Spaminator: Requesting YOUR Input

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Spaminator is an anti-abuse bot-based project that is designed to reduce spam and deter organized exploitation groups/attempts while restoring funds to the communal reward pool. Much of its blacklist is taken up by giant scam and spam nets of botted accounts.

I am aware that many of you dislike Spaminator, particularly if you're on the blacklist or were at some point. We will discuss processes at a later time.

Presently, all comments that Spaminator posts are issued through the Steemcleaners backend in order to remain uniform. Unfortunately, they are also a few years old. They are partially out of date. They need to be updated and revisited.

These comments also partially constitute the scope of the Spaminator project.

Have your say

Click on the link above and read through the existing comments.

  • What do you feel is irrelevant for Spaminator to deal with
  • What do you want Spaminator to deal with
  • Which comments do you feel need to be removed from circulation
  • Which comments need to be updated

Your input is valuable.

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The only one I would question is Create I think that could be a tricky one. I do not have a TRIBE, but I would think that type of tag abuse would be better moderated by the specific TRIBE/Community. Sort of like the NOPALFORYOU model. Might be overreach on Spaminator's part and could cause some unnecessary problems.

Then again if the Tribe/Communities specifically ask for it? Hey their Tribe. Just a thought. I do not know how interaction or what type of relationship each Tribe has with spaminator. The comment itself I see nothing wrong with, but bots sometimes get things wrong as they are not very intuitive as a human.

The rest of the comments looking pretty reasonable to me, I guess.

Thank you for asking the opinion of the community. I don't have a large following, but will still resteem this post and will just tag @pennsif so that he might want to put this in his next addition of #steemnewsin10.

As always, thank you for everything you do to make STEEM better. Sometimes the work of developers is very thankless, so...



That's definitely something to think about. Thanks for going through the comments. The Tribe one is actually the last one we've added and the only one modernized. Might be good to adjust it.

What I saw missing was resources for non english speakers.
Otherwise they looked good to me.


Yeah, it does lack in that department.

Also, what is @spaminator's scope? Is it being updated?


They wanted feedback on scope, if you have some.


Getting the documentation translated is something we've been meaning to do for a long time.


Need some volunteers,...


I don't know how many volunteers we can get but we have the capability to do a few languages on our own.

Hey, weather people like it or not, spaminator is something that is needed, due to all the assholes and scam artists in the world.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Going to check it out now.

Please take me off the hitlist!