new level of insanity in comment spamming, seriously WTF IS THIS?!

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we have all seen the copy/pasted comments around steemit like "good job"x100 "great post I follow"x9999 etc. and while it is spammy, I can imagine for at least a few of those people they comment on it's actually a bit encouraging to have someone say GOOD JOB! especially if you feel like you're in a ghost town. However, what I bring you today is something that transcends the bounds of what I thought I would ever see from a comment spammer...

I present to you: @bijoy123
and his amazing spam carnival at:

here are just a few segments of insanity from this comment spammer.

Wow SteemTurbine sounds interesting! With SMT I think blockbrothers will change the STEEM history! Great work going on, probably you all will be full time Steemians soon! @bijoy123

This was the first steemit post I read and I have to say, it warms my heart to know that the steemit community is directly influencing change! @bijoy123

Great post!
Gene editing comes with countless ethical questions that are almost impossible to answer.
I think the discussion will never end, as there is no clear line between right or wrong.
But these are questions that we will definitely have to deal with in the future - let's see how humanity will handle it!

"If your goal is to replace the dollar, I think you're kind of missing the point. What's so revolutionary about what we're doing isn't that we're making a "better dollar" it's that we're monetizing entirely new things."
Wow. In three lines you changed my view on cryptocurrencies. Amazing statement.
I know your a fan of thinking from first principles, just wanted to say you do it really well.

yes, you read that right. His copy/pasted comment spam posted to a ton of random topics is directly quoting the author and saying how profound that quote is even when the post he is spamming it onto is something about art or just some photography. This person writes out something really specific and just goes around pasting it everywhere hoping it will stick, there's nothing encouraging to the people creating the post like in the case of the yes-men style spammer, having a picture of your dog provoke some reply about "I really like that people make these products by hand" or "wow you are really good at explaining cryptocurrency" cannot even hide under the veil of sincerity for the person posting to suspend their disbelief and pretend the comment isn't spam.

This type of spamming is destructive and toxic, and even worse sometimes it randomly gains him an upvote but very few have been willing or able to flag this retard, and the final nail in his coffin is he doesn't even bother upvoting the posts he is spamming on for some semblance of encouragement to the author.

I'm about to use all my recharged voting power on flagging this garbage, what about you?

-the reaper

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I would join in but i have a steem pinata game to run tonight and need my voting power up. Best of luck taking down this bum.

Support you 100% but my SP is so small, that that kind of garbage should be blown from the sky by more powerful gunners.

Anyway I have my agenda it will take a little longer, but I hope will perish this scam from here forever.

Idea is: Pseudonymous crypto id card for anonymus personal identification.

can only laugh to see junk account which can only copy paste, Asking people to upvote but he doesn't want to upvote the other people, really rubbish!