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This definitely needs to be heard by all Steemians.

it's @aaronmda

there's no 54

Of course I appreciate the vote of confidence however as much as i want to upvote this post i can not.

I am officially taking a neutral stance while I investigate this situation thoroughly. I will "out" whoever's full of it, whether it be one of you, all of you, or even none of you, which is conceivable considering the massive miscommunication and predilection towards assumption that the human race is ever so fond of, especially online. I have been making many assumptions myself on this subject. That ends now, I apologize, I forget myself from time to time and quite often allow my emotions to rule the day.

Any and all data in support of either side would be greatly appreciated though i have plenty to start with. please leave it in the comments to this comment although i'll post something myself in the next day or two as an update on my progress and to serve as a data repository.

we should integrate an anti-plagiarism thing directly into the website that could be cool

"feeding their ego's"

did somebody say ego?

Mmm, I hope you're not right, have not had any issues yet and I hope I won't in the future...

On my posts, I would like to see some constructive criticism not spam - I suck at posting in the first place and need all the advise I can get .. I don't need a 'great job' when we already know it sucks .. It does not help people grow and become better writers . I do like this post but also relate with spaminator - I love you my steemit friends .. see if we can be a little more helpful with comments :) SUNSHINE247

Do you guys even know @anyx ?