually, not by far.

All of these spam and harassment accounts are all alive and well too folks. Can you honestly tell me that the 2 biggest spam fighting units on the Steem blockchain somehow missed all of this spam and abuse over the last few months too?
And all "ngcbots" 1-100

Go look through those accounts, and then tell me with a straight face why nothing was ever done.

It's pretty clear to me, by their inaction, that @spaminator and @steemcleaners protect @berniesanders, and condone his actions on the blockchain.

@ned does this behaviour concern you also?

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I have to ask why these accounts (@steemcleaners, @spaminator) exist at this point. With the introduction of RCs there is little case to be made for anything being spam. If you're not familiar RCs changed the Steem chain so you have to have enough resources to make a post. This should have eliminated the true spam problem. Additionally it's your stake so you should be able to use it however you like.

Unfortunately they do still exist and are creating the issue of subjectivism. It's clear, to any reasonable person, that @lyndsaybowes has shown their inability to complete their stated goal and as such their delegation should be removed.

Steemit Inc should instead offer this delegation to projects that are actually improving the Steem blockchain like Vimm.tv. This platform has been helping fill a hole left by DLive's absence with an arm essentially tied behind their back. Instead of supporting Bernie's efforts, intentionally or not, why not allow free speech to reign and good creators to be rewarded?

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You realize @steemcleaners deals with more than just spam, correct? Plagiarism, identity theft, etc... are problems that need to be addressed and I am glad there is someone out there actively working to deal with them.


I do but I have major issues with it. First by fundamentals alone it's silly to me to be on a decentralized social network yet rely on major accounts to be the arbiter of content. Let the community work together to downvote plagiarism. I've seen the photography community do an excellent job self policing without SCs help.

The second issue is that seeking a central arbiter causes there to be a bias. The problem is what is worthless to some may be another person's whole reason of being here. Beyond that look at their selective enforcement when it comes to the list above.

Finally why can Bernie currently create accounts in Lyndsey's likeness without word from them on identity theft. It seems to me they aren't doing a worthwhile job for the delegation they've been allotted.

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You say let the community come together to deal with but there have been years of evidence that has shown that individual people (for the most part) don't go hunting for plagiarized posts for several reasons.

  1. It isn't in their monetary interest to do so. Why waste the time and effort (or voting power if you choose to flag). Few people are that altruistic to do it out of the kindness of their hearts and if this platform have proven anything its that people need to be incentivized to act.

  2. Small groups/individual actors face retribution if they attempt to flag something, even if a post is blatantly plagiarized are you going to risk your accounts reputation to deal with it?

Lastly, this is the community coming together to fight it. Even without any delegation from Ned the SC account still has a ton of SP. Steemcleaners doesn't work for steemit, they are a group of people who believe fighting the abuse on steemit is worth it. Like you said, its a decentralized social network, you can't stop like minded people from joining together for a cause they believe in.


"Small groups/individual actors face retribution if they attempt to flag something, even if a post is blatantly plagiarized are you going to risk your accounts reputation to deal with it?"

It is exactly accounts like @steemcleaners that create this problem. By posturing as the solution, other users leave the problem to them. This same dynamic has created a vast increase in criminality in the US. Prior to the turn of the 20th Century, there were few police in the USA, and much less crime - because people knew they needed to provide their security personally.

Armed civilians can prevent crime. Police cannot, but only play historian after the crime has been committed. In this way police actually cause crime to increase, because ordinary civilians leave their security to the police, and police cannot prevent crime.

Absent @steemcleaners, ordinary users would have to police Steem themselves, and the possibility of being individually targeted in retaliation by abusers would have been resolved, easily.



Steem Cleaners has destroyed an entire project from a friend of mine by flag-blanketing his 'vote to enter contest' (any size vote, @maahes) while allowing another user (@playdice) to do it because 'he went in and talked to them'. I tried to go in and do the 'talking' but to no success.

The problem is what is worthless to some may be another person's whole reason of being here.

Are we in an experimental beta phase or Is this a content curation blockchain? Why do some few get to decide what types of interactions are allowed?

This organization should not exist, as much as I believe many of its members think they are doing good work.


