Selling account to @furion

5년 전

 Today I am selling this account, with its 1,000SP vested, to @furion.

We have agreed on the sale price of 1.8BTC, which @furion will send to  1KXK6p518RNcaQ5x3yEzDGdBZFb8U9291V 

After the transaction is made, @furion will be the rightful owner of @positive account and its vested SP. 

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This is an interesting transaction. Good luck with it.

That values your 1000SP at $1.10 per Steem.


Yes, I am a long-term believer and don't mind waiting for a long time, and @positive wanted to get out today at 50% off.

I'm the original owner of positive, my new account is @satire