Cleaning up Spam is like Raking Leaf Litter

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Each LEAF is like a Single Spam Post or Comment!

I work for a relatively small business, and while my normal work is behind a desk, the Fall affords me an outside duty. Leaf PATROL. Yes, we have big beautiful leaf-prolific-trees surrounding the building, and I have the duty of managing the leaf litter.


So, I am outside yesterday raking up some leaves and the wind starts to pick up. The wind started to do my job for me. It was blowing the leaves and even blowing them off of our property. For a second I thought about stopping. For a second I was going to let the wind do the work and go back inside to my warm, comfy desk chair. But I decided not to, and here is why.

As I was thinking about it, I knew that the wind doesn't always blow in the same direction. And these leaves that I let ESCAPE today, may be back in greater droves tomorrow. Additionally, any and all leaves that I gathered up and removed from the leaf litter would be less leaves that our neighbors would have to deal with. So, me continuing to rake and blow and gather up all the leaves I could, was good for the ecosystem!


This is a good analogy with SPAM. If you ignore Spam, even a single leaf, it will pile up and grow and become a big problem. I believe that the Steemit community as a whole has been ignoring Spam long enough. A spammy comment here. A questionable post there. A little plagiarism that is funny.

It has all been ignored by most Steemians in their day to day 'travels' within the Steemit universe.

And now.....NOW those Spam posters, and comment upvote farmers have learned that THEY CAN earn money just cooking COPYPASTA and SHitPosTs and Using Account Creation Farms to STEAL FROM the STEEM REWARD POOL.

We are now dealing with a large, wet, stinky, rat infested 'leaf pile' of rotting SPAM POSTS!

This won't do. We need to FLAG it when we see it! We need to Report it when we see it! We need to Speak up and warn them that this type of comment spam is not acceptable. This type of proactive effort will GREATLY work to improve the Steemit ecosystem by discouraging and stopping negative, harmful, ugly behaviour. And yes, we should speak to newbies when it seems they maybe don't realize it is wrong. We SHOULD encourage them to post original work, and comment with honest engagement.....or not at all.

This action of Flagging, Explaining and Reporting is like Composting the Leaves in a good way. We gather them, we shred them, and we turn the compost pile so it doesn't get stinky!

Let's work together with @steemcleaners, @spaminator, @patrice and myself @public-eye and Everyone that is working to nurture Steemit into a clean, welcoming, healthy and productive platform!!

Thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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Hi @public-eye, I can’t help but have a little smile when I see you got only 29 views, but 76 upvotes for this post! Well, at least my vote is from a real human and not a spam robot.

Did you know you can use this tool to help confirm possible spammers:

I am all for flagging comment spam and do it often. I have never had any problem of flag wars because of this. I always warn the spammer about his behaviour and then check back the next day. He gets flagged if he does not heed the warning.

When flagging, I deliberately target those spam comments which have been rewarded by the blogger. It takes away his reward to zero. The money is returned to the reward pool.

We have some work to do so ordinary bloggers learn how to check for spam comments before rewarding.

Please keep up the good work, as I will do to. We don’t need those who are here to abuse the reward pool.

Well, I am onboard with this. I'll flag it when I see it. And I see it too much.


great! I know that united we can really clean it up.

then who knows.... maybe Steem will moon up to $10!!


You're an optimist. I like that. Also, Whovian. I like that too.

I agree! We don't like spam and so we are happy to support you!


Thank you so much!!


Did you get all the spam cleaned up??


Not hardly. Turns out it is a job beyond my Steem and beyond my available time/resources. I gave it a nice go. I may work at it again later.



Okay. I see. But thanks for trying. I wish we could do the same on YouTube! I can't figure out Anyway. Later

  ·  2년 전

I love the steemcleaners meme!!! They should use that!

Good job today with that #introduceyourself tag abuser. Hopefully they got the message!


Who will get Steemit junk free? Does steamcleeners have any success???


and thank you for the help! I am hoping that they turn over a new leaf! XD

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These photos were stolen from a YouTuber, and you're upvoting and resteeming @patrice? wow