Well... I can tell you that the argument that won them over for me (aka @PlayDice) was that PlayDice is an actual game with changing mechanics/win requirements on each game... the "upvote to enter" is just the entry mechanism.

There are a few such competitions/"upvote to enter" programmes operating for months, even years now, but none of them are just automated duplicate spam posts saying "vote this post to enter"... They are actual competitions/games/whatever.

that... and of course that 100% of the liquid rewards (actually more because I spend money on upvote subscriptions etc. too) goes to the people entering the contest.

P.S. Do you have a link to the game/account that was flagged? I don't know anyone in SC etc. ... it's more just for my own curiosity.


Thank you for dropping in here @braaiboy - your comments were those that encouraged me to reach out to steemcleaners.

The account is @maahes, but you'll have to go back in time a bit, he has been quite angry at the treatment.

Philosopically, I am still not in agreement with someone judging how unique/interesting/adjective something needs to be for members to use their own SP* to use the steem blockchain - this type of thinking stiffles creativity. That is my opinion.

That said, hearing your experience did give me a ray of hope.


Nah, dood. They're basically just overfed mall cops these days.


It will be difficult for you to support the argument that the lindsayblowes account isn't identity theft, and the failure of steemcleaners to do what was done to the FTG socks to that account can be justified.

I actually replied to that bot over several days wondering WTF was @lindsaybowes doing, before I noticed the 'l'. @steemcleaners and similar efforts aren't confronting this particular user for the exact same problems that they claim they are instituted to resolve.


Great point Patrick, I hadn't thought of in the RC aspect before...


Nobody cares. Crybaby bitch.


I do...

go inactive for a bit.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 5.35.11 PM.png

Flagged due to reward disagreement.

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Mark can some one explain to me what is going on here? I know you're some ones opinion I valued enough to follow but I don't understand what's going on between you all coming back to this website..

Lyndsay is actually a very compassionate person... So I'm just confused why everyone is at odds now. :'(


It’s a long story but basically FTG was posting 16,000 times a day with an account, I blacklisted it and later he tried to promote a post for 400 Steem to which my blacklist denied 60 Steem of on my bot. The post was a single link to a third party site and that’s it.

He removed his witness vote and I asked him why. He said I blacklisted his account and demanded a refund and said he was going to perm flag me.

He flagged all my comments hidden for a month using 100 bots and after a while I decided to create a bot that deleted and recreated my comments whenever he hid them.

His response was to post 35,000 comments spamming my comments and posts and anyone who speaks up about it. The average daily comment volune was 33,000 comments a day prior and reached 69,000 with his spam.

A fix has been made to prevent spam at those levels from impacting the user experience or being displayed in the front end.

And that’s where we are today. FTG has the posting keys of many of his followers and uses them to flag me and others and upvote trolls.


Thanks for tbe reply ~ but wow...... that's also disappointing.

We have an ocean of other platforms competing with this one, so the best way to flop it would be to have all the users fighting against one another.

I also thought FTG was some one worth connecting with, but it sounds like the power of witness is creating the same crap division in yet another system.

Bots have ruined the internet...
While they can be so helpful, its unfortunate they've spammed up every social media site these days.


The likes of Berniesanders has ruined Steemit! I powered down and left many months ago... this, the Game of Clones!


You're being a bit disingenuous here. You sent his 60 Steem to @null, and showed him the cap. You were about as insulting as possible, and he was right to be offended. I don't agree with his actions thereafter, but you should own up to yours that greatly escalated the disagreement between you.

One of the things that most bothers me about this is that Steemit and other UIs using it's APIs have resorted to very centralized censorship as a result. I see this as perhaps another route Steem might tumble down over the cliff of censorship, which will end it's utility to many.

Mal would disapprove. He was all about opposing censorship and centralized authority. Like him, faced with it, FTG has rebelled. Mal would have too. Due to your central causative effect, it would be nice if you did what can be done to enable users - not UIs - are availed this censoring ability. I reckon if that censoring is necessary, it should be individuals that effect it on their blogs personally, rather than creating imperial force that can be applied to the entire platform.

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